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Swinley Drive Safety

This is a petition to Swindon Borough Council to put in some safety measures on Swinley Drive. Currently there are no safe places to cross this road.  The two allocated crossings are on a blind corner and 100 yards after this corner. The traffic island by the shops will not fit a pram with mother on let alone a second/third child on a school run. With the expected increase in traffic from the Ridgeway farm housing estate which will join Swinley Drive we are petitioning for a safe crossing and or

Created: 2013-11-05

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 136 136
2013 132 132

CCC Non-Primary Course Availability Trial

Historically, Castlewood Country Club has maintained a policy of restricting golf course access prior to 10 AM on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays to a Primary Member, which is designated for each respective Club Membership. The purpose of this long standing policy is one of fairness and provides guaranteed course availability at peak times to the respective designated Primary Individual. Recently, there has been a concerted effort by the Golf Committee and some Board Members to change this long st

Created: 2013-06-03

Time period All countries United States
All time 132 132
2013 132 132

Keep basic language courses at Åbo Akademi University

Exchange students at Åbo Akademi University want to learn local languages In the midst of news that the different units of Åbo Akademi University have to make considerable cuts to their budgets for the year 2013, the Centre for Language and Communication (CSK) at Åbo Akademi University made the decision to stop arranging basic courses in Finnish and Swedish for exchange students. This piece of news made us, current and former exchange students at Åbo Akademi University, very alarmed and with thi

Created: 2013-03-18

Time period All countries Finland
All time 132 45
2013 132 45

Rebelde na RTL Televiziji (HRVATSKA)

Želimo ponovno sve tri sezone Rebelde na RTL TV. (HRVATSKA)

Created: 2013-06-22

Time period All countries Croatia
All time 130 130
2013 130 130

We Love KAT-TUN - We Are KAT-TUN

  The project We Love KAT-TUN - We Are KAT-TUN launches a petition to show support in about four-member of Japanese group KAT-TUN result from Koki Tanaka's leaving. More we are many to support them more we will be rewarded by their efforts. Show you support them by signing this petition. If you wish, you can make this petition circulate. Let us show in KAT-TUN that we like them whatever he happens to them. Le projet We Love KAT-TUN - We Are KAT-TUN lance une pétition pour montrer son soutien

Created: 2013-10-12

Time period All countries France
All time 131 89
2013 129 87

Memorial for Elizabeth Stewart Kelbie

Aberdeen City Council have rejected permssion for my mum to have a memorial. ( See Page 6 of the Aberdeen Evening Express. of the 13 November 2013) Mum was tragically Killed in Aberdeen by a lorry on the 18 August 1976. She was 42 years old. She was hit  and run over by a Lorry on the Great Northen Road on the corner of Don Street Aberdeen. She was burried in a common grave in Trinity Cemetery. I was in care at that period and was not informed by Social Workers  of her death. In this regard Aber

Created: 2013-11-30

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 128 112
2013 128 112

Save the Bandstand

One of my favourite pastimes on a Saturday evening is listening to Saturday Bandstand on Talk Radio 702.  Presented by Eleanor Moore it sets a nostalgic tone, coaxing back so many family memories. As a presenter, Eleanor knows no equal.  Her well researched, themed programming always paints such a colourful, imaginative picture, using her beautiful, modulated voice as a painter would use a paintbrush. Last night, however, Elaenor hosted her last show.  Her show will be replaced by Saturday Jukeb

Created: 2013-01-13

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 128 125
2013 128 125


#FreeConnor A petition to allow Connor Perry to walk at Manchester Central High School’s graduation and ensure an appeal. -Written by Jack Myhaver This petition is to bring attention to the unjust punishment brought upon Connor Perry. A tweet carrying no malicious intent and being facetious to the highest degree has raised a red flag far too high. It is completely understandable that in the interest of the security of all, such a post must not be taken lightly nor jokingly, but only to a point

Created: 2013-06-05

Time period All countries United States
All time 127 127
2013 127 127

End Unfair Electricity Authority of Cyprus Effective Monopoly

This is a petition to protest the unfair and high prices charged by the Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC), which are imposed unilaterally on customers who have no other viable and reasonably priced electricity providers to choose from. Sign this petition if you want to end bills that are higher than your rent and keep getting higher even though there is an economic crisis in our country. End this effective monopoly by exercising your democratic rights to protest against unfair treatment and

Created: 2012-02-07

Time period All countries Cyprus
All time 4802 4563
2013 127 112

Traffic lights at crossing of Malden Road Cheam

The undersigned demand a full enquiry into safety matters at the junction of Malden Road and Chatsworth Road in Cheam, Sutton. Serious risks are faced by children and adults crossing at this point, either to access the two schools in Chatsworth Road or to enter the park at the end of Popinjay's Row. A serious accident has already happened at this point. A zebra crossing is inadequate and traffic calming measures and a pelican crossing are required to prevent a fatality at this junction.

Created: 2013-12-19

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 242 241
2013 126 126

Free Transport to for Imberhorne Upper children from Crawley Down

The Government dictate that ALL school age children who live over 3 miles away from their school by the nearest available route should be entitled to free school transport. In Crawley Down, most children do live more than 3 miles away and meet this criteria, except when the Worth Way is added into the equation as an available route. As a parent, this infuriates me, particularly in the winter months when this route is frankly unsafe and potentially dangerous! PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION AND SHARE I

Created: 2013-11-20

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 127 126
2013 126 125