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This petition is open to everyone living in the Northwest R1 School District.Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a baseless, racist, discriminatory and divisive concept. It assigns characteristics to people, similar to Marxist theology, whereby all white people are oppressors and privileged and people of color are oppressed victims and bear no responsibility for their actions. It has pervasively infiltrated our nation’s schools, being incorporated into history – via the New York Times 1619 Project, li

Created: 2021-09-20 Statistics

Remove the Gunnison County School District Mask Mandate

This petition is to express and display a strong visual statement to the Gunnison County School District in regards to their mask mandate they are forcing on our children.  This is not to minimize teachings of bio-security, but to vocalize, fight and protect our children from the excessive mask use that can have negative health consequences in a variety of ways.  Such as misuse of the mask.   -Our children's hands touching their faces far more frequently due to the reajusting of mask placement w

Created: 2021-09-14 Statistics

Remove Heather Brown as Ward 2 Alderman

The purpose of this petition is to express our desire to have West Chicago Ward 2 Alderman Heather Brown removed from office. Heather Brown's outrageous behavior is not serving West Chicago Ward 2. She is launching personal attacks at constituents, becoming increasingly combative with the elementary school district, spreading misinformation on her pseudo-community Facebook page (What's Happening in Wego), and much more. This petition is a clear sign that we do not feel she represents us as the c

Created: 2021-09-17 Statistics

Remove Mask Mandates From Schools In Virginia

Mask in schools should be optional for all Virginia families. We the people are requesting the mandate be lifted on all Virginia school systems and let the parents decide what is best for their children. We believe our children are better off in school in person but not restricted by masks wearing mandates. This should be 100% optional for the citizens in the state of Virginia. 

Created: 2021-08-10 Statistics

Exempt Students From Chapel Fines Due To The Delta Variant

After emailing back and forth with Olivet Nazarene University's Student Development, COVID Task Force, and Vice President Woody Web, the clear answer to what is being done for students who are uncomfortable attending mandatory chapel while the Delta Variant is imminent is: Nothing.  Exemptions will not be allowed if a student is not comfortable, meaning students will continue to be issued fines for not being in attendance.  This is, in essence, fining students for doing what is best for their pe

Created: 2021-08-30 Statistics

SGCS for Optional Masks: Masks should be a parent choice, not a school choice

Members of the Saint Gabriel School Community request for Saint Gabriel School to implement a "mask optional" policy for the 2021-2022 school year.  The choice to mask children is a personal medical decision that should be made by parents, not school administrators. This optional masking allows those who wish to mask their children the freedom to do so and permits those who desire for their children to attend without masks to do the same.  We do not wish to develop a “no mask” policy and support

Created: 2021-08-25 Statistics

Support for Jim Childs Appointment as Business Rep to NANDC

Please indicate your support as a NANDC stakeholder for the reappointment of Jim Childs to the NANDC Board for the open at large "Business Representative" position by signing this petition. 

Created: 2021-09-01 Statistics

Keep Booster Clubs for Botetourt sports. No Botetourt Rec Department “take over”

Parent, grandparents, guardians, coaches, and players can sign this to state that we want: 1. To keep Botetourt booster clubs and not allow for Botetourt County Parks and Recreation to "take over". We want a voice! We do not want one person in control of decisions for sports. We want a board of parents representing our Booster clubs that allow for a vote. 2. Allow kids and coaches to pick team names. Kids love to have input. Don't take this from them. 3. Allow kids to pick their numbers for thei

Created: 2021-08-06 Statistics

Mask Requirements for Unvaccinated ISD Students/Staff

As we move back into the school year, uncertainty remains about how to handle COVID-19 in public schools like those in the Independence School District. To promote a more safe environment for students, staff, and our community as a whole, this petition urges for a mask requirement for students who are without proof of vaccine or without a COVID-19 vaccine. 

Created: 2021-07-20 Statistics

Starting a Smash local in BG

Getting a petition together to show potential venues how many people are interested in getting this started.

Created: 2021-09-15 Statistics