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Domestic violence women and men who have been abused and the abuser having rights to kids. After they clearly are not capable of controlling their anger and cant be trusted .

I am asking to make a change I was pregnant and abused while pregnant the system failed me and now my abuser is trying to get visits with our child and have him over nights . He has a long history of abuse in women and children courts say something has to happen before supervised and he has rights he is the father. I did believe he would be in jail by now. But nope. We have to protect those children they are getting mentally  abused by the parent that was the abuser. 

Created: 2020-08-03

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To oppose the rezoning effort for the land located at 12740 Black Forest Rd.

PLEASE NOTE: TO SIGN THIS PETITON YOU MUST BE A RESIDENT OF EL PASO COUNTY, COLORADO AND REGISTERED TO VOTE. The purpose of this petition is to oppose rezoning of 12740 Black Forest Rd., barn with living space, permit #M78797, parcel #5207000004. After careful review of all documents, several discrepancies were noted. The land is owned by Black Forest,  LLC. The business is Metal Roof Innovations, Ltd. The company has submitted a PLOT AND DESC PLAN which was approved 2/28/2020. The plan shows on

Created: 2020-08-07

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Expel Carolina Foster from East Carolina University

Caroline Foster is a transfer sophomore student at East Carolina University who lives in College Hill Suites. Caroline Foster has the right to come to Greenville and be a student at East Carolina University like anyone else until she commits a heinous act. Caroline Foster has shaken up the Greenville/East Carolina University community with false sexual assault allegations. Caroline Foster has told the whole East Carolina University community that she was sexually assaulted by Silas Ritter. Carol

Created: 2020-08-21

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Sex offender reform California

We the undersigned citizens of the state of California demand that you stop housing sex offenders in our communities and paying for it with our tax dollars. The solution is simple. Rape and any form of child sex crime gets you a life sentence. The first conviction. No exceptions. The people demand you save our women children and stop forcing us to fund a life in society for people who commit the most heinous acts imaginable. Stop defending sex offenders and start punsihing them justly. No more m

Created: 2020-07-31

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Rosco's of McComb Resort Status

Have you been to Rosco's? Do you plan to come? Help us show that we attract people from all over to our place!

Created: 2020-08-24

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Save The Freeway Golf Course

The former Freeway Golf Course in Gloucester Township on Sicklerville Rd is slated for development. This will cause further congestion on Sicklerville Rd, more costs for public services such as police, fire and trash collection and increased enrollment in our schools just to name a few issues. I propose through this petition that this property be preserved as permanent open space and wildlife habitat for the residents of the township who enjoy passive recreation and preserving the natural resour

Created: 2020-08-16

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Amy "Biz" Dunn on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine

I was sittin' outside smokin' a cigarette and listenin' to my playlist.  "Cover of the Rollin' Stone" came on and I started singin' (can't carry a tune in a bucket) and as I looked around at my old man and my friends, a mission for myself entered my mind.  "I wanna be on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine."  They all looked at me, grinned and agreed that it would be cool.  So...I told them I was seriously gonna, here I am.  Please sign my petition.  Help me to be on the cover of the co

Created: 2020-08-13

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Support no new burn permits (no open burning) in Gallina Canyon, Deer Mesa, and Turley Mill, Taos County, until sufficient rainfall occurs.

Although some fire restrictions have been relaxed in Taos County, we are still in the midst of a multi-year drought and the forest remains very dry.  This petition asks Taos County and the Fire Marshall to stop issuing burn permits to residents in the Gallina Canyon, Deer Mesa, Turkey Springs, and Turley Mill areas until sufficient rainfull has fallen and greatly reduced the fire danger. 

Created: 2020-08-03

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Petition to Shut Down Provo Canyon School

Greetings; my name is 204.     I would like to remain anonymous, and so I have used 204 as my name; it was the number I was given at ProvoCanyon School, and to this day it is who I see myself as, because the boy I wasbefore is dead; he died at Provo Canyon School. Provo Canyon School is supposedly a "Residential Treatment Center" located in Utah; there are three institutionsof it that I know of: Provo, Utah; Orem, Utah; and Springville, Utah. I was there for overa year, and I was beaten, raped,

Created: 2012-02-14

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Bring Justice for Dan Markel: Charge Charlie and Donna Adelson for his murder

We, the undersigned, urge State Attorney Jack Campbell to bring charges against Charlie and Donna Adelson, based on investigators’ probable cause to believe that they were responsible for the murder of Dan Markel. Six years ago, on July 18, 2014, Markel, an FSU professor and father of two young boys, was executed in broad daylight in his garage in Betton Hills. Investigators have clearly shown who is responsible: members of the family of Markel’s ex-wife, Wendi Adelson, and the three accomplices

Created: 2020-07-11

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