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12 Lets get 'piccolo me' WSU parramatta to sign up to food rescue programs!!
Piccolo me at WSU parramatta campus does not donate their excess cafe food to any organisations, rather, it goes into food wastage. Majority of the bin waste its excess food/ ingredients that no longer need to be used, and we can stop this!. If this petition gets enough signatures, Piccolo me parramatta will notice and be encouraged to sign up to OzHarvests food rescue program. In doing this, many...
280 Bring Dr DeAnn Bell back to Bangor!
Students of creative writing at  Bangor university are devastated to hear the news that Dr DeAnn Bell has been (in our opinion) unfairly laid off. DeAnn is in many ways a vital organ to the school of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics- especially for literature and creative writing aspect. She has gone far beyond the call of duty for each and every student that has needed her help and assistan...
1 103 Change back graduation to Sept 2020 not Feb 2021!
So as you may have heard our graduation has been moved to February 2021 rather than September 2020! This is due to the Mayflower 400 celebrations going on on the Hoe in late July. Our graduation is not going to be on the hoe even with the change of date but in the Guildhall (lovely grey building by the courts in town).  One of the many reasons people chose Plymouth to study is for the Iconic landm...
40 Bring Sephora to Perth
Sick of having to buy Sephora brands online without being able to sample? Sign this.   Sick of seeing everything go to the East Coast, then take YEARS to come to WA? Sign this.   Sick of seeing new Sephora stores pop up everywhere BUT Perth? Sign this.   Sick of going to Mecca for a product, only to find out Sephora stocks it, but you can't buy it because Sephora won't come to Perth? Sign this.  ...
1 076 Petition supporting the Children's Paradise Detsky raj Ostrava
Dear members of the MOaP Council, Dear Representatives, as citizens of the city district in which you represent us, or people who are not indifferent to what is happening in the district, we decided to express our disagreement with the procedure in the case of termination of the lease to the managers of the Children's Paradise Ostrava. Over the past six years, when the children's paradise of the...
24 Vumatel Fiber Installation Goudrand
Hi everyone ,   I'm attemting to get Vumatel to bring us fiber network to our area of Goudrand. Please sign this petition to encourage them to setup infustracture. Thank You!
32 MRKT Extension
We are advised that our assignment had been pushed back by two weeks. This would have allowed us enough time to complete it baring in mind the current work load. 48 hours before the original due date, we were told that there would be no extension. This has now caused us to not have enough time to complete the assignment without being under immense pressure while still having to fulfill our moral o...
13 Against ART censorship on Facebook
I'm sure you noticed it: in the last time FACEBOOK started to censore art! Even classic pieces like the Venus of Willendorf or paintings of Renoir and other old classic artists has been banned and deleted from the community site! And the people who posted it got a 24 hours or 3 days ban from FB! There are also artists -painters, graphic artists and sculptors- whos whole art sites has been deleted...
31 The Initiative for Responsible Scientific Assessment (IRSA):
The scientific community is by nature creative. As such, it is time for this group of creative persons to search, as a community, for new solutions and new directions when appraising Science. The pioneering DORA-Leiden-Tide documents requesting changes in scientific output evaluation need to be expanded upon to guarantee the full potential of Science´s undeniable ability to promote development (ht...
16 Få fri etter tentamen tirsdag og onsdag!
vi trenger fri fordi vi har alt for mye å gjøre!...