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Naples Velo Group Ride Safety Petition

Naples Velo Group Ride Safety Petition We all enjoy the fellowship and camaraderie of riding with other Club and Community members in areas surrounding this incredible place we call home.  Group rides have been and will always be a key component of the road cycling culture .... a component that we value immensely and thoroughly enjoy. Arriving home safely from all group rides is of paramount importance to all of us. Accidents happen and accidents CAN be traumatic; accidents CAN be life-threateni

Created: 2012-06-25

Time period All countries United States
All time 183 177
2012 117 114


Sayın Valı Dr. Altıparmak Faks : 0242.248 93 REQUEST FOR HELP IN OBTAINING FUNDS FOR PUBLIC CCTV FOR KALKAN There are a high and rising number of home break-ins and thefts in Kalkan. This is damaging tourism and the local economy.  Kalkan is quickly developing an international reputation for theft and burglary.  It is having  a negative impact on the  image of Turkey as a safe and desirable destination for holiday makers.  The Kalkan Jandarma are doing a good job t

Created: 2012-09-17

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 116 85
2012 116 85

Colourful Hearing Aids Available From All Audiology Departments

When I transferred to adult audiology a few months ago I discovered that the only hearing aids available were NHS standard issue beige coloured ones. While I can see that many people will be happy with this inconspicuous option their are many deaf children, teens and adults who would rather have the opportunity to express themself through their hearing aids with bright colours. I was told that the only people given colourful aids were those with additional learning difficulties or those with men

Created: 2012-06-25

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 123 108
2012 116 102

Crearea unei zone Wi-Fi în centrul oraşului Ialoveni

Este greu de imaginat viața din zilele noastre fără noile tehnologii de comunicare care ne ajută să interacționăm mai rapid și eficient unii cu alții. Astăzi internetul este foarte popular, și are avantajul de a ne conecta cu cei dragi, de a petrece timpul util, de a studia sau pentru multe alte scopuri dorite.Astfel grupul de iniţiativă din Consiliul Orăşenesc Ialoveni, în urma multiplelor adresări a tinerilor din or. Ialoveni privind crearea unei zone Wi-Fi, vine cu rugamintea de a crea o zonă

Created: 2012-03-22

Time period All countries Moldova
All time 116 116
2012 116 116

Include indigenous languages in the curriculum

Ugandan indigenous languages are under threat with the government planning to scrap their study at the O level of education.  Experts say that one of the reasons why Ugandans are struggling to read and even learn anything in class is because of the fact that there are many children that do not understand the languages they are taught in and the teachers equally do not fully understand these languages.   This campaign is petitioning the Speaker of Parliament against agreeing to this scrapping of

Created: 2012-11-02

Time period All countries Uganda
All time 118 79
2012 115 78

We zijn de regering en criminaliteit zat op Curacao

We zijn de criminaliteit en de regering van Curacao meer dan zat.

Created: 2012-04-19

Time period All countries Netherlands Antilles
All time 113 76
2012 112 76

Dayan Jayathialaka must be sent home!


Created: 2012-02-03

Time period All countries Sri Lanka
All time 131 98
2012 111 83

NO to Playboy in Vanier College

(Version Française ci-dessous) VCSA are aiming to recruit volunteers for Playboy's condom brand to promote safe sex at the end of semester party. VCSA is claiming that "it is OK" since they are promoting safe sex. Considering that Playboy Condoms is directly under the Playboy Enterprise, Considering that the Playboy Enterprise is the a multi-million dollar business that sells pornographic content, Considering that Playboy enterprise is the largest brand known world wide for it's sexist and deg

Created: 2012-08-16

Time period All countries Canada
All time 114 108
2012 110 108

SAVE 40 baby monkeys from being sent for experiment at poison lab

I here sign this petition and demand that the Minister of Environmental Protection in Israel close the                                                         "Mazor farm" urgently and indefinitely!!!! "The Mazor Farm",in Israel breeds monkeys and sells them to poison labs around the world. Harsh experimentsare done, mental and physical abuse. These animals suffer daily torturing until they areterminated when no longer needed. Mazor farm is planning to fly 40 BABY MONKEYS to the United States t

Created: 2012-06-13

Time period All countries Israel
All time 137 50
2012 110 50

Judicial Commission to Probe the Assassination of Pof Channar

  To, Mr Syed Qaim Ali Shah Chief Minister of Sindh   Subject: Plea to Constitute Judicial Commission to Probe the Assassination of Prof Bashir Ahmed Channar at the   University of Sindh, Jamshoro   Dear Sir, Prof Channar was shot with several bullets by two unknown motorcyclists while he was driving his car near the mausoleum of Allama I.I Kazi at University of Sindh on Jan 2, 2012. According to his son “my father was shot at around 01:40 PM, I got a call from one of my acquaintance at ar

Created: 2012-01-09

Time period All countries Pakistan
All time 110 67
2012 110 67

Julia Montes (Mara Montes Schnittka) Realife Story in MMK

TO: ABS-CBN, MS.CHARO SANTOS, MMK Channel 2 KAPAMILYA! Julia Montes (Mara Montes Schnittka) is considered as one of the most finest actress in this generation because she can sing,dance and especially she can act.She brings amazing talent on screen like in MARACLARA,GOIN BULILIT,LIGAW NA BULAKLAK,HIRAM..ect.Especially in MARACLARA she proven that she's a very good actress she made us happy and most of all made us cry.  We as fans we are so inspired by her own story. She has a deaf mother and fat

Created: 2011-02-14

Time period All countries Philippines
All time 745 598
2012 107 88