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Stop exploration and mining of alum shale in Sweden

Oviksbygden mot brytning ( is a politically and religiously unrelated initiative that wants to create the conditions for municipalities to be able to decide on their natural resources themselves without risking being reviewed or falling victim to obsolete mineral legislation. The predatory operation in Swedish nature, for the benefit of foreign companies, has gone too far. Under prevailing mineral legislation, with generous conditions, permission is granted to prospect and ext

Created: 2018-12-04

Time period All countries Sweden
All time 2652 2607
30 days 1 1

Special Features for the future Charmed Blu-rays.

We're very disappointed there weren't any new bonus features in the first season of Charmed on Blu-Ray while this was a unique chance to repair the mistake made a few years earlier by not proposing (already) any extras for this cult and loved series (except for the last season...). That’s why we’re asking you today to repair your mistake and to offer us new bonus features, for the second season Blu-Ray box and following. We are not asking impossibles or wacky things, nothing but bloopers and de

Created: 2018-12-02

Time period All countries France
All time 8 7
30 days 1 1

Mecsek hills are in danger: Stop uranium mining!

  It is time to act! Sign our petition! In the heart of the Mecsek hills a company with a mysterious background plans to open a uranium mine: formerly called Wildhorse, now it’s under the name of Hungarian Uranium Resources Ltd.   Mecsek is an individual bird protection area, its unique plant community, wild life and geological forms are our protected treasures. Many of the hundreds of native species who live here reside only here in the Carpathian Basin. Both protected and highly-protected anim

Created: 2018-11-29

Time period All countries Hungary
All time 2362 2189
30 days 1 1

Petition to WI Governor to Pardon Brendan Dassey and Steven Avery

  Brendan Dassey was 16 when he gave an unreliable, uncorroborated and inconsistent set of statements about a crime, details of which were provided to him by those interviewing him. His youth and cognitive and social limitations made him extremely sensitive to suggestibility, making his confession a text book example of a false coerced confession.   Steven Avery, already proven to have been wrongfully convicted and imprisoned for a rape case, had a civil suit of $36 million for his wrongful con

Created: 2018-11-05

Time period All countries United States
All time 8 8
30 days 1 1

The Marginalization and ignorance of the Tsonga Language by the SABC

Reading through the content of the language Policy of the SABC it sounds all too good but it hardly reflects on what We Tsonga speaking South Africans see or have been seeing on our tv screen 24years into democracy. It is very surprising to see that the SABC is aware that we are being marginalised yet very little has been done over the years to address this. To assume that majority of Tsonga speaking people can understand Nguni and Sotho languages is a stereotype that is not correct. We are also

Created: 2018-10-19

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 81 77
30 days 1 1

Make immersive expérience metro exodus in VR !

Hi, 4kgames developers and Deep silver. Your games are very awesome !  really. but now with VR, games are completely different and so immersive. When you begin to play in VR, impossible to come back on screen. then please could you give us option of VR for your amazing metro exodus ? pleeease. Best regards. your addicts fans !

Created: 2018-10-13

Time period All countries France
All time 24 20
30 days 1 0

Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 HD Remake/ BT4

Hello my dear friends this is a petition to get either a bt3 hd remake or a 4th game. Now reason why we need this is because I truly believe it was one of the best games to ever come out in the db community with the biggest roster ever. BT3 also contained many characters from DB original, DB side movies, and DBGT.. So if you love the bt series please join this petition and maybe we can make it happen and please share this all over THANK YOU EVERYONE THIS MEANS MUCH ! Maybe we can be the voice an

Created: 2018-09-11

Time period All countries United States
All time 11 7
30 days 1 0

Middelburg/Witbank against TracN4tollfees@middelburgplaza/30tripcard-tagrulemustfallawat


Created: 2018-07-30

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 177 174
30 days 1 1

اعتراض زنان ایرانی به جمع آوری دستگاه های سونوگرافی مطب های متخصصین زنان و ممنوع کردن خانم های دکتر در رابطه با انجام سونوگرافی برای بیماران زنان

اعتراض زنان ایرانی به جمع آوری دستگاه های سونوگرافی مطب های متخصصین زنان و ممنوع کردن خانم های دکتر در رابطه با انجام سونوگرافی برای بیماران زنان جناب دكتر قاضى زاده هاشمىوزير محترم بهداشت ؛ احتراماً ما زنان و دختران ایران عزیز خواهشمندیم اجازه بفرمائید خودمان تصمیم بگیریم که چه کسی ما را سونوگرافی کند و بیماری زنانه ما و وضعیت سلامتی جنین ما را تشخیص دهد، پزشکان زنان ما را مجبور نکنید که دستگاه های سونوگرافی مطبهای خود را جمع آوری کنند و بازرسان وزارت بهداشت را مأمور به جمع آوری دستگاه های سونو

Created: 2018-07-25

Time period All countries Iran
All time 305 262
30 days 1 1

Justice for Benji the dog, ruthlessly torchured and killed in broad daylight

Cape of Good hope SPCA Needs YOUR HELP !!!!! HELP US GET JUSTICE FOR BENJIE Charges have now officially been laid against one of the individuals identified in the video footage depicting the horrific stabbing of a dog named Benjie. We encourage witnesses to step forward and submit eye witness accounts of the incident to SAPS Khayelitsha using the case number 529/05/2018We are also appealing to the members of the public who feel as strongly as we do about this case, to let their voices be heard i

Created: 2018-05-23

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 18 14
30 days 1 0

For humane training methods for veterinary medicine students in Bulgaria

Students from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Forestry in Bulgaria are alerting about a lack of normal conditions for veterinary training and animal neglect at the university’s facility in Vrazhdebna. Here is their petition to the university: "[Two cows, one horse and one dog] are used to train students from third, fourth and fifth years in three different subjects - propedeutics of internal diseases, propedeutics of surgical diseases, obstetrics and gynecology. They do

Created: 2018-05-22

Time period All countries Bulgaria
All time 3154 2835
30 days 1 1