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medical help to the people of the Jack Satter House

There are over 200 elderly citizens in this building six have died from COVID-19 all ready. 

Created: 2020-04-01

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2020 53 53

UCScout for SMUHSD Graduation Credit

The possibility of distance learning in the fall is real for SMUHSD students - let's ensure they get a robust, well-designed, high quality curriculum through UC - UCScout. Graded. College Transcripts. Taught by expert teachers skilled and trained in distance learning. Self-paced but with a completion deadline. We ask SMUHSD to approve UCScout courses for SMUHSD graduation credit at least for courses taken during 2019-2021. We want SMUHSD to consider funding UCScout On-Demand for all students at

Created: 2020-06-16

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2020 51 51

درخواست اصلاح تعرفه از روسای نظام پزشکی شهرستانها

بسمه تعالی رییس محترم نظام پزشکی شهرستان .... سلام علیکماوضاع جامعه پزشکی شدیدا بحرانی است! بحرانی! فاصله روزافزون تعرفه تعیبن شده خدمات سلامت با تعرفه واقعی منطبق با مبانی قانونی و اقتصاد سلامت به حدی زیاد شده که امکان اشتغال را از جامعه پزشکی و خصوصا جوانان در آغاز کار سلب نموده، آنچنانکه این دانش‌آموختگان، هر یک به فراخور امکانات خود، راهی برای فرار از این ورطه برگزیده‌اند. تعدادی عطای طبابت را به لقایش بخشیده و به گزینه تغییر شغل پرداخته یا به جد به آن می‌اندیشند. جمعی مهاجرت کرده و یا در صف

Created: 2020-07-18

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2020 833 50


On Monday May 16, 21 year old Tye Anders was terrorized by several cops at his home after he allegedly made a stop sign run. Instead of arresting him peacefully, the cops held him under gunpoint and arrested him viciously while his 90 year old grandmother fell onto Anders in order to protect him. The Anders family watched and screamed in horror as their family members were terrorized by police which resulted in Tye being taken away and charged with "evading arrest" as well, which is a blatant li

Created: 2020-06-01

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2020 93 50

Hold Elected Officials Accountable

I have written the following letter and send it to all of my elected officials. A number of people have asked for a way to add their signatures to it. Please add yours and it will be sent to Senators, Representatives and the President of the United States so that our voices may be heard. The letter is below:   To all duly elected officials, As a citizen of the United States of America and a member of what has been called the "Silent Majority", I write this so that my voice is no longer silent. I

Created: 2020-07-04

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2020 49 49


We the undersigned ask for the Board of Directors for the Ashford Homeowners Association to open the community pool immediately. All resident who enter the pool area assumes any and all liability.   Thank you,   The Residents of Ashford

Created: 2020-06-04

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2020 47 47

Support no new burn permits (no open burning) in Gallina Canyon, Deer Mesa, and Turley Mill, Taos County, until sufficient rainfall occurs.

Although some fire restrictions have been relaxed in Taos County, we are still in the midst of a multi-year drought and the forest remains very dry.  This petition asks Taos County and the Fire Marshall to stop issuing burn permits to residents in the Gallina Canyon, Deer Mesa, Turkey Springs, and Turley Mill areas until sufficient rainfull has fallen and greatly reduced the fire danger. 

Created: 2020-08-03

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2020 46 46

Home owners request for special HOA meeting

The home owners of the Avery Point neighborhood located in Anna, Texas want a special meeting of the HOA to discuss the lack of attention to the common areas and the use of HOA fees. Additionally we want to discuss the opening of the pool area. Also we would like to say that the  enforcing of  the HOA guidelines are in adequate and poorly managed 

Created: 2020-06-02

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2020 46 46

Petición para que reabra El Chalet de Aguadilla

Mientras otros negocios de cigarros y bebidas en el área metropolitana han recibido el permiso expreso para su reapertura, muchos negocios similares fuera del centro metropolitano están imposibilitados de hacerlo.Entendemos que no puede existir favoritismo ni concesiones especiales para unos negocios y que otros tengan que permanecer al margen por decisiones arbitrarias del gobierno.Entendemos que, tomadas las debidas precauciones y siguiendo lo estipulado en cuanto a la seguridad en este period

Created: 2020-05-27

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2020 119 45


To UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, The people of Great Britain and the wider world urge you to forge an alliance between the Anglosphere countries - the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand - with the intent to hold China accountable for their multiple crimes against people and animals. It has become clear that China's actions pose a very real threat to civilisation and democracy. It is essential that the Anglosphere unites to make it clear to China that their behaviour is unacceptable. 

Created: 2020-05-22

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2020 314 44