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Save the Hamilton Tiger from euthanasia.

While it is a very sad day for the family of the keeper who has died in Hamilton, NZ. I do not want to see an innocent animal put to death because the keeper did not follow procedures and take all necessary precautions before entering the enclosure of a wild animal. I feel this accident was caused by over familiarity, and is not the animals fault, therefore the tiger should not be euthanized. Please sign this portion to save the Hamilton zoo Tiger.

Created: 2015-09-20

Time period All countries New Zealand
All time 670 585
2015 665 585

Revoke all licensing and planning for basement 296 Kentish townRD

Hello everyone ! Thank you for taking the time to read our pages and support our cause !  Due to the injustice we have experienced from the proprietor of the basement and ground floor of 296 Kentish town road nw5 2tg , we wish to make it known that we will not stand for greed to push out independent, family run businesses from our high street .. Our landlord raised the rent , locked us out , holds our possessions for ransom and now seeks to profit from all of our investment .. He wishes to reope

Created: 2015-11-04

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 684 641
2015 664 622

Request for investigation into Saudi Arabia's Hajj stampede

  To the honorable United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon,  On 24 September 2015, during the annual Hajj pilgrimage in Mina, Mecca, as  result of a public stampede more than 1,000 pilgrims citizens of Pakistan, Iran, Egypt, and… have died, and more than 800 have been reported injured, and many are reported missing. These numbers are increasing on a daily basis and the witnesses on the scene claim the numbers are being under-reported. However, the government of Saudi Arabia, who manages the

Created: 2015-09-29

Time period All countries Iran
All time 660 613
2015 660 613


THỈNH NGUYỆN THƯ Của Quân, Dân, Cán, Chính Nước Việt Nam Cộng Hòa hiện còn sống tại Quốc Nội hay đang lưu vong tỵ nạn Cộng Sản trên khắp thế giới. Về việc Trung Cộng dùng sức mạnh quân sự đe dọa Biển Đông và Cộng Sản Bắc Việt vẫn tiếp tục đàn áp nhân quyến. Kính Gời :       -     Ông Ban-ki Moon, Tổng Thư Ký Liên Hiệp Quốc -         Các Nước Thành Viên đã ký kết Định Ước Quốc tế về Hiệp Định Hòa Bình Paris 1973 -         Các Quốc Gia trên Thế Giới từng bang giao với Nước Việt Nam Cộng Hòa 1954-1

Created: 2015-07-13

Time period All countries Vietnam
All time 2639 1620
2015 655 346

Say NO to environmental devastation that quarry will cause.

We strongly oppose plans for a quarry in Espoo, Finland. Esbogard Ltd. plans to excavaate a huge area, 73 hectares, for granite extraction and landfill. The project schedule spans generataions: it is likely to take more than a hundred years to complete. But the environment will be permanently ruined. The project area directly intersects an important ecological corridor for migratory wildlife. Additionally, it will force us to move from our family farm, where we have raised Icelandic horses for d

Created: 2014-05-29

Time period All countries Finland
All time 3291 3206
2015 650 639

A petition against flight disturbances over the Luberon Natural Regional Park

Don’t forget to follow the debate on the petition’s blog : The Luberon Natural Regional Park, created in 1977, is recognised by many as being a outstanding area because of the quality of its landscape, its natural surroundings and for its historic buildings.Useful information, including the Parks’ Charter, are available on http://www.parcduluberon.frOver the last few years, Luberon residents have suffered significantly from disturbances caused  by civil and military aircraft

Created: 2013-09-03

Time period All countries France
All time 2354 2324
2015 649 639

Facebook isn't a reason to withdraw PIP.

it has been reported that a DWP tribunal panel used the claimant's use of Facebook as a reason to decline an appeal for PIP (Personal Independence Payment, formally Disability Living Allowance, DLA).   Facebook is home to support groups for every sickness or disability, to say we cannot utilise this help because if we can access Facebook we're too well or able for PIP! This is ridiculous. It takes little physical or mental ability to use Facebook. It's upheaval free and for those that struggle i

Created: 2015-10-20

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 650 644
2015 647 641

Creigiau Quarry

We, the undersigned, object to planning application 15/01953/MJR for the extension of Creigiau Quarry on the following grounds:- - The application fails to address the highway issues around Creigiau Quarry, in particular Heol Pant Y Gored, which is clearly unsuitable for purpose. Up to 146 HGV movements per day along this road will mean vehicles being unable to pass each other, mounting the pavement on residential streets and the unavoidable long delays to both local and quarry traffic ;  - Lor

Created: 2015-08-18

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 723 713
2015 611 601

Radio24syv be shut down!

This petition has been formed as a response to the event which took place at the public service Radio24syv Monday, May 25, 2 radio hosts killed a 9-week-old rabbit with a bicycle pump. We here in Denmark pay media license to, among other such idiots as Radio24syv if you do not want to pay for Radio24syv and want them closed, give to your signature. Share really like to link to everyone you know!

Created: 2015-05-27

Time period All countries Denmark
All time 711 246
2015 610 188

كمپين حمايت از علي ضيا مجري توانمند صدا و سيما

به نام خداوند بخشنده و مهربان  خداوندي كه عيب بندگانش را ميپوشاند و بخشنده ي مهربان است  هدف از ايجاد اين كمپين و جمع اوري امضا از شما عزيزان حامي حق هست در جهت اتفاقات پيش امده ي اخير و سو استفاده ي عده اي از حضور اقاي علي ضيا در كافه بعضيا در جهت ديدن بازي دربي روز جمعه . با توجه به اينكه همه ي ما انسانيم و ممكن الخطا و با توجه به شور جواني كه در همه ي جوانان ما چه مشهور و غير مشهور وجود دارد خوشحالي از سوي جناب ضيا و دوستان شان صورت گرفت كه بابت اين اتفاق هواداران تيم استقلال و اقاي مظلومي را

Created: 2015-11-04

Time period All countries Iran
All time 609 585
2015 608 584

Við viljum Félagslega húsnæðistefnu sem leyfir gæludýrahald

  Skorum á borgarstjórn Reykjavíkur og önnur bæjarfélög á Íslandi að laga núverandi Félagslega húsnæðistefnu svo ráð sé gert fyrir húsnæði fyrir ábyrga gæludýraeigendur, svo að þeir geti gert sér og sinni fjölskyldu og dýrum gott heimili . Takk Fyrir Þáttöku og endilega deilið með sem flestum fyrir loðbolta og fiðurfjaðrir og öll þau yndislegu dýr sem veita eigundum sínum gleði og félagsskap. Guest #13 Rannsóknir hafa sýnt að það að eiga gæludýr eykur lífsgæði þeirra sem búa einir og hafa

Created: 2014-03-25

Time period All countries Iceland
All time 1609 1563
2015 607 590