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Dance Should be an Olympic Sport

Many feel that dance should be an Olympic sport. Many don't consider dance even as a sport! This is such non-sense. Dance requires much more conditioning and training as ANY of those Olympic sports. I being a competitive dancer know how hard dance is and how intense the sport is. Now I know that some think of dance as an art, rather than a sport. But figure skating is also considered an art but it's still in the Olympics! Dancers train on hand about 6-10 hours a day. In those hours, us dancers a

Created: 2014-02-08

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NH ARTICLE 31/32 PETITION TO BAN MANDATORY VACCINATION   Please Sign at the Bottom of this Page This Petition is Sponsored by New Hampshire Legislator Rep John Hikel ~               ~               ~ Summary We, the undersigned People of New Hampshire, come forth Seeking Redress and also seeking to Address and Instruct Our New Hampshire Legislature regarding the forced use of Vaccines on the People of New Hampshire. There is a sufficient amount of research that disproves the claimed bene

Created: 2013-12-05

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Induct- " NAZARETH" into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame

Scottish Rock Band "Nazareth" from Dunfermline, Fife . The band started in the early 60,s named "The SHADETTES" a change of name to "NAZARETH" saw the Band go from strength to strength with a string of hit singles and albums through out the World in the 70,s - as well as a great songwriting team - they had a habit of making other songwriters songs their own with their own unique style !. The Original Band of Dan McCafferty, Pete Agnew,Manny Charlton, Daryl Sweet, has had various line-up changes

Created: 2013-11-17

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Cloud Imperium Games to publish Star Citizen on Xbox One

Star Citizen is an upcoming space trading and combat simulator video game for the PC Platform. Star Citizen will consist of two main elements: a persistent world massively multiplayer online game mixing elements of 1st person space combat and interstellar trade (known as Star Citizen) and a branching single-player and drop-in co-operative multiplayer[6] campaign (known as Squadron 42), together with customizable private server components. The game will feature Oculus Rift support. A strong focus

Created: 2013-10-19

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Stop Testing on Monkeys

I ask that the Regents immediately take action to stop the unethical and scientifically unnecessary use of nonhuman primates in experiments at University of California campuses and laboratories. Animal experimentation fails to hold the promise of new technologies, including nanotechnology, microfluidic methods, stem cell research and personalized medicine; or to yield the comprehensive results of well-established research protocols such as clinical and epidemiological studies.  Ethically, animal

Created: 2013-09-12

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Bring Back Rescue 911

Our nation's 911 system is regarded as one of the best features in our country.  Many people around the world do not have the luxury of picking up a phone and calling a simple number for help.  Rescue 911 brought stories of heroic action to the living rooms of millions of Americans.  By signing this petition you are asking major television corporations to bring back this show or create a new show based on the same idea.  To illustrate the life-saving stories that the 911 communication system has

Created: 2013-07-17

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Joan Baez deserves the Nobel Peace Prize

Joan Baez has devoted a good part of their lives for world peace, against violence, for human rights, etc. Vietnam War Highly visible in civil-rights marches, Baez became more vocal about her disagreement with the Vietnam War. In 1964, she publicly endorsed resisting taxes by withholding sixty percent of her 1963 income taxes. In 1964, she founded (along with her mentor Sandperl) the Institute for the Study of Nonviolence and encouraged draft resistance at her concerts. Baez was arrested twice i

Created: 2013-03-10

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Ban Remote Manipulation of Human Nervous System

PETITION TO THE CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA   Dear Congresmen,   The report by European Parliament’s STOA (Science and Technology Options Assessment) on  „Crowd  control technologies“ states: “In October 1999 NATO announced a new policy on non-lethal weapons and their  place in allied arsenals” ( at the bottom of the page, second reference , pg.

Created: 2013-01-15

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Allow Native America in the Olympics as a Sovereign Nation

We the Native American People & Just Citizens of the World, Petition the International Olympic Committee, to allow the greater Native American nation and people to participate in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, based on our God-given sovereignty and inalienable human rights. We expect and deserve the same respect accorded to other United States sovereign territories including Northern Mariana Islands, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands - all of which

Created: 2012-05-17

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We want the old Cartoon Network back.

We the people around the world. Who grew up watching the amazing shows like Ed Edd and Eddy, Dexter's laboratory, Kids Next Door, Billy and Mandy, Pokemon, Powerpuff girls, Samurai Jack and many other .These shows were actually funny. Unlike most of the shows that air on C.N. now .Don't you want your little siblings/kids to watch all the awesomeness that you did when you were a child? Don't you want you make their Childhood worthwhile ?I know this petition meant something to you deep down that i

Created: 2012-03-28

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