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Covid - 19 (Corona) related {Students studying outside kerala}

Kannyakumari district consist of colleges having almost 90% of malayalee students.. With the recent holidays regarding Attukal pongala and Mandacaud festival during 09/03/2020 & 10/03/2020 most of the colleges were on leave.. So the hostellers went back home.. It is then the Corona issue suddenly gone viral in Kerala and the government shut down the schools, colleges, and all other public proned areas till the date of 31st march.. But now it is very difficult for us to travel back to college

Created: 2020-03-13

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Save Beyhadh 2

This petition is for our favourite show Beyhadh2. As we know in these unprecedented times, there is a chance that Beyhadh2 won't air post lockdown. We have to put up a fight against this decision so that the show gets it's proper climax. The show & the stars, Jennifer Winget, Ashish Chowdhry, Shivin Narang & all others have given us their best, now it's time for us to respect their hardwork & fight for justice to the script, story & artists. Let's join hands & make this petit

Created: 2020-04-21

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Request against occupying Kalpataru boy's and girl's hostel Tiptur to be converted into isolation centre

Respected sir/ma'am, This is regarding the recent decisions taken by the officials to convert Kalpataru boy's and/or girl's hostel Tiptur into isolation centre. We request you to not to use our hostels as isolation centre as almost every student has left behind his and her valuables in the hostel. It may be costly electronic gadgets such as laptops and computers or important college documents and passports and certificates etc. Moreover since we did not know about the lockdown at all before we v

Created: 2020-04-26

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Appeal For Moderation in DPS Joka school fees under COVID-19 Pandemic

Dear DPS Joka students’ parents of Genexx Valley and anyone else outside also. On the wake of the very awkward situation from Novel Corona virus outbreak and under prevailing nationwide lock down, the school remains closed as we all are aware of. But DPS Joka has already initiated the school fee payment for the new session in their website. Where in it is understood that they are charging the normal readmission fees, tuition fees and also transportation fees. They also say a fine of Rs 35/- per

Created: 2020-04-04

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Online Vivas for B.arch thesis amidst the pandemic.

To all the architects, students, teachers,and creative people out there, I am writing here as a fifth year B. Arch student asking for support. I don't think I have to explain the stress all of us, thesis students might be going through after a notice was circulated announcing online vivas for us thesis students adding to the already existing stress of finishing the work by deadlines amidst the pandemic.Different rumors about the vivas are adding to the situation too. We haven't discussed the men

Created: 2020-04-26

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DPS NewTown Fees Waiver Petition

In this unfortunate times, during the outbreak of Covid 9 virus, the entire world is effected. As middle income group, many people are unable to run their business, shops, offices, etc. Still we have to pay our workers and maids, even for the period of their absence. In such scenario it becomes very difficult to budget our daily household expenses. Income from all sources have stopped, but expenses cannot stop. Schools have been declared to be closed till 10th. June. Some schools have started on

Created: 2020-04-12

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Bengali Exam

To Respected Secretary of Central Board of Secondary Education, Class XII Bengali exam should be held.It will act as a percentage booster for students and the students really want the exam to happen.Please look into the matter as soon as possible..It is a request from all bengali students of class XII.

Created: 2020-04-01

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Critical condition of foreign students in india

Hello i am sulaiman khan zadran from Afghanistan student in india in amity University noida we are very happy with the lockdown because the government is doing this for our safety. but we have very critical financial problems because we cannot receive money from our families we have money to just survive for some days. That landlords are not cooperating . We are being asked to pay rent and other maintenance even though there is lockdown . And we cannot afford that . We barely surviving in the li

Created: 2020-04-19

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Student's Appeal

ToThe honourable chief minister Shivraj jiMadhya pradesh Sub :- requesting on behalf of student for general promotionRespected sir As we all are fighting with this pandemic crisis of corona virus and mean while student are not able to attend the class due to such crisis and other means are not arising to be beneficial in such amount as a large number of student are not having such medium to communicate with other and get specify material for studies.On behalf of all student i req u to please gen

Created: 2020-04-18

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Save Patiala Babes

Sony has decided to pull the show off-air at such a crucial stage . We need to save the show and not let any injustice happen .... 

Created: 2020-04-21

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