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At RMS a child named TRISTEN JAMES who has raped several girls and the school is defending him for it! He should be locked away instead of walking free to do this to more women in the future and shouldn’t be at our supposedly “safe space.” PLEASE HELP US TO LOCK HIM AWAY AND EXPEL HIM FOR WHAT HE HAS DONE

Created: 2022-03-12 Statistics

Save Schaumburg Wetlands

In 2018 the village of Schaumburg entered into a contract with Experior Transportation for them to purchase the land near Rodenburg and Irving park road next the Schaumburg Metra Station. The plan is to build a 140,000 square foot corporate headquarters, warehouse space and fueling station for trucks. ​ This means that the wetlands will be modified which will upset the natural ecosystem, kill and force wildlife out of the wetlands and destroy the natural flow of the water drainage system that co

Created: 2020-11-27 Statistics

Neighbor Support for Camp Curiosity's Variance Request from Plumstead Township

As neighbors to Camp Curiosity and Jeremiah Thomas, we wish to express our desire for Plumstead Township to approve Camp Curiosity's request for a zoning variance in order to continue offering pickleball and other programs that are currently restricted by the R3 zoning. Camp Curiosity has long been a staple in Doylestown offering excellent programming and a beautiful property.  Jeremiah and his family have served the neighborhood faithfully and are excellent neighbors.  

Created: 2022-08-02 Statistics

Everett Woods Homeowners against 6-E-22-UR proposed changes

Let's stand together, as Everett Woods homeowners, and let the MPC know that we strongly disagree with Justin Morgan's proposed change (6-E-22-UR) to the neighborhood we live in for the following reasons:   - We all purchased our homes, based on the current plan of Everett Woods consisting of solely single family homes.  - The proposed change would add additonal people, cars, & traffic that Everett Woods neighborhood was not created, nor was infrastructure thought through for, and those addi

Created: 2022-06-02 Statistics

Petition to Finalize Approval of Prairie Village Subdivision #4 ASAP

Petition to the Maharishi Vedic City Council     We, the undersigned homeowners and future homeowners of Prairie Village, MVC residents, Prairie Village contractors, and others petition the MVC Council, to approve the new subdivision in Prairie Village by June 10, 2022.   By putting obstacles in the way of this subdivision moving forward, the following is occurring:   1.  Loss of Interest Rate for Thompsons - If the subdivision is not approved immediately, the Thompsons cannot close on their hou

Created: 2022-06-05 Statistics

Decertify the 2020 Electoral College votes

This petition is to call for the United States of America Senate to decertification the 2020 Electoral College vote tally as it was certified based on several states data being fraudulent. Request that the vote be returned to every state compelling them to investigate, audit and conduct a re-vote in states found to have inaccurate ballot totals, voter rolls, fraudulent ballots, ballot trafficking. 

Created: 2022-05-15 Statistics

all-inclusive playgrounds for Stafford

Stafford County is in desperate need of an all-inclusive playground, for ALL children of Stafford to engage in play together and find THEIR community. This petition is meant to show the Board of Supervisors that there is a desire for such an area within the community, outside of one person's opinion.

Created: 2022-06-28 Statistics

Save Shadowhunters

Hello Shadowfans! We need your help. We think everyone is agreed that the ending for Jace and Clary sucks. Clary and Jace deserves so much more. That's why we started this petition and give Shadowhunters at least a final season. The makers of the show have a whole new storyline for them. So Shadowfans all over the world, sign this petition please! We need to put some pressure to the Netflix firm. We have to give it a chance don't you think? So please sign this petition in the link below. Save Sh

Created: 2022-06-06 Statistics

Zet Halsema de regenboog community op straat? / Is Halsema putting the rainbow community on the street?

(ENGLISH AT BOTTOM Wat dreigt er te gebeuren? Burgemeester van Amsterdam Femke Halsema is gemeentelijk beleid aan het aanpassen om overlast op De Wallen terug te dringen. Een van die maatregelen is het beperken van de openingstijden van horeca op De Wallen tot maximaal 02:00. Voor Eagle Amsterdam (open van 23:00 – 05:00) kan dit grote gevolgen hebben.   Waarom zijn wij het er niet mee eens? Eagle Amsterdam is niet de veroorzaker van de overlast op De Wallen. Bij ons lopen geen bezoekers dronken

Created: 2022-05-13 Statistics

Exemption from new tourist tax for Bonaire property owners

To the Island Council of Bonaire, The new tourist tax rule that requires payment of up to $75 on each arrival in Bonaire was designed to replace the current daily tourist housing and vehicle rental taxes.  While Bonaire residents are exempt from this tax, the many property owners who are not sedula holders will now be required to pay taxes as tourists every time they come to their homes.  Homeowners routinely travel back and forth between their Bonaire homes and their country of residence and th

Created: 2022-06-01 Statistics