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PETITION FOR WOMEN'S RIGHTS IN LEBANON PRESENTED BY THE THIRD VOICE FOR LEBANON (LEBANESE SOCIAL AND POLITICAL POLICY AND THINK-TANK GROUP) LAWS AND PRACTICES: Lebanon adheres to the United Nations Charter that states that all men are free and equal and have equal rights with no discrimination between men and women. Despite its adherence to the Charter of the United Nations and the signing of international treaties, there is still much discrimination against women b

Created: 2011-11-05

Time period All countries United States
All time 1275 528

Petition to continue the processing of LSI papers and Travel Authority

We, the LSI’s in Cebu City, raise our petition to continue the processing of our Travel Authority (TA’s) and other LSI papers.    The Department of Interior and Local Government recently suspended the operation of the Balik Probinsya Program leaving our fellow Leyteños helpless, jobless and financially challenged.   Some of us doesn’t have work already due to the community quarantine protocols and some are just visiting Cebu stuck since March 16, 2020.   We understand that the local officials r

Created: 2020-06-25

Time period All countries Philippines
All time 11 11

Ask Fortnite to add an African Server!

Fortnite has become a very popular game in the South African Gaming community and as much as we love the game, the 200+ ping to the European server can be testing at times. We believe the community is big enough for an African server and thus would greatly appreciate your support by signing this petition to raise awareness to Epic Games about how big this community really is and encourage them to get an African Server. 

Created: 2018-01-10

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 1014 751

We demand that St Martin-in-the-Fields reverse outrageous decision to cast out loyal musicians

For 30 years our orchestras and choirs have brought joy to thousands of people and raised millions of pounds to support the work of St Martin-in-the-Fields and the homeless. Now in the midst of a global pandemic with no consultation we have been informed by email that our concerts will end and concerts will be in-house only. We have effectively been summarily dismissed. We call on people of all faiths and none to support our call for St Martin-in-the-Fields to immediately stop, reflect and rever

Created: 2020-07-09

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 677 616

Arrest Justin Trudeau and Liberal MPs for TREASON immediately.

  Justin Trudeau, with the Liberal government, has conspired with known terrorist and former Nazi collaborator George Soros to sell Canada's Syrian migrant policy to 13 undisclosed countries. Soros's (Open Society Foundation) role on the world stage is: fund regime change and/or destabilize nations, fund terrorism and import unvetted Islamic economic migrants infiltrated by radical Islamic terrorists under the false pretense of "refugee".  Trudeau and Soros have just increased migrant entry from

Created: 2017-02-10

Time period All countries Canada
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درخواست برگذاری امتحانات به صورت مجازی

سرکار خانم دکتر چنگیز ریاست محترم دانشگاه علوم پزشکی اصفهان جناب آقای دکتر صبری معاونت محترم آموزشی دانشگاه علوم پزشکی اصفهان   با سلام و اهدای تحیات   احتراما به استحضار می رساند ما دانشجویان دانشکده دندانپزشکی دانشگاه علوم پزشکی اصفهان، بنا به دلایل زیر خواهان برگزاری امتحانات دانشجویان بالینی این دانشکده به صورت مجازی در صورت خواست دانشجویان به اختیار می باشیم شدت گرفتن شیوع ویروس کرونا و قرار گرفتن اصفهان در وضعیت هشدار تراکم بالای جمعیتی در هر نوبت امتحانات (حدود 350 نفر) تجمع قبل و بع

Created: 2020-07-08

Time period All countries Iran
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In the comment section, please specify if you are a 1. A Burt Township Taxpayer/Registered Voter or 2. A Resident/General Supporter.   If you have already signed a paper petition, please do not participate here   PETITION FOR BURT TOWNSHIP BOARD TO NOT PERMIT THE 2020 GRAND MARAIS MUSIC & ARTS FESTIVAL. THE COVID-19 VIRUS IS NOT A POLITICAL ISSUE, IT IS A PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUE. TOO OFTEN PEOPLE VISITING GRAND MARAIS, AS WELL AS MANY LOCAL RESIDENTS, ARE NOT FOLLOWING MICHIGAN'S COVID

Created: 2020-07-10

Time period All countries United States
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since indian citizens demand a CBI investigation regarding sushant singh case and many of the responsible authorities choose to ignore requests of the people , a petition is the answer , instead of the repeated trends carried on by indian youth for several days signing the petition will actually work as a powerful tool in persuading the govt to must take action sooner

Created: 2020-07-08

Time period All countries India
All time 39 31


When did you humans become so inhuman so as to beat, burn, or harm innocent creatures just for the sake of amusement.In the past five years, 19,000+ cases of animal cruelty have been recorded without a single arrest and this is just about Mumbai. Section 11 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Acts states that a person who will cause any unnecessary suffering or pain to any street animal is liable to pay a maximum of just Rs.50.Animals have the right to live peacefully and do not deserve the

Created: 2020-07-09

Time period All countries India
All time 68 67

Demand for an official exam schedule and assurance that SOP’s will be followed.

Batch 2015-2020,(MBBS) of Karachi medical and dental college (Pakistan), request authorities to give out guidelines of how the SOP’s will be followed to ensure safety of student. During the conduction of exam, a mass consisting of 1500 student and 50 faculty members will come in close contact with each other. Many amongst these will might be COVID positive and asymptomatic. Moreover exams will be conducted in a hospital (Abassi shaheed hospital) which is a red zone in terms of the pandemic and i

Created: 2020-07-10

Time period All countries Pakistan
All time 306 303