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Backyard Chickens in Mission Viejo,Ca.

We the undersigned residents of Mission Viejo,California. Do respectfully request that the City Council of Mission Viejo,Ca.Vote to allow the residents of Mission Viejo, keep up to 5(five) chickens(not roosters.) On their property, subject  to certain restrictions. This request is made with the environment, humanitarian, and sustainability in mind.

Created: 2015-06-24

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Our laws are harsh and we waste tax money incarcerating weed users when it is legal in 32 states our state would generate lots of revenue from marijuana sells and medical uses would help lots of people we could make our state Money instead of wasting hard working Americans money on foney laws

Created: 2014-12-17

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Petition against the legalization of school segregation

PETITION Racial or ethnic discrimination is prohibited in Hungary under Hungarian law (based on equal treatment and the promotion of equal opportunities legislation), and the European Union's obligations (Racial Equality Directive). Over the past 10 years, court decisions ruled and numerous studies have supported that school segregation on the basis of ethnicity and socio-economic background to be illegal. Further it is proven that segregation has irreversible effects on children’s development,

Created: 2014-11-26

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We have a Doctor in Sweden, who has saved a lot of lives, that now has lost his licence. The reason is that he with certain, more difficult cases of tick borne diseases, has prescribed longer and tougher courses of antibiotics, then what is general practice and whats allowed here in Sweden. We need help to organize support for Dr Kenneth Sandström. A doctor's primary mission is to alleviate symptoms and heal disease, which Dr. Sandström did, where other doctors for years failed to make the corr

Created: 2014-11-02

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Keep our children safe from nambla

NAMBLA is a group that is against age restriction on sexual relationships. They are focused in an intent to fight for there cause of Man boy love. In other words they think it is ok for children of a young age to participate in sexual relationships with men over the age of 18. This group should be stopped and it's members should be made to register with the state they are located in as open pedophiles.Every person living within distance of a member should be notified, and able to protect there c

Created: 2014-09-17

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The Purge

By singing this petition you agree to help rid the world of the greedy and the over rich and the unworthy. By singing this patition. You agree to abide by any and all rules set in place by the founding fathers or other parties that have purge authority I.E the founders . One signature from you will add to the number and once we hit a majority we can push this to government and force them to listen . Take action or be left behind.

Created: 2014-08-17

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  THE MIKE BROWN ACT We are proposing that a New Law be enforced entitled, THE MIKE BROWN ACT. This Law shall make certain all current provisions under US Constitutional Rights, Civil Rights, and Color of Law are thoroughly regarded with no remorse. In addition to subject to suit for Civil Rights Violations as ruled under the above mentioned Laws, THE MIKE BROWN ACT shall further implement the immediate suspension of any person of Law enforcement, including Police officers, Agents, and other g

Created: 2014-08-11

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Test on criminals with life scentence or death row instead of animals!

Is allowing prisoners good food, entertainment and family visits fair when they've wrecked lives? Is it fair that innocent animals, born to this world to live beside humans in their own way, are tested on, given just enough food to survive and locked in cages, unable to feel real sunlight on their backs, to live the way their ancestors did? What if instead of the innocent being tested on, it was the guilty? Would you like to be born in a facility, locked up every hour of the day except from the

Created: 2014-05-24

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Rebecca Coriam and family need more backing by U.K. Government.

Rebecca Coriam from Chester was working as a youthworker on Disney Wonder Cruise-ship, which she loved! It was cruising between L.A. and the Mexican Riviera when on 22/03/2011, Rebecca was said to have gone missing at sea. She was 24. Under the foreign flag of convenience of the Bahamas, it was the Bahamas Police who 'investigated.'     They questioned no passengers and very few crew members.nThey promised their report to the Coriams within 3 weeks. Nearly 3 years later they have not received it

Created: 2014-04-02

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Neighbors Against Windstream

For many of us around the North Central Florida region we know all to well the horrible service that is provided to us by Windstream.  Everyday we must fill out the same forms over and over, because half way through your internet disconnected.  Many people in our area can not even watch a youtube video unless it is at 144p.  Netflix stops 10-15 times during a movie, and lets not forget the gamers whom are tired of having 150ms+ pings.  Then there are somethings that are more serious.  As a compu

Created: 2014-02-21

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