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Motorcycle Awareness Plates

Increasing motorcycle awareness in Colorado is imperative in order to save lives. Colorado drivers are faced with natural and technology- based distractions. These distractions contribute to the number of motorcycle fatalities in Colorado staying consistent at 103 lives lost every year for the last three years. Continued lack of awareness will only affect the hundreds of lives riding that shouldn’t be dying, awareness must increase.  Look twice save a life, was not used the day our father was ta

Created: 2021-04-20 Statistics

A petition to license, insure,safety training and a road use tax for road bicyclists on marked and main roads and routes

A petition to create legislation for the licensing,registration, insuring , safety training,and a road use tax for the use of road race style bicycles on marked and main routes throughout the state. To insure the safety, proper use and training of both the drivers of motor vehicles and bicyclist themselves with the growing popularity of the sport the roads have become crowed with bicyclists and generally on weekends with increased auto and bicycle traffic the roads have become overwhelmed and un

Created: 2022-05-09 Statistics

Diego's Riding Recovery

I made this petition for Diego to be able to ride again. As many of you may know, he recently broke his ankle, and his parents won't allow for him to ride anymore. Meaning they're forcing him to quit. I don't know about any of you reading this, but Diego has brought a lot of joy and freindships into my life through scootering. The last thing I would hate to see is him not be able to do something that he loves and has spent so much time working hard at to come to where he is today. If you agree w

Created: 2022-04-02 Statistics

Free Pooh

My name is William Ford known to my friends and family as Pooh I'm trying to get signatures to prove that I change I've been in jail for 18 years for a crime I committed when I was a youth that I'm deeply sorry for and wish it would've happened but now I'm trying to right my wrongs and give back to my community I need to show the board of parole that I have support in my community those who knew me then and know me now and how much I've changed and will continue to change once I'm a free man. I

Created: 2022-03-09 Statistics

Sidney’s law

Pedophiles or sex offenders should be locked up for life. reasons why they should remain locked up for life: 1. The mental damage they do to others when they touch them. 2. Pedophiles rob children from their innocence and childhood  3. they cause permanent damage to families.  4. The ripple effects that are caused from the effects of SA. - the ripple effect in this case would be one kid was touched then it spread from just that one kid to that kid doing it to other kids.  In all, pedophiles shou

Created: 2022-03-31 Statistics

To Remove The Crown, President, VP, Govt, NWO, WEF, AMA, ANA, CDC, & Corportions.

For the past two years, our global governments and their fiendish cohorts have committed crimes against humanity in the name of pseudo-scientific clinical trials known as bioterrorism, eugenics, and genocide on a worldwide scale involving every citizen in the world. Corona, also known as the Crown, poison was known to kill an undisclosed amount of innocent people with biochemical warfare to succumb to the death of a chemical cocktail overkill that was never approved by the FDA or released with c

Created: 2022-03-18 Statistics

Justice for Paiden

I'm making this petition because justice needs to be served Paiden was a 16 year old girl who did not need to pass in such a harsh way an nothing is being done about her death so please help me spread awareness for Paiden Elaine Burton #LLP

Created: 2022-01-18 Statistics

Springfield College COVID-19 mandate opposition

Letter to Springfield College Dear Dr. Mary Beth Cooper, College Senior Leadership, and Board of Trustees,   We are a group of Springfield College stakeholders:  parents, students, families, faculty, staff, alumni, families of prospective students, and others within the Springfield College Community writing this urgent letter of concern to you to request a critical modification to Springfield College’s COVID-19 booster vaccine mandate.  Per the Springfield College’s newly announced booster manda

Created: 2022-02-01 Statistics


We, the undersigned call on the Columbus Consolidated Government's Parks & Recreational Department to move the CYSC fields to a safer location.   We have very serious concerns about the safety of the children and families playing soccer at CYSC. In one week's time, we learned of an attempted abduction at the soccer fields, and later  heard multiple rounds of gunshots in the neighborhood across from the fields one evening at practice. This is not the first time we have heard multiple rounds o

Created: 2022-03-18 Statistics

Petition to NOT do a presentation

We the students of AMS do NOT Want to do a presentation nor present it because of public speaking fear and anxiety and our 7th-grade teacher, Lisa Schillaci is trying to force us to do it when we will do the work, we just don't want to have to stand up and be embarrassed in front of our peers and my survey states that 23/26 students want to sign the petition and not present, but instead, do a project and not present it and have our own private thing that other students can't laugh at or judge. P

Created: 2022-03-08 Statistics