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31 Falice deserve better!
This petition is for FP & Alice from Riverdale. Fans have been lied that they will get first season scenes, but almost all of their scenes have been cut from the episodes! Their first kiss of 3×8 was deleted and the fans were left with hope! Writers treat us as a trash, breaking their promises! Treat the couple with indifference and the stages of their relationship become illogical! They had s...
164 The Future of University College Roosevelt: A Response to the Reorientation Plan
If you are in support of the thoughts and sentiments expressed in the document, “The Future of University College Roosevelt: A Response to the Reorientation Plan”, please sign the petition and (if you wish) leave your comment and credentials as a sign of solidarity.
13 To stop collection of fees by men/officers of the NURTW at bus stops, garages and other public places in Lagos State, pursuant to the 'Illegal Collection of Dues in Public Places Prohibition Law,1989'
NURTW ( the Union) is a trade union recognised in Nigeria, with branches in different parts of the states. Over the years, the Union engages some of its members to collect dues/fees from drivers/riders of commercial vehicles at different public locations like bus stops, motor parks etc. It has been discovered that some of these members (collectors) engage in some activities like assults, threats t...
324 Declare Climate Emergency! Chalmers University of Technology
The Pope, former UN secretary general, leading climate scientist – voices are being raised across the globe to acknowledge the crisis we are currently in. Bristol University recently became the first academic institution to declare emergency, we urge Chalmers to follow. Chalmers University of Technology should: 1. Declare climate emergency 2. Communicate to all student and staff why this is nece...
8 We want justice for the Romania victims of ANRP - their neocomunist mafiotic like decisions or indecisions
Mii si zeci de mii de romani care au fost prigoniti timp de doua-trei generatii de catre comunisti si-au cerut dreptatea la ANRP - Asociatia Nationala pentru Restituirea Proprietatilor confiscate de comunisti. Nu mai este un secret demult cum ca fondurile alocate de Uniunea Europeana cu acest scop , au fost demult deturnate de o mana de baroni locali , prin intermediul acestei mega-corupte institu...
89 Competitive salaries for CUNY College Laboratory Technicians (CLT’s)
Summary The PSC has completely reneged on their promise to get a fair wage increase for the most vulnerable chapter in the union, the College Laboratory Technicians (CLT's). Because our numbers are small, we are often forgotten and disregarded, but also because our numbers are so small it wouldn't take much for the union to stick to their guns and fight for our demands the way they are fighting f...
130 Petition against the lobbyism made in dance sports!
Those who disagree with the vitiation of the results of the dance sports competitions caused by lobbyism, are asked to sign this petition. We hope that the leading forums of the dance sport will understand the magnitude and the harmfulness of the phenomenon and take action.   Thank you, Lecturer, Phd, Eng. Costinel Mihaiu...
16 No Bail, Justice for the Victim
Violence should not be awarded with bail, or leaniant sentencing. Please share and sign to show your support for the victim of the Callanahn st assult in Quesnel. And keep the Dangerous individual responsible for the crime where he belongs. Behind bars. Its time to tell the canadian Government, we wont tolorate violent offenders in our communites. ...
203 Ban boats in the Canal of Malmö during the birds breeding period.
Considering that a swan male was killed and now the nest is abandoned and the eggs are lifeless. So, nine swans have lost their lives in order for people to paddle the canoe in the canal during the breeding period.. So if you agree that boats should be banned during the breeding period in Malmö channel then I think you should sign. Thanks in advance. PS: Please share on your social media...
175 Let Marita stay at Wången (Closed)
Remember to check your mail to confirm your name! Wången is the where we all have coming to from whole scandinavia. Young people with dreams and a hope of a course wich will help us reach them. The future of not only the harness racing sport, nor the iclandic horse sport but the whole horseworld. But it is not just a fun game. We move away from home in early age to live alone. We are stuck at Wång...