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Graduation at St Albans Cathedral, Hertfordshire 2016

We were advertised a Graduation at St Albans Cathedral in 2016 when we applied at the Univesity of Hertfordshire. After 3 years of HARD WORK, SWEAT AND TEARS, we should be given the right to Graduate here. It is not for the benefit of the students, as we are told, but for the benefit of the Universities bank account. We deserve the best and that is NOT a graduation at de Havilland Campus. It is nonsensical to take last years graduates vote to Graduate at a different time when it had no effect to

Created: 2015-10-19

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 561 559
2015 560 558

Petition to honor Tyler Burd at Swing Out and/or Graduation

Created: 2015-04-30

Time period All countries United States
All time 557 557
2015 557 557


In response to repeated requests from the communities around the Hartbeespoort dam the Hartbeespoort Inhabitants Forum (HiF) requests that the area around the dam be removed from the North West Province and included in Gauteng. The boundary between the two provinces should simply continue along the top of the Magaliesberg mountain range and not deviate from the mountain to take a long circuit south around the dam. Furthermore, the inhabitants ask that Hartbeespoort should not fall under the Madi

Created: 2015-09-04

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 573 566
2015 556 549

Save The Rock Music Bistro

The Rock Music Bistro as we all know is a stunning little live music venue on the kzn south coast. The Rock has been a successful live music bistro for the passed 7 years. There was a hiccup last year with the previous owner and The Rock unfortunately lost its liquor license. We applied for this license 7 months ago and it is in the process of being granted to us. Unfortunately there are a few people within our immediate community (who we cherish and try to please on a regular basis), these few

Created: 2015-05-20

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 555 525
2015 551 521

Save Our Schools!

#SaveOurSchools! Not just Timken, and not just McKinley. Both of us. I am one among the many people against this proposal/action. We have to stand up for what we believe in and love. Our schools mean a lot to us. We shouldn't be forced all in one school without any say from the community, school staff, and student body.

Created: 2015-01-15

Time period All countries United States
All time 543 543
2015 543 543

Community against changing the cross

We members of the Grand Haven community and surrounding areas have chosen to petion the removal of the 48' cross that stands in the harbor of Grand Haven. It is a known part of our history, a landmark. Just as the minority is offended by the said cross, we are offended by the consideration of the removal. We ask that you continue to allow the structure to stand as is.

Created: 2015-01-06

Time period All countries United States
All time 538 537
2015 538 537

Halt the closure of a well-used public and community sports hub!

Coatbridge outdoor sports centre - perhaps best known as 'Langloan Gym' - will be closing its doors to the public for the last time this coming November. The facility is well equipped to meet the needs of a varied and broad clientele, featuring an extensive free weights section, numerous cardio and resistance machines, punch bags, a large open plan floor area complete with mats, an eight-lane Olympic standard running track, open field area for various athletics activities and archery, a long jum

Created: 2015-10-19

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 541 537
2015 529 525

Stop transportation of donkeys from Bonaire to Haiti

The government of Bonaire wants to capture all 200 stray donkeys that roam the island and send them to Haiti to be used as working animals. I completely agree that the stray donkeys must be rescued from the streets. Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire has already been trying to get this done for many years. But because they do not get any financial support from the government they did not succeeded to do so until now. However, I do not agree with the governmental plan to send the captured donkeys to Ha

Created: 2012-07-12

Time period All countries United States
All time 9722 1844
2015 528 144

Save Mecca bingo hornchurch

After enjoying a lovely evening at Mecca bingo hornchurch I came away with disappointing news that they are to close.   I am 30yrs old and have been going here for about a year and have net new people. But its not about me, its for the older generation, people I have met and got chatting to have been going for over 30yrs and they have met new people and made new friends although it is a place of gambling it is also a place of community and a social club for all ages of people. Most of the people

Created: 2015-07-12

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 543 538
2015 524 520

We need Pat Partington

Where would you be?   Where would you be without Pat’s lessons in psycho-social bits and pieces? Where would our profession be if we didn’t know about yellow flags, locus of control, illness behaviour and Pickles, champion of the world? Psychology is, and should always be, part of the soul of chiropractic. When you face your first patient, you will know why.   Sadly, Pat will be made redundant in July. We cannot let this happen silently. If you'd like Pat to stay, please sign the petition.   

Created: 2015-05-06

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 522 376
2015 522 376

Keep Athabasca University in Athabasca

To the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, in Legislature Assembled: We the undersigned residents of Alberta, petition the Legislative Assembly to ensure that Athabasca University's Headquarters remains permanently in Athabasca, AB and to renew its commitment to creating stable jobs in the community that continue to diversify the local economy.

Created: 2015-08-12

Time period All countries Canada
All time 534 527
2015 521 514