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Parents and citizens, it's time to put your foot down and take a stand against ALL Mandates. This power grab going on all around us will not stop without your support. Please take the time to sign this petition. We are losing our rights to make our own choices for our families. Parents, say "NO" to forcing your children to do ANYTHING against your will. Citizens, help fight for all of our rights to make our own choices, now and for the future. MY CHILD MY CHOICE needs to fight and we need everyo

Created: 2021-09-02 Statistics

bring back my brothers(alonzo)mushroom hair!!!

this is a petition to bring back zo's ✨mushroom hair ✨ because this was the cutest look ever and his parents need to stop shaving it off💔if you agree, please sign this!

Created: 2021-08-11 Statistics

Vaccines to the Himalayas - Open Letter to the European Commission

Open Letter to the European Commission to facilitate direct transfers of excess Covid-19 vaccines from EU member states to the countries with most urgent needs, namely Nepal and Bhutan Dear Commission President von der Leyen, We would like to bring to your attention the pressing issue of excess vaccines which were purchased by the member states through the centralized EU vaccine acquisition mechanism. Many of these vaccines, such as Vaxzervia produced by AstraZeneca, are not being administered

Created: 2021-07-04 Statistics

Renew Rabbi Spector's Contract!

We, the undersigned, congregants in good standing of Temple Beth Shalom,  disagree with the decision of the board not to renew Rabbi Spector's contract.  We urge the new board to reconsider this decision and immediately enter into negotiations to renew his contract once it expires in June 2022.

Created: 2021-06-29 Statistics

New Zealand Flower Farmers deserve fairer treatment and consideration. Support contactless deliveries for cut flowers through level 3 and 4 Delta lockdown.

Our local cut flower growing industry is sinking fast! From small family farms to larger operations, all have been forced to destroy a heartbreaking amount of their beautiful blooms. Level 4 Delta has left the cut flower farming community at a breaking point - financially, physically and emotionally - even though there are many ways to distribute their flowers safely.   Listen to Ella Stewarts report on our industry with Aila and Christy and the way this has affected their production and a possi

Created: 2021-09-07 Statistics

Restart Ongoing Development of New Content for the DCCG "The Elder Scrolls: Legends"

Those signing this petition ask Bethesda Softworks LLC, Zenimax Media and Microsoft Corporation to restart ongoing development on the digital collectible card game "The Elder Scrolls: Legends".  We realize all necessary responsibilities and actions to see this done are controlled solely by those members of one or more of the entities mentioned above who can legally make financial and other resource decisions regarding "The Elder Scrolls: Legends". The reason for this is simply that those signing

Created: 2021-09-06 Statistics

Regulation for the Department of Human Services child welfare agencies in their investigations against parents. Parents constitutional rights protected & enforced.

      SIGN PETITION THEN PLEASE CONFIRM YOUR SIGNATURE THROUGH EMAIL CONFIRMATION.    The Department of Human Services child welfare agencies court order jurisdiction gives law enforcement/ The department of human services child welfare investigators regulation and the legal right to commit human rights violation against families and parents (reported, lied on, rumored against) core life actions ("We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by

Created: 2021-08-20 Statistics

Stop The Vaccine Passport

STOP THE VACCINE PASSPORT IN CANADACanadian Chamber of Commerce says governments must get ahead of fourth wave right now, must use vaccine certification and rapid testing Let them know how you The city of Surrey Board of Trade has put forth a request to the federal, provincial and municipal governments in regards to implementatio

Created: 2021-07-30 Statistics

Redwood Garden HOA Board Member Resignation

   Access Management, which was chosen to manage Redwood Garden’s HOA by a member majority vote of 11-2, has terminated our contract because of undue harassment and the impossible working environment created by our current Board of Directors. The Board is now proposing a member vote to choose new HOA management with only 3 options offered and without further information on candidate’s services or contracts, including some which were previously rejected by members in the afore mentioned vote. Whe

Created: 2021-07-22 Statistics

A Censure of America's Federal Government

A Brief List of Injuries and Usurpations inflicted by Our Federal Government Upon the People of the United States   (This is the list accompanying Cedric Keith's Long March of Liberty)       The federal government of the United States has long strained at its Constitutional limitations, writing law and creating bureaucracy within realms reserved to the states or to individuals. In 2020, this tendency accelerated as we watched  a common coronavirus employed as pretext for lockdowns, delineation o

Created: 2021-03-12 Statistics