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Satv Music Urgently Needs More Specific Music Albums To Keep My Could Have Been Sky EPG Music YouTube Video Collection Going

Dear Satv Music, Satv Music urgently needs more specific music albums in order to keep my COULD have been Sky EPG music YOUTUBE video collection going which a youtube uploader has been decent & kind enough to upload for me on a regular basis having already accepted that the Sky epg music will never return. From when I first got Sky digital back in 2003 until it finally ended at the beginning of 2018, I was a massive fan of the Sky EPG (Electronic Programme Guide) background music which play

Created: 2019-03-22

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 13 10
2019 13 10

Bring BTS to Glasgow and in general UK(United Kingdom) for a concert

ARMYS of BTS we all know what it's like to not be able to see or meet BTS. But we also can't see them in a concert so if you are like me and want BTS to come to Glasgow and other parts of the UK(United Kingdom) please sign this petitions to show BigHit Entertainment. That there are a lot of ARMYS in Glasgow to who would also love to see them live in person.   ARMY fighting!!

Created: 2017-01-19

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 55 53
2019 11 10

Stop the 16 March marches and Latvians revising history!

  Stop the 16th March marches in Riga, Latvia and Latvians revising history!   March 16 2019  The Longest Running Horror Show in Europe-   For the nineteenth year SS veterans and their supporters strut down an EU, NATO, OSCE capital with swastikas and SS Totenkoepfe!     AROUND 1000 TAKE PART IN 16 MARCH CENTRAL RIGA PARADE GLORIFYING LATVIA’S WARTIME NAZI WAFFEN SS;  DPA;  Haaretz;  Jerusaem Post;  Jüdisches Forum (video);;  Times of Israel See detail of the day at http://def

Created: 2012-01-21

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 6882 203
2019 39 10

Cancel School forever

this is a petition that we need people to sign in order for the government to ban school all together. We really really do not like school and we know others would also rather be doing better things than sitting in a shit hole for like 6 hours. 

Created: 2019-01-27

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 9 9
2019 9 9

Bring back Greggs Iced Buns

Brother and sisters the hour of need is upon us..... Greggs have stopped making and selling iced buns and pink donuts !! Before we light the pyres and defect to Sayers let's show the conglomerate pie maker who he's dealing with. What will they get rid of next - the bean and cheese slice ? The bacon and cheese wrap thing? Or god forbid the steak bake ! They've already bumped the Eccles cake into oblivion and the sausage and onion roll so nothing in sacred Please sign and let's get our fingers bac

Created: 2014-07-16

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 17 15
2019 10 9

Require Doctors to inform women of PTLS before a tubal ligation

We require Doctors to tell us on the consent form prior to sterilisation of the side effects that is affecting thousands of women. Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome: Iatrogenesis affects that create negative health conditions after a tubal ligation or female sterilization surgery. Can be hormonal and or physical in nature. Health changes both physical and hormonal can cause mental health to be affected, causing loss of sexual drive for the woman, memory loss, depression, anger and rage. Iatroge

Created: 2014-06-15

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 460 304
2019 11 9

Stop the Sale of Playing Fields at Epsom & Ewell High School

Epsom and Ewell High School are proposing to dispose of the south playing field to the South West of Scotts Farm Road between horton stream and Gadesden Road. The proceeds of the sale will fund development of the North field to accommodate 3 all weather football pitches, 2 Tennis Courts and changing facilities. This land has been identified by Epsom and Ewell Borough Council as a preferred Housing Development site for up to 100 homes. There is only one access road to this site if it were develop

Created: 2014-06-03

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 527 517
2019 9 9

Google to change the stray kids' member count from 'aT lEaSt 8' to '9' members!!!!!

Now listen here people and GoOgLe, who think that’s it's okay to just exclude lee Minho from being a member from stray kids after his elimination. Y’all are wRoNg. Lee Minho deserves the freaking world and now that he is BACK along WITH Felix, IT MAKES HIM A MEMBER OF STRAY KIDS TOO. SO THEREFORE GOOGLE AND PEOPLE WHO SEE THIS GET UR STANDARDS RIGHT AND PUT THE rIghT number of members. THEY DEBUTED AS NINE!!!!! Not eIgHt! Thank u, gOoGlE and PEOple. 

Created: 2019-06-16

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 12 8
2019 12 8

Help to get an appeal process for my chikdren

I had my 6 children removed by social services as they seem me and wife unfit parents dispite doing what was asked and through lack of support they offered There are so many flaws in there evidence and with there findings. Hopefully we can raise enough signatures to get it reopened so an appeal can go through

Created: 2019-06-01

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 8 8
2019 8 8

Axe Love Island!

In light of the recent axing of the Jeremy Kyle show we are asking for the axing of ‘love Island’ for similar (arguably worse) offenses.   as a show it exploits contestents by preying on their insecurities and has damaging effects for contestants and viewers alike. Jeremy Kyle show was axed today due to the overdose, possible suicide of former participant. Love Island has now had TWO of it’s former contestants commit suicide. This is proof of it’s shameless, demeaning treatment of it’s participa

Created: 2019-05-15

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 8 8
2019 8 8