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Establishing a Nazareth Community Garden

    As the team behind From The Ground Up once said within their own petition "community gardens transform neighborhoods and as the pandemic exacerbated long-standing racial and economic disparities, community gardeners mobilized to support their neighbors by increasing food production and distributing fresh fruits and vegetables to those in need. The pandemic attracted new attention to the benefits provided by community gardens, but these benefits are not new; community gardens have strengthen

Created: 2021-04-01 Statistics

Investigate 2020 Election Issues as fiercely as you did Russian issues in 2016!

We, the American voters, deserve an investigation into the voting irregularities, states' voting process changes, voting system malfunctions and election worker actions that have given rise at the grassroots level for concerns about the integrity of our elections. There is too much anecdotal evidence in many states relative to data mining for voters, ballot harvesting and physical poll worker tampering not to open a Congressional investigation.  These grassroots concerns give rise to this petiti

Created: 2021-02-22 Statistics

Snow day on 2/2/21

Snow Day tomorrow, 2/2/21. We haven't had a snow day all year!! SIGN THIS PLEASE!!!!

Created: 2021-02-01 Statistics

درخواست اعضای هیات علمی از وزیر بهداشت جهت متناسب‌سازی حقوق و مزایا با وظایف

 باسمه‌تعالی   جناب آقای دکتر نمکی، مقام عالی وزارت بهداشت، درمان و آموزش پزشکی با سلام و آرزوی توفیق روزافزون  احتراما ضمن اعلام حمایت قاطعانه از مواضع ارزشمند حضرتعالی در نامه شماره 100/269 مورخ 1400/2/28 در خصوص وجود تفاوت ماهوی غیرقابل انکار در شرح وظایف و محدودیت‌های اعضای هیئت علمی وزارت بهداشت، درمان و آموزش پزشکی و وزارت علوم، تحقیقات و فناوری و تاکید بر لزوم حفظ تفاوت بین دریافتی، همانگونه که استحضار دارید علیرغم اذعان مکرر مدیران محترم سازمان برنامه و بودجه به متفاوت بودن شرایط کاری در

Created: 2020-03-05 Statistics

Santa Clara Citizens in Support of Brian Doyle

Friendly, pro-49er Santa Clara councilmembers: Anthony Becker, Suds Jain, Kevin Park, and Raj Chahal have all called for a special city council meeting this Wednesday (Sept 1).  Their agenda involves voting and removing Santa Clara city attorney Brian Doyle from his job. The 49ers have already expressed dislike and their want for Doyle to be gone so the lawsuits the city has against them will go away. Doyle has done nothing but support the city's best interests, and fought against the 49ers lies

Created: 2021-08-31 Statistics

Support for Second Amendment Sanctuary Status for Piscataquis County

We, the undersigned residents of Piscataquis County, do hereby request that the elected Board of Commissioners of Piscataquis County pass a resolution declaring that they, as our elected representatives, do resolve and promise to protect the rights of all citizens in Piscataquis County as described in the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution and under the Constitution of the State of Maine, Article 1, Section 16, and that such a resolution, commonly referred to as a ‘Second Amendme

Created: 2021-06-10 Statistics

Petition for Tokyo Revengers to be published in English

This is a petition meant to show Kodansha how many people would like to see Ken Wakui's Tokyo Revengers series printed in English. The series has been able to be printed in French and Italian with slight changes to the covers, and we would love to be able to collect the manga as well. Please sign if you want to see this published!

Created: 2021-05-17 Statistics

Laity Against Locking Down in Indiana

We ask the Indiana Catholic Conference of Bishops (The Most Reverend Archbishop Charles Thompson, Archdiocese of Indianapolis; Bishop Kevin Rhodes, Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend; Bishop Timothy Doherty, Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana; Bishop Joseph Siegel, Diocese of Evansville; Bishop Robert McClory, Diocese of Gary) to resist closing our churches in the state should there be any new government-issued stay-at-home orders. Your Excellencies,We, your spiritual children, are writing to urge

Created: 2020-12-14 Statistics

Petition in Support of the Disbarment of Ashley Moody

 We, the undersigned, affix our names to this petition in support of the bar complaint filed by Florida resident Pamela Keith, against attorney Ashley Moody. We assert that we are over the age of 18, are residents of the State of Florida, and are in full agreement with the request that Attorney Moody be disciplined for conduct in violation of her oath of office and in abrogation of her responsibilities as an officer of the court, up to and including disbarment and permanent prohibition from the

Created: 2020-12-13 Statistics

Remove the Gunnison County School District Mask Mandate

This petition is to express and display a strong visual statement to the Gunnison County School District in regards to their mask mandate they are forcing on our children.  This is not to minimize teachings of bio-security, but to vocalize, fight and protect our children from the excessive mask use that can have negative health consequences in a variety of ways.  Such as misuse of the mask.   -Our children's hands touching their faces far more frequently due to the reajusting of mask placement w

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