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5 Give Elisder Discord Role “GOD KING OF ARBY’S”
pls I really want it I think it’d make me look cool in front of girls...
5 Lets Draw mit Tonia
Wenn Lets Draw mit Tonia nicht stattfindet werde ich in meinem leben nie mehr glücklich sein... außerdem würde ich gerne ein paar Gäste vorschlagen: Taddl, Cengiz, Unge und Rezo...
6 Bring John back on Facebook
This petition aims on changing the name of Yiannis back to the original and well known one JOHN...
The Water Infrastructure of Kempton Park is 60 Years Old. Since the Establishment of the Ekurhurleni Metro there has never been a maintenance plan for the area. Residents of Kempton park are without water on a daily basis due to the lack of maintenance resulting in the infrastructure collapsing (Burst Pipes). We the Residence of Kempton Park demand that the Water and Sanitation Department of City...
7 Maintenance at Al Hawaii Twin towers
Dear Sir/madam, This letter is to bring to your notice that there are serious maintenance  issues in our building. We have complained many times about the broken tile in bathrooms and other rooms of the apartments. Recently one of washbasin stone broke on my child leg leading to serious injuries. This is a humble appeal to bring all the complaints to be taken care off immediately before any other...
974 Free ASAP Rocky from Jail
Rapper ASAP Rocky has been arrested for suspicion of assault after getting into an altercation with two drug addicts who were provoking him and his crew, following them around and touching women without consent. Rocky was simply fighting him as self defence, but Swedish Police are viewing this an unwarranted attack. Rocky posted footage showing that he tried to keep the situation from escalating,...
479 Lombokplasticfree
LOMBOKPLASTICFREE Our beautiful island is drowning in plastic. We need to save it now!   MISSION We want to stop the consumption of single use plastic in Lombok. WE CARE of (y)our oceans, wildlife and the health of future generations. Lombokplasticfree comes down to you and me. VISION The main objective of our community is to make a statement to the government. Without the right eduction and prop...
8 Unite against Amor boat parties scam in London!!
Amor boat parties is a London based hoax, which tricks people visiting London that it organises parties on the Thames, and sells tickets online, but cancels the events on the day of the event. It is run by a con-artist named John Duckett, who is very responsive and sounds very professional upon initial contact, assuring you the event will be perfect for you but that it is selling out quickly. He...
7 Team Data Dimension - We want to see Cav at the Tour.
Mark Cavendish is a favourite amongst fans, he has been an incredible ambassador for the team and has battled against illness for over two years. Mark deserves his chance and we the fans want to see Mark Cavendish at the Tour in 2019.  Sign below and let the team know how we the fans feel. If you feel that you want to contact the team you can do that too here -
5 The Lyttle Bros situatiom
Kravz shouldn't go on his smurf whenever multiple people are on smurfs in the same party that are under gold 2 He should get Lyttle Bros to silver 1 or undet...