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We Want YaRa aka Raj and Priya in PKYEK

    YaRa aka Priya Wal and Raj Singh Arora created MAGIC in the path breaking show Remix. They truly truly truly rocked remix as Ashi Yuvi and became the VERY face of love for many many of us. YaRa for us are not any onscreen, celebrity couple...they are part of our lifee and having them together again is like a dream! They have been our hope and faith in the darkest times...just a mere sight of them would be enough for us to feel that dawn is breaking. sun is rising and a new brand new day is

Created: 2010-10-18

Time period All countries India
All time 361 288
2010 353 284

Save Arnold, Maryland and The Broadneck Peninsula from Overdevelopment!

Citizens of Arnold, Maryland and surrounding areas, please help us save The Broadneck Peninsula from overdevelopment!  We all love Arnold and The Broadneck Peninsula for its natural beauty, historic charm and peaceful lifestyle. Recent proposed developments by Koch Homes and others threaten our beautiful community and wonderful way of life.   East Joyce Lane in Arnold and The Broadneck Peninsula as a whole are now under threat from several proposed development projects by Koch Homes and others. 

Created: 2010-08-08

Time period All countries United States
All time 291 289
2010 279 277

Pour que TF1 diffuse le HIStory Tour Paris de Michael Jackson

TF1 a diffusé en juillet 2009 et juin 2010 2 extraits du concert à Paris lors du HIStory Tour. Ils doivent sûrement posséder le concert en entier ou bien pouvoir se le procurer. Beaucoup d'autres pays ont déjà diffusé un concert de Michael lors du passage du HIStory Tour dans leur pays, alors pourquoi pas la France ?

Created: 2010-11-13

Time period All countries France
All time 335 290
2010 264 227

Protest against the results of parliamentary elections

QEYD: Bu məktub AŞPA deputatlarına göndəriləcək ki, qış sessiyasında Azərbaycanda 7 noyabr parlament seçkilərinin müzakirəsi zamanı AŞPA deputatları yalnız "müşahidə" missiyasının deyil, Azərbaycan vətəndaşlarının da seçkiyə etiraz mövqeyindən xəbərdar olsunlar.   Dear Members of  PACE observation mission in Parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan,   We, citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan, are deeply concerned about the massive fraud that took place in the last parliamentary elections in our

Created: 2010-12-03

Time period All countries Azerbaijan
All time 304 211
2010 232 163

Keep Fran On TV

This is petition to help Fran Joy Drescher to get re-newed and to  help her.All you need to do is to support this,So,that FOX can bring this show into National Syndication and to help us to provide peace to all the FRANNITES    We are hoping to goive this to fox and to show them that we love fran keep it up #frannites 

Created: 2010-12-20

Time period All countries United States
All time 310 283
2010 225 204

South African Government-declare Corrective Rape A Hate Crime!

As we start this first day of "16 Days of Activism", the founder and warrior-woman of Lulekisizwe, Ndumie Funda, is in hiding and fearing for her life, which has been threatened by Andile Ngcoza, the man who raped Millicent Gaika! He was arrested last week for breaking his conditions of bail, and was yet again released! WHAT is the SA Government doing about this? Lesbians are targeted and terrorised in townships across the country. Some young men believe lesbians should be raped to correct t

Created: 2010-11-25

Time period All countries United States
All time 304 136
2010 223 105

Roxette 2 play in Spain 2011

we're gonna do our best to get Roxette to play in Spain!

Created: 2010-11-03

Time period All countries Spain
All time 256 222
2010 219 186

Save Caol Community Centre


Created: 2010-11-09

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 216 205
2010 216 205

Da ulica,trg,skola ili druga ustanova u BiH nosi naziv 12 beba

Ratne 1992.godine rodjeno je trinaest beba u Banja Luci i od jih samo je jedna prezivjela,Sladjana Kobas.Dvanaest beba je umrlo zbog nedostatka kiseonika.Usljed svakodnevnih borbi bila je onemogucena dostava kiseonika kopnenim putem Srbije,kojim se bolnica do tad redovno snadbijevala.Jedina mogucnost dobijanja kiseonika bila je vazdusnim putem.Mnogi apeli za pomoc bili su upuceni putem radija,televizije i novina.Medjutim,avion sa bocama kiseonika nije dobio odobrenje da poleti u bivsu BiH.I tako

Created: 2010-12-08

Time period All countries Bosnia and Herzegovi
All time 326 252
2010 208 158

Support to peacemaker Georgi Vanyan – stop racism in Armenia!

Public activist Georgi Vanyan is the chairman of the Caucasus Center of Peace-Making Initiatives (CCPMI) NGO, based in Yerevan, Armenia. Since 2003 he led the number of projects aimed to support the dialogue between Armenian and Azerbaijanian societies and the Armenian-Turkish reconciliation process. On November 2010 large scale campaign was launched by press and all TV stations of Armenia as well as many public and political figure

Created: 2010-12-17

Time period All countries Armenia
All time 212 180
2010 192 173

We Hereby Claim that Kim Michaels Has No Rights to the Assets of the Shangra-la Mission or its Subsi

Note: For updated information 2011, see the announcement (link above) and We hereby declare the independence of the non profit Shangra-la Mission, and any of its subsidiaries, from any ties to the Ask Real Jesus website or its creator, Kim Michaels. Through the circumstances of the past year, July 2009 to the present, Kim Michaels has abandoned the Messenger, Lorraine Michaels, (herein called "the Messenger") the teachings, stude

Created: 2010-10-18

Time period All countries Colombia
All time 198 46
2010 191 46