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Stop housing developments - Green Belt, Walton on Thames, Surrey

We are strongly opposed to any plans for housing development on Green Belt land in Walton.  The Drake Park application was UNANIMOUSLY refused by 19 committee members at Elmbridge Council.  That decision should be respected and upheld in the case of Drake Park and any similar application.  Walton is already overpopulated and our Green Belt must be preserved. The developer has issued an Appeal for Drake Park. Our battle therefore continues against this and any future ill-conceived developments. N

Created: 2017-04-17

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 396 389
2017 393 385

Save Belfast Intensive Support Service

Belfast IFSS is a 3 year pilot scheme which began in April 2014 and is due to conclude on 31st March 2017 unless funding is secured from Stormont.  Due to the collapse of Stormont before budgets were agreed, no decision was made to extend this service, therefore leaving a significant number of families without the much needed support of the Belfast Intensive Family Support, and over 40 jobs lost.  The Belfast IFSS pilot is aimed at improving the life outcomes of families who are experiencing dif

Created: 2017-02-27

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 390 349
2017 390 349

نامه اعتراض جمعى از اعضاى هيات علمى دندانپزشكى به كتاب ملى

  معاونت محترم آموزش پزشكى وزارت بهداشت جناب آقاى دكتر باقر لاريجانى احتراما، نظر به نامه شماره ٥٠٠/٤٤١ در رابطه با نظرسنجى از استادان و دانشجويان در مورد كتب ملى دندانپزشكى، ابتدا جاى بسى تقدير و خشنوديست كه حضرتعالى در باب چنين مسئله مهمى تصميم به نظرسنجى گرفته ايد و در اين خصوص نه تنها اعضاى محترم هيئت علمى، بلكه جامعه هدف مورد آموزش يعنى دانشجويان و به عبارتى نيروى جوان و مستعد آينده را نيز در اين نظرسنجى دخيل دانسته ايد. با توجه به تعطيلى كلاسهاى درس در اين ايام و عدم دسترسى به دانشجويان، د

Created: 2017-07-28

Time period All countries Iran
All time 388 379
2017 388 379


We demand that the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) shall open their eyes NOW! (Please use the proper language when you write comments) We demand that the FSA would review its procedures and stop the wrongful conduct on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Right now the Swedish company Fingerprint Cards (and others) is under attack by external organizations on the stock exchange, by illegal means. We demand that FAS take responsibility and get the necessary resources (internationally and

Created: 2016-10-21

Time period All countries Sweden
All time 2221 1800
2017 383 276

Melanoma awareness Ireland are petitioning for an outright ban on sunbed use.

Sunbeds are UV-emitting tanning devices and are classified “carcinogenic to humans” Let's follow the lead of Australia and try to pull the plug on sunbed use in Ireland.  Please sign the petition Thank you for your support. For more information, you can visit      

Created: 2016-12-31

Time period All countries Ireland
All time 418 323
2017 380 287

Upgrade of R101 Old Johannesburg Road

Upgrade of R101 Old Johannesburg road.   Since 2011 attempts have been made to Province to maintain the R101 (Old Johannesburg road). The area of focus is from the on-ramp in the South all the way down to Thaba Tshwane, where you will find very dangerous conditions for both motorists and pedestrians. If Province ignores our attempts much longer it will only result in many more costs, injuries and possible death and we, as the undersigned, urgently request that Government please investigate our p

Created: 2017-03-22

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 376 371
2017 376 371

Save Dachstein jib line

Dear Planai Hochwurzen bergbahnen.This petition asks you to save at least the rail line from the Superpark Dachstein. This rail line has only 5 rails and it has always been the most ridden part of the Park in every conditions.It is obvious that for building one rail line it is not needed to push so big amount of snow like it has been now while building the whole snowpark (kicker line, beginner park, medium park). It would be also enough to have two persons able to drive the machine and shape. In

Created: 2017-08-03

Time period All countries Austria
All time 382 147
2017 375 141

STOP BILL 89 - Supporting Children, Youth and Families Act, 2016.

Bill 89 – Another Attack on the Family by the Province of Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne of Ontario mounted her high horse again to further impose her ideological views on innocent children by way of recently introduced Bill 89, Bill 89 affirms Ms. Wynne’s belief that children belong to the State, not to their parents. During her term of office, she has done everything in her power to separate the children from their natural family. Premier Wynne previously forced children to submit to her per

Created: 2017-01-30

Time period All countries Canada
All time 414 394
2017 373 358

STOP criminals from getting bail....Until sentenced!

We want to STOP criminals getting bail until sentenced! These criminals are not being punished for their acts of crime. They are let out on bail and keep re-offending. We don't want these criminals let back onto our streets - Keep them where they belong - behind bars until they are charged or sentenced. They know how to work the system. They know when they commit a crime they can apply for bail and the majority of them get it. It's not right. These criminals need to see a change in the system to

Created: 2017-02-01

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 368 365
2017 368 365

Manchester United FC Erect a statue in honour of Jimmy Murphy

Without Jimmy Murphy and his efforts to keep the club going after the Munich Air disaster there would be no Manchester United today. We the undersigned believe that although no recognition has been sought, it should be forthcoming regardless in the form of a permanent statue at Old Trafford.

Created: 2017-02-07

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 367 288
2017 367 288

Petition in favor of American Dream Miami Shopping, Dining, Cultural and Family Entertainment Center

We ask people living in South Florida (especially Miami Dade County residents) to please electronically sign attached petition, indicating you support American Dream.  --------------------------------------------- PETITION IN THE STRONG SUPPORT OF THE AMERICAN DREAM PROJECT I live in Florida.I live in the vicinity of American Dream economic development project. See American Dream rendering above.My full name, address, e mail is listed on this petitionI am well briefed on the details and how bea

Created: 2017-02-27

Time period All countries United States
All time 448 442
2017 362 358