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Justice for Gaynor Fundira

We should all support Gaynor so that she is treated like any human being in the world. Everyone has a mental breakdown at one point but it does not mean that they can not live a normal life. She does not need to be sectioned for standing up for her rights. Gaynor allegedly found her husband cheating in their matrimonial home, if she was mentally disturbed she would have viciously attacked both her husband and the alleged mistress. Please sign this petition so that she is released back home and s

Created: 2014-06-03

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 770 435
2014 768 435

Army Rebasing at Larkhill South of The Packway

I want to lobby my MP Claire Perry, the leader of Wiltshire Council Jane Scott, the Defence InfrastructureOrganisation and the World Heritage Organisation. Please listen to the peopleand reconsider the decision NOT TO BUILD SOUTH OF THE PACKWAY. Soldiersand families must come first. Sustainable houses in the right location next tothe shops and welfare services is a must.

Created: 2014-02-28

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 762 762
2014 762 762


We the undersigned, hereby declare, that the 26,000 citizens on the West side deserve a VOICE! On February 5, 2014, the City Manager presented results of a study to the City Council.  They received survey feedback from 2300 out of 26,000 residents on the West side district, and recommended that the results of the survey would not substantiate a measure on the November ballot. The City Council in turn, voted NOT to maintain our parks at their current level, based on the survey results, stating t

Created: 2014-02-10

Time period All countries United States
All time 754 752
2014 753 751

Let Mia Flood go back to school

Mia Flood is a redcar school girl who recently shaved her hair off for teenage cancer sufferers, she sent her hair to the little princesses trust who make wigs for cancer patients going through chemotherapy, unfortunately to our disgust her school Redcar Academy have told her due to her 'extreme hairstyle' she is not allowed to be in school until she buys a wig.

Created: 2014-01-19

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 750 733
2014 750 733

Search for our Sailors

Four Britons have been reported missing in the mid-Atlantic Ocean while sailing a yacht back to the UK from a regatta. They lost contact in the early hours of Friday 14th May. The search has already been halted, which is far too early as there is a chance they can be in a life raft. Please sign this petition, spread the word and build pressure to have this search put back on and find our sailors.

Created: 2014-05-18

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 749 651
2014 749 651

ISD #728 Administration

Asking the school board members, school administrators and Dr. Mark Bezek to table the delimiter proposal for a year until more questions can be answered.

Created: 2014-01-08

Time period All countries United States
All time 735 732
2014 734 731


My Dad, Mitch, has been in the media recently; highlighting the devastating consequences of bullying in the work place. No person should be driven so far that they climb a building and want to jump as the only way out of an abusive, humiliating, intimidating bullying trap. We are so thankful he came down safely.   Please sign our petition to shine a very bright light on the dark corners of bullying in the work place and help us to ensure that bullies don't continue to prosper.

Created: 2014-01-13

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 729 684
2014 729 684

Australia Day Bill of Rights Run Petition

This petition is for a Bill of Rights for the whole of Australia and its citizens. We will be using the Bill of Rights supplied to us by Mark Aldridge - independent candidate for Wakefield, South Australia.

Created: 2013-12-09

Time period All countries Australia
All time 1809 1788
2014 727 718

Hartlepool needs a hospital

Saving hartlepool's hospital for for all of us. There is over 100.000 people in hartlepool and we cannot afford to lose our hospital, knocking down the hospital to build more homes makes no sense. I would be very greatful if you would take the time to sign this petition. It's in all our best interests that we keep the hospital open and re-open A&E, think about all the people that depend on this place. What about all the people who cannot make it out of town for whatever the reason? Do we hav

Created: 2014-05-25

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 725 715
2014 725 715

The V4 states were instructed to mutually acknowledge qualifications of graduate students.

      The V4 states were instructed to mutually acknowledge qualifications of graduate students.       There are still serious problems in the free flow of workers, which is one of the European Union’s most basic values, since the principle of the reciprocal acknowledgement of diplomas and certificates is not universally applied in the member states.       The Visegrád Four, with their Christian roots, are connected with an immense historical past, which should continue to be nurtured.       Wha

Created: 2014-09-28

Time period All countries Hungary
All time 740 332
2014 722 325

Acknowledgement for Babies born before 24 weeks

I am fighting for the memory of my son Jacob Jaxon-Lewis Mclean, who was born at 18+3 week gestation on the 24th October 2013 at 9.10 and lived for twenty minutes. I was informed that i get no acknowledgement because he was born before 24 weeks gestation. I never stop fighting for my son, and in the end I was granted a birth and death certificate. A grieving parent should not have to extend their greif and heartbreak even more, in the UK a baby born before 24 weeks subsequently dies within 28 da

Created: 2014-03-22

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 734 650
2014 722 638