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THIS PETITION HAS BEEN STARTED SO THAT SOUTH HAMS DISTRICT COUNCIL, HOUSING DEVELOPERS, LANDOWNERS AND THEIR AGENTS RECOGNISE THAT THE LOCAL COMMUNITY HAS HAD ENOUGH OF GREED AND A LACK OF TRANSPARENCY WHEN PLANNING NEW DEVELOPMENT. We, the residents of Kingsbridge, wish to see new development that truly reflects what the community of Kingsbridge wants, and is delivered to reflect our aspirations  - not profits over community! There are three main areas we want a commitment to, in any new planni

Created: 2012-07-06

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 142 137
2012 142 137

No Sanction No War on Iranian people: Canadian inhumane position

Prime Minister of Canada: Hon. Stephen HarperPremier of Ontario: Hon. Dalton McGuinty   Jan 29 - 2012 Dear Prime Minsiter Harper and Premier McGuinty, WE THE UNDERSIGNED hereby Petition are against of the unjustified and inhumane position of Government of Canada for applying sanctions, hawkish attitude and action that directly harms Iranian people in Iran, Canada and around the world. These sanctions will only put undue pressure on Iranian people inside Iran whom are already under sanctions sinc

Created: 2012-01-29

Time period All countries Canada
All time 149 109
2012 142 108

Save Maize German Program

On January 13th, 2012, Maize High German students learned that the school decided to phase out the high school's program, which happens to be the only German program in the district. So the question becomes, "why should we save the German program?" Here are a few reasons why: German opens up great business opportunities. Germany has the largest and most stable economy in the world. German would only help in the business world. It looks good on an application. Most people take Spanish because it

Created: 2012-01-14

Time period All countries United States
All time 142 142
2012 142 142

Petition for Preservation of Bahamian Culture on West Bay Street

We as concerned residents living in the Cable Beach community oppose plans to construct any kind of commercial complex which includes fast food or  drive-through restaurants  east of the entrance to the Westridge Shopping Centre on West Bay Street. We want to avoid at all costs, unnecessary traffic, noise, drive-through speakers, gas fumes, amplified radios, commercial garbage, kitchen exhaust, rodents, noise pollution and unwanted food smells.  We hereby request assurance from town planning tha

Created: 2012-05-20

Time period All countries Bahamas
All time 137 129
2012 137 129

Support Israels Human Right of Self Defense.

  Target: David Cameron Prime Minister of Great Britain Recently we have seen an upsurge in attacks against Israel in the form of car bombs, rockets attacks & barbaric murders against Israeli citizens by radical bandits. Rocket attacks from sites within Gaza are more frequent & innocent civilians are being killed and maimed as these rockets explode in neighbourhoods, destroying houses & even schools. Schools themselves in Israel are being targeted by Hamas terrorists in bomb att

Created: 2012-04-19

Time period All countries United States
All time 136 70
2012 136 70

Justice for Jessica Williams

Revocation of bail for Douglas Oliver and Deborah Perkins in the case of concealment of death.  The reasons for revocations are that  another death occurred that they were directly involed in on their premises and drugs were involved which is cause of revocation of bail.  We the undersigned view the pair as a grave danger to society and wish to see this carried out immediately.

Created: 2012-10-23

Time period All countries United States
All time 168 166
2012 134 133

За авиовръзка София - Будапеща / For Sofia - Budapest air link

От 9 октомври 2012 г. Wizzair прекрати полетите между София и Будапеща. С това решение на унгарския  превозвач се премахва единствената съществуваща удобна връзка между двете европейски столици. Будапеща е привлекателен център както за туристи, така и за делови пътници, а българската икономика е стабилна и привлича инвестиции, в т.ч. и от Унгария, например на унгарската OTP за покупката на Банка ДСК.  В двете столици действат културни центрове, които насърчават туризма и културния обмен. В Унгар

Created: 2012-10-02

Time period All countries Bulgaria
All time 171 89
2012 134 62


Fellow Africans, No woman deserves to be abused, be it physically, verbally, or in any other form. Let us take a stand and unite against the abuse of women broadcasted on this international television show. The most recent incident took place on 12 May 2012, when Babalwa 'Barbz' Mneno of SA suffered an attack of verbal abuse from celebrity housemate Prezzo of Kenya. There have been previous incidents of abuse in the Big Brother Africa house, dating back to season 2 of Big Brother Africa in which

Created: 2012-05-13

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 134 121
2012 134 121

Stokey Local

StokeyLocal: No to Sainsbury's Supermarket in N16 NOTE: This is the online version of the petition started in Hamdy's News Ltd. and now in 20+ other local businesses.  If you have already signed the paper version, your signature will be added to those collected here. There's no need to sign it in both places. We'd love you to drop into one of the local shops to express your support, but we know Stokey is loved far and wide, and people come here to enjoy the unique atmosphere and local shops. Do

Created: 2011-07-04

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 1002 922
2012 134 119

Rhode Island Introduces Statewide BSL Measure BSL IS BULLSHIT

Rhode Island Introduces Statewide BSL Measure (Thursday, February 07, 2013) Two bills have been introduced in Rhode Island that would  regulate all “pit bulls” (or dogs believed to be “pit bulls”) and impose  numerous requirements on the owners. The  bill would also require every kennel, veterinary office, and commercial  breeder, among others, to post a sign notifying people of the new law and  providing contact information for someone to report a dog owner who is not in  compliance. AKC strong

Created: 2012-09-16

Time period All countries United States
All time 138 86
2012 131 83

Declaration of the 25th Conference of Social Firms Europe

Social Firms and Social Enterprises set all their hope on Europe Suceava, Romania 20th - 22nd September 2012 The participants of the 25th Conference of European Social Firms CEFEC from Austria, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine and the United Kingdom are formulating this declaration and appeal to the EU:Over the last 25 years national organizations and experts have been networking to define stan

Created: 2012-11-06

Time period All countries Romania
All time 130 73
2012 130 73