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ცხოველისადმი სისასტიკე - Animal abuse

მიმდინარე წლის 20 აპრილს 23 საათზე ტელეკომპანია "იმედი"-ს ეთერში გასული გადაცემის "100 გრადუსი ცელსიუსი"-ს მეშვეობით საზოგადოებამ იხილა ცხოველისადმი სისასტიკის ამსახველი დოკუმენტური მასალები(ფოტო და ვიდეო მასალა), აგრეთვე კონკრეტული პირების აღიარება თავიანთ მიერ ცხოველისადმი სისასტიკის ჩადენის შესახებ, რაც კერძოდ მათი თქმით გამოიხატება კატისა და ძაღლის ცოცხლად გატყავებასა და სხეულის დანაწევრებაში, გადაცემაში გაჟღერდა რომ ეს ხდება სისტემატურად(არაერთგზის), ჯგუფურად და არასრულწლოვანთა თანდასწრებით

Created: 2012-04-27

Time period All countries Georgia
All time 80 73
2012 80 73

Save Arizona Robbins - S9

            Shonda Rhime to E! said: “They are still out there.” Yes, Lexie died, and yes, Teddy left, but the episode did end with the rest of the doctors who were on the plane “still out there in the forest.” In fact, Rhimes went on to say, “we don’t know if they are going to be OK. We left it open for a reason because…I hate to say this, but just because you saw people alive at the end of the finale doesn’t mean they’re going to be alive when the season” There’s a possibility that character

Created: 2012-05-21

Time period All countries United States
All time 79 21
2012 79 21


  L'Art, comme l'air et l'eau, est un Bien Commun, véritable facteur de développement durable. A ce titre, il est légitime et juste d'accorder aux artistes et à ceux qui les entourent au sens le plus large possible un statut spécifique qui leur permette de pratiquer en toute liberté et de vivre dans la dignité.    

Created: 2012-07-10

Time period All countries Belgium
All time 77 52
2012 77 52

Let's give 'The A-Team' a Sequel!

Dear Reader, As an avid fan of the TV show, and the recent remake, I'm destroyed to find out that due to poor advertizing of the film at the time, 'The A-Team' (2010) movie is not to be given a sequel. The movie was released around the same time as the World Cup, and as Mr Neeson rightly says below, that is no doubt a factor in the film's poor performance at the box office on it's first week. Personally, I found the film very enjoyable, as did many other people. Sadly this has not reflected in t

Created: 2011-03-13

Time period All countries United States
All time 451 278
2012 77 50

Bei der Deutschen Welle muss aufgeräumt werden!

  Sehr verehrte Bürgerinnen und Bürger, Sie haben sicherlich die öffentliche Diskussion über die Arabische Redaktion der Deutschen Welle verfolgt. Da die Deutsche Welle vom Auswärtigen Amt finanziert wird und einen demokratischen Bildungsauftrag im Ausland wahrzunehmen gefordert ist, bitten wir Sie um Ihre Unterstützung, damit dieser Auftrag künftig in der vorgesehenen Weise wahrgenommen werden kann. Wir sehen uns hierbei in besonderer Verpflichtung gegenüber dem Deutschen Steuerzahler, der in

Created: 2012-06-10

Time period All countries Germany
All time 81 70
2012 76 67

Ontario Teacher Petition

This is to tell the MPPs of Ontario to end the bill 115. I think this bill isn't fair because it will not let the teachers strike. This Is affecting everyone including the students and parents. If you agree please write down your name (if you do not wish to put your last name make one up), your email, and your city. My minimum goal is 50 then I will wait a month and then if I get 100 I will end the petition and then send the signatures to some MPPs of Toronto (where I live.)

Created: 2012-12-11

Time period All countries Canada
All time 75 69
2012 75 69

Big Country Grill Petition

We the people of Lambton, Klipoortjie, Parhill Gardens, Hazeldene and Hazel Park, hereby call on the municipal structures to assist in the closure of the following venue: Big Country Grill Steak House, 139 Webber Road, Germiston. The motivation for closure is based on the following observations: These places harbour unsavoury characters that often incite violence, cause harm to people and property, as well as fuel general civil disobediance. Contravene the Liquor Act, 2003, by selling alco

Created: 2012-03-26

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 75 73
2012 75 73

Support for the National Art Museum of Ukraine

We, the undersigned – artists and viewers, cultural actors and museum professionals, and all those who are concerned about the future of the National Art Museum of Ukraine (NAMU) – declare our support for the NAMU staff, who launched a protest on October 17, 2012. We support the position of the collective of museum workers, as expressed in an open letter to the Minister of Culture of Ukraine Mykhailo Kulyniak: “Given her glaring incompetence and unsubstantiated allegations, providing of false in

Created: 2012-10-18

Time period All countries United States
All time 74 30
2012 74 30


We the undersigned are strenuously opposed the the development of hotels / bush lodges and conference centres within the Kruger National Park.

Created: 2011-06-03

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 1363 1043
2012 74 59

Campaign to increase the frequency of subtitled cinema showings

To cinema complex managers, As deaf young people, their friends and families living in various regions around the UK we would like to see a difference in the frequency and times of subtitled cinema viewings in our local cinema complexes. Our current concerns include: 1. Frequency of showings – showings are infrequent with only one or two subtitled viewings of films available each week. 2. Timing of showings – the most common times for showings are weekdays during school hours for example 9am on

Created: 2011-11-07

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 324 299
2012 73 67

Pour que Big Time Rush vienne faire un concert en Suisse

Bonjour ! je fais cette pétition pour que Big Time Rush vienne en Suisse. C'est un groupe de 4 mec, Kendall, James, Carlos et Logan.   Big Time for Rush to come to SwitzerlandHello!I make this petition for Big Time Rush come to Switzerland.This is a group of four guy, Kendall, James, Carlos and Logan.

Created: 2012-06-11

Time period All countries Switzerland
All time 95 65
2012 71 45