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2 13 Dolly Ong out of tk!!
Come on guys it's for the sake of tks future   ...
2 81 We want to stay with Planetromeo Classic
Let's be honest the new version of Planet Romeo is not really brilliant. This year they want to turn of the old version of Planet Romeo and I know that many guys of you want to stay with the old version because they hate the new one.  So help us with this petition to change Planet Romoes mind.  Thanks a lot...
2 3 285 Contre la démolition des pensions de l'enseignement / Tegen de afbraak van het onderwijspensioen
[NL]   ( [FR]: la version en français se trouve en bas)  Petitie tegen de afbraak van het onderwijspensioen (België) Langer werken voor minder pensioen? Niet te doen!   Weinig sectoren zijn zo zwaar getroffen door de pensioenhervormingen als het onderwijs. Leerkrachten die aan het begin van hun loopbaan staan, zullen 5 tot 8 jaar langer moeten werken en als alle geplande maatregelen uitgevoerd wo...
2 110 بازبینی در تعیین حد نصاب قبولی سهمیه های ایثارگران 25% و 5% در آزمون ورودی دانشگاه از 70% به حداقل 80% نمره آخرین فرد قبولی داوطلبان آزاد
باسمه تعالی   موضوع : بازبینی در تعیین حد نصاب قبولی سهمیه های ایثارگران 25% و 5% در آزمون ورودی دانشگاه از 70% به حداقل 80% نمره آخرین فرد قبولی داوطلبان آزاد   سلام علیکم   احترما به استحضار میرساند تفاوت بسیار زیادی در درصدهای پاسخگویی دروس آزمون ها در  قبولی های سهمیه ایثارگران 25%  با قبولی داوطلبان آزاد و بدون سهمیه و همچنین داوطلبان سهمیه ایثارگران 5% در تمامی رشته ها و مقاطع تحصیلی وجود دا...
2 124 Boycott Nestle Products!! The shops are no longer allowed to offer these products!!!
Wir unterstützen keine Unternehmen, die Menschen, Tiere und die Umwelt zerstören !!!!
2 1 248 No goldmine to Valkeakoski, Finland!
We demand the Regional State Administrative Agency and TUKES (Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency) to re-handle the environment and mining licenses and to undo it. We also appeal to the decision-makers of Valkeakoski that this unsustainable and permanently environment-harming project would be panned by a legal effect. An initiative from the mining licenses has been made and sent 31.5.2017 to AVI...
2 80 Bellevue Speed Humps Request
We the residents of Bellevue request that speed humps be installed in the following roads: - Beacon Road - Bonanza Road - Crestview Road - Ivy Road  - Southview Road These roads are used for parked cars, bicyclists and runners. There have been numerous complaints regarding speeding in the neighborhood, including a high speed accident where a vehicle travelling down Southview Road, failed to stop...
2 24 Welcome President Trump to the UK
Please sign this petition if you want to welcome President Trump to the UK!? to visit our country & to meet Her Majesty The Queen....
2 270 Petition to End Pollution and Cleanup the Hennops River
This is an urgent appeal to get authorities, municipalities and government to stop the widespread sewerage and chemical pollution of our rivers in South Africa. A once pristine river, the Hennops River is now being destroyed by extreme pollution including: Raw sewerage Chemicals and toxic waste Dyes and detergents Litter F.R.E.S.H (Fountains Rivers Environmental Sanctuary Hennops) is a non-pro...
2 607 Friends of Thorpe Woodlands - petition against proposal to build 300 houses over this Wildlife Site
Thorpe Woods are once again under threat from development. The developer Socially Conscious Capital has just issued new proposals to build 300 houses over 25 acres of the woods. These proposals are opposed by the Norfolk Wildlife Trust, who have condemned them as being misleading and damaging, the Friends of Thorpe Woodlands and local councillors. By signing this petition you can make clear to the...