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We the students at Leaders of Tomorrow are interested in having an art elective added to the school program in Fall 2022.

 We the students of Leaders of Tomorrow are united in requesting an Art Program for the Fall 2022-2023 school year. Including an Art Program elective will allow students the opportunity to express themselves in a non violent way. Students will be able to build their artistic skills as well as communicate their feelings in a health way.  According to Riley, Shirley. " Art Therapy with Adolescents." Western Journal of Medicine, July 2001, art helps raise self esteem, improve social behavior, helps

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Petition to have. Native Oaks Golf course take responsibility

This is a petition to Native Oaks Golf course to take responsibility for the damage and or injuries cause by rougue golf balls from their patrons..We are asking for nets to be put up in effected areas to lessen the damage caused by rougue golf balls that continually accure  on Woods Valley rd. And or compensation for damages...these are just a couple picture....  

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June 25th, 2022 Dear Board of Directors (CSA) - The following letter and commentary was prepared in response to an email sent on Monday June 13th  2022 by Karla Baumann RE: Subject: HV CSA BOARD MEETING – JUNE 28th 2022 at 10:00am. And in particular an attachment titled: “PROPOSED RULE CHANGES / ADDITIONS:  Effective July 1, 2022”.  In preparation for the aforementioned meeting and in contemplation of these proposed changes and potential future issues that will effect owners / members and their

Created: 2022-06-26 Statistics

Stop Florida Shark Fishing Tournaments

It is crazy in the year 2022 we are still having conversations about barbaric, egocentric, brutal and simply unnecessary shark fishing tournaments! It is a topic ignored by the likes of FWC and NOAA, A topic that is constantly bought up and disregarded in many commissioner meetings. We hear worldwide of the depletion of shark species, the constant threats of finning and the long gestation period taken to reproduce these essential animals in our oceans. There is no lie at the wording "sharks are

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Stop using single use water bottles!

I pledge to stop using single use water bottles. I will try to carry a reusable water bottle or reuse cups when I need water.

Created: 2021-12-27 Statistics

Restoration of Herbert House Vallejo 2022

Hello Vallejo Community and Neighboring Cities!! We need your Help!!! As a 47 year-old Vallejo native my heart is to see something beautiful happen for the good in our city and the greater Northbay area!  My husband Elder Farley and I have founded Blessed Bed and Breakfast.  A community based emergency shelter after God's own heart that will provide 5 star temporary shelter for FREE for up to 22days for those who need of the most. From fire evacuees to homeless to the recently jobless effected b

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Join us in petitioning Comcast Business to provide internet access to our area!

Reliable internet has become a necessity in most homes today.Throughout the pandemic, we discovered just how important this really is. 36.9% of the US population now report that they now do at least some telework. 70% of American teachers assign homework to be completed online. Most of us also have family members who also use the internet for streaming, gaming, social media, shopping, & more.Without internet service we cannot provide educational services for our kids, business for work or le

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Petition to stop Ivy Board from accepting Master Association settlement

Whereas: The Ivy Board has a fiduciary and ethical duty to represent the best financial interests of Ivy owners, including oversight of funds to stop improper self-enrichment; Your Ivy Representative to the Master Association, Christine Michaels, has been unlawfully excluded from The Master Association meetings where critical lawsuit issues, including possible settlement, has been discussed; additionally she has been illegally ejected from Master Association without them having even legal right

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May the trees have a chance?

We understand that the trees in the boulevard are the property of the city.  We also understand that the trees being removed would eliminate several costs for the city. In the long haul for the future of the city - the present and future citizens that call Colby their home would like you to please consider this request. Our request is that the street work is completed without the removal of all the trees. The trees are a great asset for many reasons.  Oxygen for us as people.  Habitats for wildl

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our beloved friend... was gunned down by a repeated offender Donovan Bookout Tuesday morning while doing his security rounds...there was no reason to shoot and kill a security guard doing his took away a son a father a brother and a friend...his life was cut short leaving behind 6 children... we all want justice for his death and as a friend I seek keep Donovan behind bars and don’t let him back out...

Created: 2022-03-31 Statistics