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CAM (Communities Against Mining) is opposed to the proposed mining application by West Wits amongst the suburbs of Roodepoort and Soweto in Gauteng.

WHAT ARE THE IMPLICATIONS OF MINING IN YOUR SUBURB OR COMMUNITY? 1)      Global best practice demands that all mines should have an exclusion/safety zone of at least 500 meters, and if blasting is involved, not less than 1500 meters. None of the currently proposed mining projects in Roodepoort honour this global best practice. 2)       When operational these opencast proposals will cover your property in toxic dust containing silica, arsenic, uranium, lead, cadmium, iron, copper and other toxic

Created: 2018-08-05

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 388 366
2020 184 184

Ask Fortnite to add an African Server!

Fortnite has become a very popular game in the South African Gaming community and as much as we love the game, the 200+ ping to the European server can be testing at times. We believe the community is big enough for an African server and thus would greatly appreciate your support by signing this petition to raise awareness to Epic Games about how big this community really is and encourage them to get an African Server. 

Created: 2018-01-10

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 1030 761
2020 261 184

STOP the informal settlement, housing of criminals and drug lords in our National Heritage site - Strand Street Quarry

As local community residents and business owners, wanting to ensure our community is a safe place to live and develop business in the tourism sector, we are demanding  community / government and law enforcement leaders to take action against illegal settlement / crime and drug hub which have developed in the National Heritage status STRAND STREET quarry, next door to Strand Street Law Enforcement office, City of Cape Town. Informal illegal invasions, brutal assaults, murder, muggings, burglary,

Created: 2020-06-28

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 185 183
2020 185 183

Call to Action Jeffreysbay !!

As The Restaurant Collective Jeffreys Bay, We issue this call to action. We are  small business owners and community members of an iconic leisure tourist destination. We propose  within regulations set out by government. That we are given and guaranteed a  mandate that allows us to  set forth and operate our own set of business protocols that are safe and beneficial to all stake holders within our towns economy, that will safely stimulate one of the major employment sectors. This is in order to

Created: 2020-06-01

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 193 183
2020 184 183

Petition to Kempton Park City Planning

We, the residents of Kempton Park Extensions 2-4 and surrounding areas of Ward 16, are concerned at the number of building operations that have taken place in the suburb without approved building plans. We hereby request that the Kempton Park City Planning Building Inspectorate undertake urgent inspections throughout suburb in order to identify illegal buildings and serve notices accordingly.  We further request that said building inspectorate provide a schedule of these properties, indicating w

Created: 2020-01-17

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 182 180
2020 182 180

Stop electricity outages in ward 27 Benoni

We the residents of ward 27 in Ekurhuleni petition the Government of Ekurhuleni to implement proper maintenance systems to prevent the continious electricity outages in the ward experienced almost every day. The outages disrupts local businesses and households dramatically with a negative effect on the economy and private lives. We authorise Alderman Benno Robinson to give effect to this petition.

Created: 2020-08-15

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 178 177
2020 178 177

Dstv pay per channel

I believe it is our rights as consumers to choose what we want and ultimately pay for it. The current Dstv packages are like going to a grocery store and found your groceries already packed for you. It sound nice but when you get home you realise that you are either over supplied or under supplied. The fact is, you were not given a chance to choose what is important to you and only pay for what you want. In a manner that gives you a chance to save where you may wish to. I therefore ask you to jo

Created: 2016-06-13

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 379 373
2020 176 172

Kikuyu Infrastructure problems

Of recent this complex has had multiple issues including: 1. Low to no water pressure 2. Multiple power outages that last over 4 hours, due to the incapacity of the kikuyu infrastructure. 3. no clear and active communication from the estate management around any of these issues 4. some theft incidents 5. irregular charges from the prepaid utilities provider We ask that Balwin attends to these matters as a matter of urgency

Created: 2020-07-16

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 171 169
2020 170 169

Fix & Replace the streetlights in Ward 37!

We the residents of Ward 37, City of Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality, Petition the City of Ekurhuleni regarding our concerns with Non-functioning streetlights in Alberton & Germiston, which has been off for months. Streetlights issues has been a problem for many years, but has gotten worse since the fibre installations and large sections have now been off for months.  We Petition the following: 1. The outstanding streetlight reports be attended immediately 2. That the future streetlight

Created: 2020-02-12

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 169 167
2020 169 167

Social Injustices that transpire at George Randell High School.

This is a petition regarding incremental social injustices that transpire at George Randell High School. It's aim is to raise awareness amongst the public, parents, past and most importantly present pupils on what the school entails and attain the permanent end of these social injustices. We ask you to sign this petition to show the Department of Basic Education from the Eastern Cape the urgency of this matter. The social injustices that transpire at George Randell High School are as follows: ●R

Created: 2020-08-14

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 164 164
2020 164 164