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Somerton Ridge Needs An Estate Sign!

As neighbouring estates like Coomera Springs & Coomera Retreat have their own estate sign to demonstrate exclusively in their respected areas, we want to get a sign put up on the corner of Days Road & Nightjar Drive or the corner of Days Road & Bridie Drive to represent and tag the start of the beautiful estate of Somerton Ridge. This sign would go up and say "Somerton Ridge" so residents and visitors would know formerly of this exclusive top end estate in Upper Coomera and the North

Created: 2020-05-13

Time period All countries Australia
All time 75 75
2020 75 75

Voice of team regarding Merrylands Store Manager’s transfer

Respected Sir/ Madam, We, as a team of Woolworth's, Merrylands, are writing this to you to draw your attention towards our matter regarding our Store Manager. We respect the decision made by the authority, however, all the team members want to add few words about our Store Manager and if there is any possible hope to cease the transfer of our Store Manager. We would appreciate if we could work under the supervision of the current Store Manager as she has been very supportive and keen in encourag

Created: 2020-04-20

Time period All countries Australia
All time 70 69
2020 70 69

Agnes Water skatepark upgrade

Would you like the skatepark in Agnes Water QLD to be upgraded to a larger modern facility . With a pump track and a new skate park ? 

Created: 2020-01-30

Time period All countries Australia
All time 71 68
2020 71 68


DE-REGISTER THE AUSTRALIAN GREENS PARTYWe demand the Australian Greens Party be De-Registered. As a direct result of Far Leftwing Greens policies that have been supported by the Australian Labor party we have had the worst fires in Australia's history. Lives have been lost and Billions of dollars have been spent as a direct result of the Greens and its Far leftwing Supporters who protested against back burns which would have saved lives, not to mention Its links with communists and terrorist and

Created: 2020-01-08

Time period All countries Australia
All time 65 62
2020 65 62

STOP Zynga closing Star Wars: Commander

Please make Zynga reconsider their decision to shut down the game Star Wars: Commander Sign Now !  

Created: 2020-03-14

Time period All countries Australia
All time 1173 49
2020 1173 49

Give us back the Artemis legacy of bow hunting

Fellow bow hunters, sign the petition to make bow hunt in Greece legal again! Throughout the 5 millennium history of the ancient Greeks until now, bow and arrows have always been linked to the survival of humans. The ancient hunting tradition of archery and the sporting achievements of archers in ancient Olympia are our legacy from our ancestors. But today, archery is outlawed. Why? Who has the right to deprive us of our ancient customs and of our grandparents' heritage?Nowadays, the only legal

Created: 2019-12-27

Time period All countries Australia
All time 302 50
2020 136 47

Stop the national rollout of the cashless debit card for all welfare recipients

Let Jacqui Lambie and the LNP that if they vote for a national rollout of the cashless debit card for all Australian welfare recipients that you will no longer vote for them. It appears the aged pension will be included in this rollout. The card managers are expected to be the big four banks which should send shivers down your spine. INDUE the current managers have a list of approved senders they allow the card to be used for and if you need to make a payment to an entity not in their list you m

Created: 2020-02-01

Time period All countries Australia
All time 43 43
2020 43 43

Moreland Council don't use Covid19 to delay MITS parking restrictions

We petition Moreland Councillors at March 25, 2020 Special Council meeting not to use the Corona Virus crisis to delay indefinitely the rollout of parking restrictions in Moreland activity centres that are part of the Moreland Integrated Transport Strategy (MITS) implementation. The need to apply social distancing due to #COVID19 has anecdotally seen a major cycling increase in Coburg and Brunswick as public transport use has declined. (Note 1)  Parking restrictions are needed to continue to pr

Created: 2020-03-21

Time period All countries Australia
All time 41 41
2020 41 41

Have golf re-instated as a permitted activity during COVID-19

With golf only recently closed under COVID-19 government controls it is hard to understand why this drastic action was taken. No infections had been traced to a golf course and the rules that clubs put in place to ensure social distancing was maintained worked well. Members and social players took it seriously and everyone got some exercise in groups of 2 and improved their mental health. What I am asking is that the governments in Australia reverse their decision and allow golf to be permitted

Created: 2020-03-31

Time period All countries Australia
All time 37 37
2020 37 37

Allow Essential Maintenance of Golf Courses During Lockdown Period

MBIE have determined that golf course turf maintenance is not an essential service during the Covid-19 lockdown period. If critical parts of any golf course (namely putting greens) do not receive basic maintenance over the shutdown period, the task of restoring the greens to required standards/conditions may not be achievable or affordable for many golf clubs. The long term financial impacts for these clubs, and consequently for the many NZ’ers who enjoy the game, will be far reaching.   Please

Created: 2020-04-08

Time period All countries Australia
All time 3658 35
2020 3658 35