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Við viljum Félagslega húsnæðistefnu sem leyfir gæludýrahald

  Skorum á borgarstjórn Reykjavíkur og önnur bæjarfélög á Íslandi að laga núverandi Félagslega húsnæðistefnu svo ráð sé gert fyrir húsnæði fyrir ábyrga gæludýraeigendur, svo að þeir geti gert sér og sinni fjölskyldu og dýrum gott heimili . Takk Fyrir Þáttöku og endilega deilið með sem flestum fyrir loðbolta og fiðurfjaðrir og öll þau yndislegu dýr sem veita eigundum sínum gleði og félagsskap. Guest #13 Rannsóknir hafa sýnt að það að eiga gæludýr eykur lífsgæði þeirra sem búa einir og hafa

Created: 2014-03-25

Time period All countries Iceland
All time 1609 1563
2015 607 590

For a Super Junior KRY concert in Europe

Hello everyone, We are a community of fans who would like to bring Super Junior KRY in Europe (actually in France, Paris) for a concert. We decided to make a petition with the purpose of making our voices heard by SM Entertainement and make possible to have a concert in our country. The petition and message we want to give to SMent will be translated in korean and given directly to the company. This petition is open to French fans but also to Europeans fans and everyone who would like to come

Created: 2015-05-08

Time period All countries France
All time 606 341
2015 602 339

Bring Sienna Guillory back as Jill Valentine in Resident Evil 6

The last instalment of the Resident Evil franchise started filming last week in South Africa. A brief synopsis of the movie surfaced online not long ago, and the fans' worst fears became a reality: all the main characters from Retribution will be killed off screen in the first minutes of the final film. The first reactions to the news have been overwhelmingly negative, but what has really created an uproar among the fans is the exclusion (and off screen death) of Sienna Guillory's Jill Valentine

Created: 2015-09-20

Time period All countries United States
All time 614 211
2015 590 205

Introducing preview for people who have a hearing problem

Given that I find myself in that category and I tried to contact one of the television, ie. editors, as well as the main actors who play in one of the national series, as well as the Facebook group hoping to at least somehow my request to come to the heads of people, unfortunately, I did not achieve. They suggested me to try to make the petition, so I urge everyone to sign and to help me to get all the people who have hearing problems and are not able to monitor the emissions of domestic content

Created: 2015-11-16

Time period All countries Serbia
All time 590 519
2015 583 512

Bialystok Deserves a Jewish Museum

Bialystok Deserves a Jewish Museum Dear Sir or Madam, dear Friends, Residents of Bialystok and all the friends of our city around the world,        We ask you to support the initiative to create in Bialystok a "Public Museum of History and Culture of Bialystok Jewry." We aim to make it a Jewish place in Bialystok: we will run workshops and other educational activities aimed to bring Jewish Bialystok closer to the people who participate in them. There is no such place. And yet, Jews constituted t

Created: 2015-12-19

Time period All countries Poland
All time 806 582
2015 582 430

Áskorun vegna inntökualdurs á leikskóla Hafnarfjarðar

Undirrituð/Undirritaður skorar hér með á bæjaryfirvöld í Hafnarfirði að fylgja eftir skólastefnu bæjarins frá árinu 2009 og innrita börn á leikskóla frá 18 mánaða aldri og hækka niðurgreiðslu til dagforeldra þeirra barna sem ekki eru innrituð á leikskóla eftir 18 mánaða aldur.

Created: 2015-04-24

Time period All countries Iceland
All time 579 572
2015 579 572

Why was Antonio Sanchez' Birdman score disqualified for an Oscar?

                                                                  We're concerned artists, composers, musicians and fans who wonder why the amazingly creative and ground-breaking drum score for Birdman by Antonio Sanchez was disqualified by the Academy. The answers the Academy gave for their extremely peculiar decision disagree with the facts. The Academy reasons for disqualification are below, followed by the facts. Academy: The biggest dramatic moments of the film were underscored by clas

Created: 2014-12-28

Time period All countries Mexico
All time 2173 1055
2015 574 372

Support for Phyllis Jowell Jewish Day School

UPDATE 23 May 2016 Please sign our new petition to show your support for the sale of the Tafelberg school property to the Phyllis Jowel Jewish Day School.       Phyllis Jowell Jewish Day School (PJJDS) is a private primary school currently situated in Camps Bay. PJJDS currently has roughly 200 children enrolled and focuses on dual stream secular and religious studies. Over the past number of years, the school has grown tremendously du

Created: 2015-06-02

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 565 498
2015 565 498

Chicago Fire September Return

Because of a mini series event Chicago Fire is returning in November and not in September. Sign this petition to get Chicago Fire to return in September 2015

Created: 2015-05-10

Time period All countries United States
All time 564 471
2015 562 471

Water Crisis in Ekurhuleni

Currently, Gauteng, and the rest of the country, is experiencing the worst drought in 23 years.   This drought has been compounded by poor management by Rand Water and the Ekurhuleni Metro, which has resulted in water shortages in the municipality and many households' taps running dry.    South Africans have for far too long suffered due to the failure by the ANC government at a national, provincial and local level.   The current water crisis in the Ekurhuleni municipality could have been avoide

Created: 2015-11-14

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 596 552
2015 561 550

Graduation at St Albans Cathedral, Hertfordshire 2016

We were advertised a Graduation at St Albans Cathedral in 2016 when we applied at the Univesity of Hertfordshire. After 3 years of HARD WORK, SWEAT AND TEARS, we should be given the right to Graduate here. It is not for the benefit of the students, as we are told, but for the benefit of the Universities bank account. We deserve the best and that is NOT a graduation at de Havilland Campus. It is nonsensical to take last years graduates vote to Graduate at a different time when it had no effect to

Created: 2015-10-19

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 561 559
2015 560 558