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As athletes and sports enthusiasts who love winning, it is our opinion that gold mining makes too many people lose their livelihoods. Gold miners are forced to deal with distressing conditions, violence, disease and exploitation.   Many people believe that slavery in goldmines is on the way out. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. The miners who extract gold for Olympic medals, amongst other things, deliver a top performance with hardly any reward. The gold industry is one of

Created: 2015-04-30

Time period All countries Netherlands
All time 1064 1039
2015 1046 1025

Save Bray Summerfest

Councillor Steven Mathews proposed the amendments to the Seafront Usage Policy and this proposal was seconded by Councillor Joe Behanòn Monday 23rd March ( Votes by councillors shown below). Bray summerfest Committee had to make the decion of cancelling the Bray Summerfest going forward. Please sign our petition to show the council members, whom we voted in, that they made the wrong decision on behalf of the Majority of Bray residents.    Councillor John Brady YesCouncillor Joe Behan -YesCouncil

Created: 2015-04-25

Time period All countries Ireland
All time 1035 985
2015 1033 983

Investigate racist attacks as acts of terrorism

In recent years, the recurring attacks on refugee shelters, as well as EU migrants and immigrants to Sweden, have escalated. These attacks take the form of threats, beatings, racist graffiti, vandalism and arson. In 2014, one person died in Högdalen after one of many arson attacks on migrant camps. Three people were killed in 2015 after a person armed himself with swords and attacked "foreign looking" people at the Kronan school of Trollhättan. During 2015 the amount of attacks on active as well

Created: 2015-12-21

Time period All countries Sweden
All time 2220 2160
2015 1029 1009

Adequate remuneration for Physiotherapists in South Africa

Physiotherapists in South Africa have been discriminated against in terms of representativity, career pathing, remuneration and employment opportunities. There has been undisclosed cold war against the profession. The relevance of the profession is actively mitigated against every single day. Weekend services rendered are not being remunerated appropriately, remuneration at exit level for physiotherapists in government institutions/ hospitals is equivalent to income at entry level for profession

Created: 2015-05-26

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 1012 1004
2015 1003 995

Petition against the legislation in KZN

 we(mandie and tim surman started this petition with the help of Henk Bosch as we feel that the new propose legislation is seriously flawed.  We (everyone from the exotic pet trade and hobby across the world) are calling out for change in the draft and for sanity to prevail.     The legislation : all exotic mammals, reptiles and amphibians and invertebrates WILL require permits. Mammals that are exempted are domesticated rats and mice (lab animals) and under insects the ho

Created: 2015-01-18

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 1002 981
2015 1000 979

Protect the Elham Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

An unused grassed campsite next to the old Palm Tree public house in the Elham Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) has been given permission by Shepway District Council to become a 45 pitch campsite where caravans can stay put for 11 months of the year. We believe that most local people are unaware of the situation and are therefore calling on Shepway District Council to hold a public meeting explaining:   why Shepway gave the go ahead for this site extending it from a short term to

Created: 2015-04-28

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 1007 987
2015 983 964

Páll Jóhann Pálsson - segðu af þér!

,,Varðandi mig og hagsmunatengslin, ég hef bara talið mig vera fulltrúa útgerðarinnar hérna og hef ekkert farið leynt með það.“ Þessi orð lét Páll Jóhann Pálsson, þingmaður Framsóknarflokksins falla í byrjun júlí 2013 á Alþingi. Þetta er algerlega andstætt því sem Íslendingar eiga að venjast, þ.e. að þingmenn séu EKKI fulltrúar almannahagsmuna og almennings. Hér segir Páll það berum orðum að hann sé fulltrúi sérhagsmuna á Alþingi Íslands. Nái nýtt frumvarp um úthlutun á veiðiheimildum á makríl

Created: 2015-04-26

Time period All countries Iceland
All time 974 900
2015 974 900

Petition requiring amnesty for a victim of human trafficking

Dear all,   We are inviting you to support the petition requiring amnesty for a woman, victim of human trafficking, sentenced to imprisonment of 18 years. Milica is currently serving this severe prison sentence – she has been in prison for 4.5 years now, deprived of the possibility to raise her 8-year old daughter and live together with her family. Milica Sokolović was identified as the victim of trafficking in 2012. During the period of 11 years – from 1995 until 2006, Milica was exposed to bru

Created: 2015-09-08

Time period All countries Serbia
All time 1082 875
2015 967 781

East Rand Child Welfare

Government is underfunding East Rand Child Welfare by 60% and is expecting other organisations to provide this funding on their behalf. Government has an obligation under the Constitution and the Childrens Act to ensure that all children are taken care of, but they are failing in their duty by not providing the vital funding neccessary to care for these children.  

Created: 2015-03-20

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 958 950
2015 954 946

Protest Against Crippling Cuts to the Roskilde University Philosophy Department

On Wednesday the 25th of March, Roskilde University decided to fire scientific staff on three institutes to offset a sudden budget deficit caused by the government's recent reforms. One of the departments most affected by these measures is the Section for Philosophy and Science Studies, where three positions are being abolished while a planned assistant professorship in philosophy of technology has been cancelled. The cuts amount to 33% of the department. We students fear that this is only the b

Created: 2015-03-26

Time period All countries Denmark
All time 944 890
2015 943 889

Áskorun vegna læknadeilu

Hér með skorum við, undirrituð, á stjórnvöld, að leysa læknadeiluna strax. Almenningur er hræddur. Hann sér fyrir sér læknalaust land. Ástæður þess að læknar flýja land, eða hætta, eru augljósar. Þar er eðlilega um að ræða lág laun, órtúlegt vinnuálag- auk þess svo því að þurfa að starfa í heilsuspillandi vinnuumhverfi. - Það er kaldhæðnislegt að Tómas; hjartalæknirinn, sem við dásömum nú öll, réttilega, skuli hafa sína vinnuaðstöðu í skúr á lóð Landspítalans, til að halda heilsu. BREGÐIST VIÐ S

Created: 2015-01-04

Time period All countries Iceland
All time 941 902
2015 941 902