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Kobe Pants

Sign this petition if you would like kobe pants back as apart of uniform!!

Created: 2019-10-01

Time period All countries Canada
All time 94 94
2019 94 94

New skatepark for Ingersoll

 This petition is to show support and to prove that there is a legitimate need for a new skatepark here in the town of ingersoll. The undersigned truely belive that our community and surrounding could strongly benefit from a new park. The undersigned strongly agree that our community and surrounding will benefit from a new park. The new skatepark will be a free to use, safe, inclusive and family orientated for users of all ages. The park will be professionally constructed by a company sellected

Created: 2019-09-13

Time period All countries Canada
All time 92 92
2019 92 92


We urge all responsible authorities, decision makers as well as institutions in charge of the urban planning and the protection of heritage in Belgrade and Serbia to take urgent steps to stop the construction of the cable car that would connect the Belgrade Fortress and Ušće Park. The Belgrade Fortress is the key historic urban site for understanding the development of Belgrade and the presence of the various civilisations from Prehistoric times, and must be safeguarded as a whole. We believe t

Created: 2019-03-19

Time period All countries Canada
All time 16069 90
2019 2215 90

Petition by The residents of the County of Newell No 4 to stop amalgamation with the city of Brooks

The undersigned persons, being electors of the council of the County of Newell # 4 in  the province of Alberta hereby petition the council of the County of Newell # 4 to cease and desist any and all actions to amalgamate with neigboring municipalities. Almagamatiion may result in:  1. Higher taxes for County of Newell  residents.  2. Less representation,  City of Brooks agenda will be prioity over County.  3 Identy of county will be lost . It has been proven in other areas, almagamation with urb

Created: 2019-07-20

Time period All countries Canada
All time 86 85
2019 87 85

Hey friends!Thank you all so much for supporting our application. My hopes of reaching 68 were quickly exceeded and we made it to 81 in 24hrs. I’ll fill you all in tomorrow after a decision is made.

To bring you up to speed; I have met every legal requirement to date with both the Province of British Columbia and the City of Vernon and my application is headed to a council meeting on Monday March 25 @ 1:30 PM. Application #CRL00007 located at 102, 2500 53rd Ave.  I’m excited and so proud to get to this meeting, f#%^ that was a lot of paperwork! Unfortunately as a young woman in business I knew I’d be met with a challenge somewhere along the way.  Surprise surprise, it’s your typical bully. 

Created: 2019-03-23

Time period All countries Canada
All time 82 78
2019 81 78

Parking for General Amherst High School

I am petitioning the 2 hour parking limit at the back of general amherst at toddy jones park. Many students and teachers park there and classes go for 2.5 hours at least, so having a 2 hour parking limit makes it unfair for the students and teachers who are trying to learn and teach. 

Created: 2019-10-30

Time period All countries Canada
All time 76 75
2019 76 75

Smaller classes for grade K at CPP

To: Newfoundland & Labrador English School District Re: Petition for Additional Kindergarten Class at Coleys Point PrimaryDate: Sept 13, 2019 As stated on the Government of Newfoundland Department of Education website ( "There is a class size limit of 20 students for Kindergarten" in this province. As the Board is aware this is a hard cap with the understanding that it is in the best interest of both students and staff to have smaller classes to t

Created: 2019-09-12

Time period All countries Canada
All time 76 75
2019 76 75

Need 500 signatures and Daniel gets INSTAGRAM.

Hey everyone.    My buddy Daniel doesn't have instagram and he said if I get 500 people to sign a petition, he'll create an account.   He needs to be on Instagram. He's missing out on all my funny stories! (and yours, of course) LET'S GIV'ER

Created: 2019-09-14

Time period All countries Canada
All time 66 66
2019 66 66

To support a request for extending "Klondyke Park's Closing Day" to Sunday October 20, 2019 (6 Month Lots)

Hi Kari, I'd have preferred that this was not called a "petition' but rather just an online list of supporters to an idea! In any case, here are a few of the Klondyke Renters that would support the request I sent you this week. I thought it would be helpful for you to see how many people would benefit from and appreciate the extra 4 days. As a reminder my email request read... Wednesday Aug 28, 2019 Hi Kari,   It’s been a great summer… and we haven’t had to speak even once! LOL. I do now howev

Created: 2019-08-29

Time period All countries Canada
All time 67 66
2019 68 66


Petition for the preservation of the former Stalin monument area and its surroundings   Addressee:  Magistrát hlavního města Prahy, Mariánské náměstí 2/2, 110 01, Praha 1, CZ   Dear Sir/Madam, By means of this petition, we, the undersigned, request that the area around the former Stalin monument (also known as “Stalin Plaza”) and its surroundings in the Letenské Sady park in Prague 7, Czech Republic, retain their current purpose of use for free time activities, sports, music and cultural events

Created: 2019-09-23

Time period All countries Canada
All time 4950 79
2019 4957 65