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America's Family

We the people of the United States of America petition and appeal to the Supreme Court to nullify and void all mail in ballots that were submitted after the Election Polls closed across our great Nation. We the People of the United States of America petition and appeal to the Supreme Court to void and nullify all ballots that were received prior to the Election Polls closing that do not bare a post mark date of November 3rd, 2020. We seek the acknowledgement from our Supreme Court Justices that

Created: 2020-11-06

Time period All countries United States
All time 11 11
Last month 11 11

Please Save the August 23 Movie Theater

I start this petition because it's my duty to take a stand, first of all as an inhabitant of Bistritia, because I don't want cinema 23 August within the city to disappear. Secondly, because my father, the late Professor of Geography, Petraş Ioan, was the director of the film company in the last years of communism, from 1983 to 90. Only me and my family do know how hard has he struggled to maintain the passion for film among the people from Bistrita. He made the film series, so he could circumven

Created: 2021-03-18

Time period All countries United States
All time 1276 12
Last month 989 10

We call Anglesey County Council to review (call in) all planning applications regarding Penrhos Nature Reserve from 2016 to present date

We are alarmed to see a lack of TRANSPARENCY on the Anglesey County Council portal online website regarding documents relating to the planning application of Penrhos Nature Reserve/Park. We would like to bring to your attention the ecological surveys and reports carried out by TEP, on which NRW based their Environmental Statement. This document should be available for public view. As of 2016 and up to 28/02/21, these documents have been unavailable for public view. We would also request that the

Created: 2021-02-28

Time period All countries United States
All time 2019 10
Last month 1613 10

The Right to Keep Chickens

We propose revision of the Amended and Restated Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions and Management Policies for Timber Lakes Estates (the “Declaration”) Article 10.13 to allow the keeping of chickens in Timber Lakes subject to the same restrictions presently in place for other animals. The recently revised Timber Lakes CC&R's read as follows: "10.13 Animals. Animals generally kept in households such as dogs, cats, birds, fish, hamsters, and rabbits may be kept in the Developme

Created: 2021-02-23

Time period All countries United States
All time 75 75
Last month 10 10

Appoint NHS Officers by Popular Vote/ Or With greater Emphasis on Popular Vote

The PRHS NHS officer results were recently posted. However in their email, NHS stated that the popular vote held on the first meeting held little weight in the decision on who was elected. We believe that this is unfair, as NHS is supposed to reflect the ideals of the students who make it, and those who choose who the officers are should not have a greater voice in this decision than the students. The signers of this petition advocate for the popular vote elections to be made public, and/or for

Created: 2021-02-02

Time period All countries United States
All time 10 10
Last month 10 10

Stop the Wind Farms in North Jack County!

We, the citizens and landowners of northern Jack County, petition the Jack County Commissioners’ Court to deny and categorically reject any tax reinvestment zone application for industrial scale wind farm development under Chapter 312 of the Texas Tax Code. Industrial wind farm developments will irreversibly depress our property values by upwards of 50%, cause irreparable harm to our environment, threaten endangered wildlife, and destroy some of the most productive ranch and farm land in the wo

Created: 2021-01-26

Time period All countries United States
All time 144 144
Last month 10 10


An annual holiday that celebrates the stars in the sky by having ten minutes of the night on April 19 for all of the lights in the U.S. to be shut off. This would be amazing as who knows what the night sky could look like for everyone in the United States even those who never get to truly see the amazing galaxies and stars that are around us. (let me know if you have any ideas for this new soon to be holiday). This contribution is not only my petition but will become your petition as well so spr

Created: 2021-01-12

Time period All countries United States
All time 11 10
Last month 11 10

We the People are calling for the Impeachment of Nancy Pelosi!

2020 has proven just how corrupt and evil our government is. Nancy Pelosi is at the helm of corrupt schemes to dismantle our religious freedoms, our 2nd amendment rights, and to implement a new government controlled society polluted with pure evil.  It is time for WE THE PEOPLE to rise up, stand up, and shout it out that we refuse to allow the AMERICA our forefathers died for, be destroyed by left-wing, evil, corrupt politicians such as Nancy Pelosi!  Will you join me and stand up for the nation

Created: 2020-10-09

Time period All countries United States
All time 525 517
Last month 11 10

Against killing Europeans wolves, bears and lynx

Dear lovers of wildlife; I believe it is time to stop killing innocent animals for human greed. As far as we know, our planet is endangered and by no way it could be saved by taking the last forest, the last appropriate habitat of these animals. So say stop to killing Slovenian and European wolves, bears and lynx! And say stop to throphy hunting. Animals have their genuine right to live, to have family, to live in their natural humes, which are being stolen from then by human animals all the tim

Created: 2019-07-30

Time period All countries United States
All time 87 10
Last month 2 10


From: Concerned Resident OwnersTo: All members of Betmar Acres Club, Inc. and Betmar Owners, Inc.Subject: DECLARATION OF COVENANTS, CONDITIONS AND RESTRICTIONS FORBETMAR ACRES CLUB, INC.Dear Members:In December, our Board announced that they have been working with theirattorney for a year developing a new DECLARATION OF COVENANTS, CONDITIONSAND RESTRICTIONS FOR BETMAR ACRES CLUB, INC. In response to this suddenand alarming development, many of our resident owners held meetings to discuss thisand

Created: 2021-02-25

Time period All countries United States
All time 60 55
Last month 10 9