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The City council of Milner vote to sell Tim’s lighthouse their building

We are trying to buy our building , the city of Milner was never interested in buying the building until we took action to. Please join us to sign to support the city selling Us Tim's lighthouse buffet, our building that we have been renting for 7 years!

Created: 2021-07-29 Statistics

Double Recess Everyday

We should be able to have a double recess every day. It is our only break period and we should get to spend it with our friends. Every year people get separated from their friends that are on the opposite floor. It would be better for us to get to have our own amount of time to eat and to play. That way we can eat in the desired amount of time. We would be happier to spend time with our friends that we don't have classes with. 

Created: 2021-09-27 Statistics

Help Rahway Residents Rebuild! Waive Permit Fees for Ida Flood Damage Repairs.

Dear Mayor Giacobbe and the Rahway City Council, As you know, many of your constituents and neighbors suffered major flood damage due to Tropical Storm Ida and the sewer backups that occurred all throughout Rahway. We are shelling out thousands and thousands of dollars to repair and rebuild our homes.  We request that you please waive permit fees for work that homeowners need done in the wake of this disaster. For instance, replacing furnaces and hot water heaters, as well as more major work. Th

Created: 2021-09-16 Statistics

Choice for masks at Riverside

While the Covid situation continues to control the media spotlight, other issues such as personal health decisions are being pushed to the sidelines. Riverside School District in Painesville Township currently has an optional mask program.  Parents and Guardians still have the right to choose or not choose to have their children wear masks in class and throughout school facilities.   This optional mask program needs to remain in place. No mandate should be established in order to appease a part

Created: 2021-09-15 Statistics

Shepherd Park Plaza driveway parking restoration

For over 50 years Shepherd Park Plaza residents have not encountered any problems parking in their own driveways which are on a side street for corner lot homes.  However, recently the city is ticketing all vehicles in these driveways claiming the vehicles are over the sidewalks. How can this be suddenly an issue? How can this be an issue especially in light of the fact the city approved the plans for this neighborhood over 50 years ago and during the past half century not given out tickets to r

Created: 2021-08-29 Statistics

Removing Neshaminy School District Board Members

Dear Neshaminy Parents,  On 08/24/2021 the Neshaminy School Board held a meeting to debate mandatory masks for grades K through 8. During the meeting the board voted that masks for students K through 8 will be mandatory despite the overwhelming response from parents to have masks optional. Of note, the school board was maskless during the entire meeting. Please consider signing this petition to remove the Neshaminy School board members immediately so that the parents in our community can elect a

Created: 2021-08-27 Statistics

Passes or exemptions for downtown employees parking

The new downtown San Luis Obispo parking hours are causing economic turmoil for those that work downtown. We would like to see either exemptions or passes issued for downtown employees that would allow them to park off the main streets or in the structures for free. 

Created: 2021-08-26 Statistics

My Body, My Choice

This petition was made by: Isabella Littrell. A senior at East Coweta High School in Sharpsburg, Georgia. This petition was made in order to fight the strict, sexist, slut-shamming, and body-shamming dress code East Coweta High has given the female student body. Our voices need to be heard. OUR BODY, OUR RULES. 

Created: 2021-08-25 Statistics

Please help Jacob Lancaster so he can go home to his family.He is a 24 yr.old autistic man who has been taken from his family and placed in a group home against his will!

Please help us to bring Jacob Lancaster home! He is a 24 yr.old autistic young man who was taken from his loving home, byba state agency, on a deceitful manner against his will. He was forced into the county car by two men from Agency for Aging ,one of whom had obtained conservatorship without the mothers knowledge.When she found out about his intentions ,she tried to tell the judge that Jacob had parents who cared about him, she was muted on the court speakers and ignored..The judge granted tem

Created: 2021-07-26 Statistics

Relisting XUMCoin (XUM) in CoinGecko

XUMCoin (XUM) is the native cryptocurrency of XUMChain, an open-source blockchain. Authorities cannot ban blockchain in any country as it is a technology, a decentralized, distributed ledger technology, to be specific.   An article in mentioned:   "According to many experts, as cryptocurrencies are simply pieces of computer code, they can't be banned. Transferring crypto from one wallet to another is no different from sharing music via a pen drive, which means a regulatory ba

Created: 2021-09-27 Statistics