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Bring Arbonne to Spain

Our Goal is to have Arbonne open up in Spain!! WHAT IS ARBONNE? Arbonne is an international beauty, health, and wellness company founded in Switzerland in 1975. The company promotes a holistic approach to sustainable healthy living with certified vegan skincare, makeup, and nutrition for everyone from babies to grannies. Arbonne is currently in 6 countries: United States, Canada, UK, Poland, Australia and New Zealand. Our goal is to have Arbonne open in Spain next! Please sign this petition to t

Created: 2020-07-12

Time period All countries United States
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Last month 42 30

Jordan School District - We want a postponed graduation, NO VIRTUAL!

The class of 2020 were born into 911 and now they graduate during the quarantine. The Jordan School District has released a statement saying they want to do a Virtual graduation. These kids deserve more. They deserve to be recognized properly for their efforts.  This petition is asking the school board to offer a full ceremony postponed to a later date. This date could be at the same time as their "later get together"    There is so much that could change over the summer. Why not have a graduati

Created: 2020-05-01

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All time 30 30
Last month 30 30

Enforce court order by law enforcement

Help support my request for law enforcement to enforce current court orders in my family law case. It's a huge misconception to the majority of people when it comes to court orders through Family Court. Law enforcement does not typically get involved in civil or family court matters even with a current court order. This unfortunate loophole allows abusers to take advantage and disregard any rulings from a judge. While disrespecting court orders, innocent minor children are exposed to multiple fo

Created: 2020-07-25

Time period All countries United States
All time 31 30
Last month 30 29

Do Not Treat The Strays in Boracay Island as Pests!

Please sign this petition if you think the latest proposal of the mayor of Boracay is an ignorant plan of rounding-up strays by auctioning their capture as if they are pests. Impounding stray dogs and cats is never a proven solution; domestic animals can co-exist with humans. Why inflict suffering to the animals?  Penalize those who are cruel to the animals, spay and neuter cats and dogs, embrace them as part of the community.  Fellow advocates, let us denounce any ignorant and irresponsible act

Created: 2020-07-18

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Last month 1066 29

Stand for Small Business licensed under Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of State Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs

This petition would include signatures of any one in support of all licensed professionals in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, of reopening facilities that are licensed to perform all the necessary safeguards under state laws and including any new recommendations from the CDC.  No walk-in services, all by appointment.  Time to sanitize and disinfect all areas of the facility. For Professional and all clients; Masks recommended. Feeling ill or knowingly exposed to an illness that may be contagio

Created: 2020-05-03

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Last month 28 28

No to rezoning R-1

1.     Protect our property value. 2.     Preserve the desirable character of our low density, low traffic neighborhood, open spaces, and scenic charm. 3.     Prevent increases in traffic throughout our community. With no sidewalks for walkers or bike lanes for bicyclists, commercial businesses would likely increase the number of cars on our streets and drivers cutting through residential areas to access the properties, potentially posing safety issues. In addition, traffic issues may arise at t

Created: 2020-07-15

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Last month 27 27

put preston down and kick him from sin

cause hes preston and hes gay goddamnit it says i have to write more text so um yeah preston is gay and hes gay and i hate him and he should be kicked from sin cause we are homophobic and hes preston. f*ck my life dot anime music videos.

Created: 2020-07-10

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Last month 39 26


What would it mean for Hampton County to be a 2A sanctuary county?A 2nd Amendment County is any county that chooses not to enforce any unconstitutional gun laws. IfHampton Co. became a 2A Sanctuary, it would create a protection for any of the counties’ residentsagainst any of South Carolina’s laws that may be passed against the 2nd Amendment (unconstitutional).In simpler terms, this means all of our law enforcement within Hampton County will not have to enforcethe unconstitutional gun laws and t

Created: 2020-07-25

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Last month 24 24

Changing City of Sidney Fireworks Ordinance

The Sidney City Council is looking into updating and possibly changing the current fireworks ordinace.  Currently the ordinance allows for the selling and discharging of fireworks from June 24th to July 5th until 10:00 pm and December 29th to December 31st until 10:00 pm. They are looking to decrease the selling and discharging allowed days to July 1st to July 5th, while keeping the December 29th to December 31st.  They are also looking at extending the discharging time to midnight on weekends a

Created: 2020-07-22

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Last month 24 24

South East High School Needs Their Classrooms Back

Mr. Jose Huerta, We are following up on the promise you made to the community on March 15, 2018.  You stated that Valiente Charter would be co-locating in South East High School for just two years.  Community representatives had brought to your attention that Valiente Charter: -Had inflated the list of students they submitted to justify co-locating, -The co-location would take away the Robotics class, Art room, Woodcraft Rangers After School Program, Advanced placement classes, and free East Los

Created: 2020-06-12

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Last month 24 24