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خواستار حذف شرط دو سال سابقه در رتبه بندی معلمان

اعتراض به نحوه رتبه بندی معلمان و خواستار حذف شرط دو سال سابقه برای رتبه 1   این رتبه بندی نیاز هست که شامل تمامی معلم ها باشد. (شرط دو سال سابقه برای رتبه 1 حذف گردد) و قرار ندادن معلم های تازه استخدام شده در طرح رتبه بندی بی انصافی و توهین به آنها محسوب می گردد اگر معلم های تازه استخدام شده صلاحیت قرارگرفتن در طرح رتبه بندی را نداشته اند پس چگونه الان درس می دهند و معلم شده اند در این طرح، بند 2 ماده 63 برنامه ششم توسعه اجرا نشده و دولت در حقیقت در یک حرکت فراقانونی و بل غیرقانونی خودسرانه رت

Created: 2019-12-17

Time period All countries Iran
All time 122 107
2020 122 111

Dedicate Time To Praise God (3-Day Gospel Camp)

The 3-day gospel camp is an annual tradition that our school has held for many years. It is an opportunity for students to praise, worship, and connect with God without distractions from academics. Although the recent developments in Hong Kong have caused a lot of trouble at school, we, the students, still wish to have a three-day gospel camp not only to bond with each other but to focus on God. By signing this petition, I, a student of CAIS, am vouching for a 3 day Gospel Camp and will accept a

Created: 2019-11-14

Time period All countries Hong Kong S.A.R., Ch
All time 122 121
2020 122 125


Mr Meat operates past legal business operating hours and entertains customers. People consume alcohol at these premises, listen to loud music, urinate in public, expose themselves indecently and are perpetrating lewd acts of violence. We, the undersigned are concerned residents that urge the Bylaws department of TMPD to strictly enforce bylaws. We have children who need to study. We have small children who have to witness the indecent exposure. We cannot sleep due to the loud noise. We constantl

Created: 2019-12-04

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 121 112
2020 121 116

Protest for our right to be sick and be treated like human from the goverment!

Now I'm tired of how the Social Insurance Office and our Government treat us sick people! For almost 4 years (4 / 1-18 /) I have not received a penny in either sickness benefit, sickness compensation and I do not even receive social benefits! DISPATE that my only "wrong" was being hit from behind in my duty like a professional driver! Since then, the Social Insurance Office has done everything to break me down! Since April 2015, my doctor and I have applied for sickness compensation which the in

Created: 2017-12-19

Time period All countries Sweden
All time 224 222
2020 119 118

Extend green way into Sallins Pier to link with Naas fully.

Hi everyone, the greenway that is currently being built to enable a clear path from sallins into naas may not include the stretch of land along the canal from underneath the railway bridge at Soldiers Island to the gap in Sallins Pier opposite the houses, opposite the canal. If we can put a petition through to the council, it would go a long way to persuading them that this final stretch being finished would enable more people, families, children, school goers, to use this greenway/pathway from

Created: 2019-11-18

Time period All countries Ireland
All time 118 117
2020 118 117

Say NO to more traffic and parking chaos in Glenmore Park

PETITION - Objection to the size and scale of proposed DA19/0419 to build 142-bed Aged Care Facility located 5 -7 Floribunda Avenue, Glenmore Park NSW on the following grounds: 1) It is not in the public interest to build this massive development, which contravenes Council Provisions for the current R2 zoning, which is for low density residential development without adequate provision of parking spaces and traffic management 2) The developer seeks to promote their own commercial interest at the

Created: 2019-08-17

Time period All countries Australia
All time 118 118
2020 118 117


David Teague is the current caretaker coach of the Carlton Blues for the remainder of the 2019 season. With 3 wins from 5 games coached there is clearly a change of attitude from the players and staff with more fightback and belief being shown on gameday, and we are very unlucky not to be 5 and 5 under David Teague.However this past week, Carlton's Directior of Football, Chris Judd made some comments regarding David Teague and said we will not go after a coach with training wheels, we will go af

Created: 2019-07-13

Time period All countries Australia
All time 118 118
2020 118 118

Din ret til barn nr. 2 - med samme biologiske far

Kampen skal kæmpes, hvis vi ønsker at blive forældre til mere end blot ét barn igennem IVF/ICSI i det offentlige. Det er således at man i det offentlige regi har 3 forsøg når vi taler reagensglasbehandling. Det vil sige, at har man først fået sit første barn i reagensglasbehandling sammen med sin partner og ingen æg på frys ejer, jamen så har du faktisk ikke mulighed for at få en lillebror eller lillesøster til din guldklump uden det koster os en stor sum penge.  Dette syntes jeg personligt er h

Created: 2020-01-09

Time period All countries Denmark
All time 122 120
2020 117 122

Let Marita stay at Wången

Remember to check your mail to confirm your name! Wången is the where we all have coming to from whole scandinavia. Young people with dreams and a hope of a course wich will help us reach them. The future of not only the harness racing sport, nor the iclandic horse sport but the whole horseworld. But it is not just a fun game. We move away from home in early age to live alone. We are stuck at Wången the whole time, with people around us constanly and our time here is not just studying, but our s

Created: 2019-04-15

Time period All countries Sweden
All time 175 155
2020 117 155

Grant Rosaria Silva, my mother a returning permanent resident visa or a tourist visa. Whichever one reunites our family.

I AM AN AMERICAN CITIZEN.My wife, and 2 kids are American citizens.  In 2010 my mother, Rosária Silva (now 75  years old) was granted a permanent resident visa (green card) I had applied for her. She moved in with us in the US. She's a retired public school custodian in Brazil. We have always paid for every meal and need of hers while under our care. She never had to start a US bank account. We provided for every need. Her financial ties to the US are family-related. If proven ties to the US and

Created: 2019-12-04

Time period All countries United States
All time 115 108
2020 115 108

reopen Malton hospital

The town of Malton and Norton is growing and growing. Derwent surgery is finding it difficult to cope wth the growing numbers resulting people not able to have an appointment  or treatment when needed forcing people to go to Scarborough or York putting a strain on their services.  Re opening Malton hospital would not only relieve pressure on other services but also serve its community on their doorstep easily and conveniently and Derwent surgery to work more efficiently.  Please show your suppor

Created: 2019-06-30

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 115 115
2020 115 115