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Bring Chichi home !

Our family dog Chichi was attacked by a neighbors German Shepered, he was in critical condition. The surgery cost $8,000 which nobody has just laying around. We had 2 options let him die or let them take over and help him. They told us no to doing it and allowing us to raise the money and pay by the time he got home. We then found out they are allowing someone there to raise the money to pay for his treatment and bring him home to them. Chichi has been with us since he was a tiny little puppy an

Created: 2020-03-24

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Class of 2020 Graduation

Each year, high school seniors and their family members  get to experience a very touching moment in their lives. This is a moment students look up to for 13 years. Not doing everything in your power to make this last thing special for us, is just inconsiderate. All of class of 2020's remarkable events are cancelled. Tears have been shed. The last thing that we were truly hoping for was walking across the stage and looking to our parents thinking "we did it". We will never have this moment becau

Created: 2020-04-22

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The moderator revolution is coming. THE MODS are tired of slaving away. First a fifteen hour stream with no reward, and now a twenty-four. The dictator doesn't know when to stop. What next? A week stream? A year? We must stop Jana before it's too late. First, she takes away our jvnaWaves to restrict freedom of speech. Then the jvnaHmms to keep all questioning down to a low. This dictator needs to go down. JOIN THE JVCKNET REVOLUTION STOP THE BERATION FIGHT FOR JVCKNET We must come together as JV

Created: 2020-03-28

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I really want another dog so that Kona Bear has a friend so please sign this to show my dad how cute they are and that Kona needs a companion!

Created: 2020-04-29

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We want to KEEP the trans rights in Hungary!

We want to claim the transgender rights in Hungary! The government wants everybody in Hungary to be identified as the gender he/she was born with! We are humans too, this would make our lives extinguish! Please sign this petition to help hundreds of people with one click!

Created: 2020-04-01

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Organize! Because #BrandonSurvived !

          In signing this petition I declare my full support for Brandon Legget who was the victim of an incident of police brutality on August 24th 2019, In Colombia South Carolina, involving Pig Chief, Sean Rollins. #BrandonSurvived but, this is nothing short of a miracle. After being harassed by the pig department all day Brandon was stopped for a “traffic violation” as he left his second job at 2:30 AM. This incident was nearly fatal, with one bullet grazing his head and another going throu

Created: 2020-01-21

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Parkside at Mayfield Ranch rezone of boundary lines in the MLS

We are asking the Austin Board of Realtors to rezone the boundary in the MLS between Georgetown West (GTW) and Cedar Park/Leander North (CLN) to change Parkside at Mayfield Ranch neighborhood from GTW to CLN.   As it is currently zoned Parkside at Mayfield Ranch homeowners are being adversely affected when they attempt to list a home for sale.  Potential buyers who are looking in this area are more interested in the CLN area as opposed to the GTW area.  Parkside at Mayfield Ranch is currently in

Created: 2014-08-05

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Postpone graduation instead of canceling

As seniors in high school we have worked so hard in order to graduate. We have put in hours of homework and studying for 12 years. We have cried over bad grades and worked harder to get to where we are now. We hope that when graduation rolls around we will all be able to walk across that stage we've worked so hard to get to. All we are asking for is that you consider postponing our graduation instead of sending our diplomas through the mail, or having us come to our schools in order to pick them

Created: 2020-03-27

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DRGN listing on BINANCE

Hello Binance ! We, Dragonchain supporter and believer think that DRGN deserve to be listed on Binance for the following tech and product reasons : - Dragonchain plateform => - Eternal proof => - Dragon Den => - Dragon Factor => - Interchain patents and so on...  Hope we will be heard. Have a good day all.   Axion for the Dragonchain community.

Created: 2020-02-04

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Christian getting his phone back

My grandmother took my phone away and isn't giving it back until two weeks from now (4/4/20). She took it because i'm not eating right and not sleeping right even tho she takes it at night.

Created: 2020-04-04

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