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#standupforallnurses- For Finnish and Swedish scroll down. 👇ENGLISHSince the outbreak of COVID-19, the health care staff of the world have been working around the clock. They've sacrificed time and risked their safety every day to see to the needs of those inflicted. During this past month, we've hopefully begin appreciating their significance.It's time to make headlines! It's time we gave back to all health care professionals within all sectors, public as well as private! It's time to show them

Created: 2020-03-29

Time period All countries Finland
All time 5 4

No Indian Medical Visa to Pakistan & Bangladesh unless they stop persecution on their religious minorities.

To  The Honourable Prime Minister & Foreign Minister  Govt of India  Sir(s), India has been showing too much generosity to her neighbours despite their constant hostility. In their turn, tortures like forced conversion, rapes, murders, evictions etc of minorities especially Hindus population are regular incidents in these three countries. Indian government has thus tried to extend her citizenship facility to accommodate these persecuted communities from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan..

Created: 2020-03-29

Time period All countries India
All time 7 6

462/417 working holiday visa type request frozen expiry date due to COVID-19

We sincerely request to frozen 462/417 working holiday visa expiry date because we are unable to depart the border in time due to less flights while change to other visa type (limited visa type can be apply) cost a lot especially when a majority of Australians lost their jobs. Currently there's no vaccine for COVID-19 and many working holiday visa holders get stuck in Australia. We want to obey restriction rules from what Prime Minister Mr.Morrison announced which is to stay at home and self-qua

Created: 2020-03-29

Time period All countries Australia
All time 194 181

Make Sanitary Shields or Face Masks Mandatory for All Food Handlers!

Authors of this petition thank the owner/s of this picture which is shown for the purpose of illustrating the intent of this message. Authors declare that they have no personal nor financial interest in this item nor any item/s linked to the petition message below. This petition is to appeal to the National Environment Agency backed by support from the Ministry of Health to consider making it mandatory for all food handlers to wear Sanitary Shields, Face Masks or any other devices that can reduc

Created: 2020-03-29

Time period All countries Singapore
All time 28 28

We want lila back

Pls support us too bring back lila😗 .♥️💙💛🧡💚💜💝💟💤💤💤💤 -If ur lila friend pls sign the petition -we want to know who who wants Lila back - she gone for small reasons - she is not in soical media cuz of some reasons - If u want here back pls kindly sing this petition 😗

Created: 2020-03-29

Time period All countries India
All time 10 8


The moderator revolution is coming. THE MODS are tired of slaving away. First a fifteen hour stream with no reward, and now a twenty-four. The dictator doesn't know when to stop. What next? A week stream? A year? We must stop Jana before it's too late. First, she takes away our jvnaWaves to restrict freedom of speech. Then the jvnaHmms to keep all questioning down to a low. This dictator needs to go down. JOIN THE JVCKNET REVOLUTION STOP THE BERATION FIGHT FOR JVCKNET We must come together as JV

Created: 2020-03-28

Time period All countries United States
All time 19 14

#No to China Product#all online shopping e com companies to flag manufacturing Cos HO Country name on product displayed

Respected Elders, Dear Friends , Brothers & Sisters, China feels ashamed if COVID19 is addressed as China Virus. It's like father himslef insisting not to put his name as father in child's parental information !  China has all the audocity to put the COVID19 discussion on hold in the world forum & they want to discuss about Article 370 & Kashmir. It's not because of love on Pakistan it's because they want to build road. Removal of 370 has become a show stopper for them. They also men

Created: 2020-03-28

Time period All countries India
All time 29 27

Dog Area Sierra Verde

Hi all! We have so many wonderful children's parks, and open grassy areas. This petition is to create a fenced in dog space designated for dogs in one of the grassy areas in Sierra Verde. 

Created: 2020-03-28

Time period All countries United States
All time 5 5

Save 'The Mid' (Tonypandy) for Community Use NOT Housing Development.

We, the undersigned, believe the Mid Rhondda Athletic Field, known locally as 'the Track' should be preserved and utilised for use by our local community. This is an iconic site that has played a central role in Tonypandy and the Rhondda's history. It was gifted to the local authority back in 1931 with strict covenants in place to ensure it could only ever be used for educational purposes. There are already enough housing developments in the immediate area and we believe that the destruction of

Created: 2020-03-28

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 45 44

Give Norwegian equal treatment as other airlines in distributing Covid19 aid

We now see time and time again how the Nordic countries governments either change or set stricter terms for Norwegian in relation to other airlines. Norwegian has the same right to aid as the others. Now the various authorities in Sweden, Denmark and Norway are changing the rules of the game with a pretext that Norwegian has put itself in its own crisis. The Corona crisis is extraordinary and no companies are exempt from this crisis. Norway is the leading company with focus on environmentally fr

Created: 2020-03-28

Time period All countries Spain
All time 1335 344