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Pickleball Lines on the JGMS Tennis courts in Bedford, MA

Currently there is no dedicated outdoor Pickleball court in Bedford, MA. Last year the town painted pickleball lines on the 2 Tennis courts at the John Glenn Middle School (JGMS). The current configuration is for 1 pickleball court on 1 tennis court, using the same tennis net.This configuration allows people to come play pickleball on a dime, just lower the tennis net and play. However, there are some disadvantages with this configuration: 1. It is not an efficient way of utilizing the tennis co

Created: 2020-06-18

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2020 60 60

Let Julia Stay At South

Sign this petition to allow Julia to stay at South Meck.

Created: 2020-02-15

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2020 61 60

A Letter to the Pleasantville Board of Education Demanding Change

To Whom It May Concern,       My name is Emily Payamps, a Pleasantville High School Graduate of the Class of 2009.   I, on behalf of many, am writing to you in light of the injustices against Black Americans that have been committed not only recently, but have been going on for far too long in this country. I would like to address this cruel reality that we are faced with – racism--specifically the brutality that our institutions and citizens have shown toward Black people.     Unfortunately, th

Created: 2020-06-09

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2020 58 58

Please sign the petition encouraging the City of Delafield Mayor, Kent Attwell, to appointment Common Councilman and citizen, Wayne Dehn, to the City of Delafield Lake Welfare Committee.

Whereas District Four Alderperson, Wayne Dehn, has served the citizens of the city and district as a community activist, member of the police commission, member of the plan commission, member of the public works department, and chairman of the deer management committee and has great knowledge and skill in public government Whereas Wayne Dehn is an active boater on the Delafield Lakes, conservationist and has great knowledge in both the lake issues and city operations Whereas the City of Delafiel

Created: 2020-07-07

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2020 57 57

Fire Bill O’Brien

Bill O'Brien has done nothing for the Texans since his arrival. He's let top end talent go for next to nothing several times over the past few years. And today was the final straw Houston fans. He's traded away Deandre Hopkins for someone that can't stay healthy and a second round pick. Who's Deshaun going to throw to now? Don't worry cause with Bill O'Brien at the helm he's the next trade in our future. 

Created: 2020-03-16

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2020 61 57


ACX has come to the decision of no longer classing promo codes as sales. Furthermore they have restricted the amount of promo codes authors are able to generate to be distributed amongst reviewers. This will have a large impact upon many struggling authors finances during this recent outbreak of COVID-19. Myself and many others are against their decision. We would love your support with this petition to keep to the previous agreement. 

Created: 2020-03-26

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2020 118 56

Induct The Bay City Rollers Into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

We the fans of the Bay City Rollers believe they should be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. They were bigger than the Beatles in the 70's and it is long overdue. we will start with this petition and then do whatever we have to do. They deserve this more than anyone.

Created: 2012-08-23

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2020 131 56

Ariana Grande Store : improve your services !

Lost packages, damaged items, incomplete orders, lack of national tracking outside of the USA, orders extremely delayed or cancelled, automated or copy-paste email answers : these are all the scenarios many of us experienced with the UMG (Universal Music Group). What you're doing is not professional. We spend our hard earned money in your store. We think we deserve to be treated with respect and that you need to fulfill your obligations. Once is bad luck, twice is sad coincidence, three times i

Created: 2020-01-24

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2020 254 55

Twitter Abuse: "Delete" @adamfeuerstein's Twitter; Demand @StatNews Take Action

Enough is Enough. The vitriol and attacks from @adamfeuerstein twitter account are extermely inappropriate for a journalist and incompatible with any notion of fairness   His vituperative attacks on Dr. DL Bhatt are simply the latest example -- and the last stray.    @StatNews must force @adamfeuerstein to delete his twitter account.   If only in defense of its own reputation, if not out of respect for responsible journalism, @StatNews must act without delay.  

Created: 2020-06-10

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2020 60 53

medical help to the people of the Jack Satter House

There are over 200 elderly citizens in this building six have died from COVID-19 all ready. 

Created: 2020-04-01

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2020 53 53