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Devinov Zakon

Da uspe ono sto smo naumili

Created: 2016-01-28

Time period All countries Serbia
All time 3653 1158
2016 3454 1073

Motion of No Confidence in UFS SRC President Lindokuhle Ntuli

As per paragraph 12 of the UFS SRC constitution I am calling a Motion of No Confidence in UFS SRC President Lindokuhle Ntuli. He is not representing the best interests of all Students at the University of The Free State. With only a handful of students he and the SRC body has drafted a memorandum of demands that in no instance represent the voice of all students at the UFS. He is also the main cause of violence and destruction on the UFS campus. As the leader of the protest he must be held accou

Created: 2016-02-25

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 3424 3366
2016 3422 3365

Petition against fear in Joensuu

Joensuu is beginning to witness the vigilante-style street patrols of so-called ‘White Finland’, which are connected to Finnish right-wing extremist groups. Joensuu has already experienced a period of open racism that led to violence, fear and a seemingly eternal scar on the city’s reputation. This must not happen again.This petition demonstrates that the residents of Joensuu want a city that is open and respects everyone. Please sign this petition to tell that you do not want our beautiful city

Created: 2016-01-06

Time period All countries Finland
All time 3346 3215
2016 3346 3215

ban fireworks in ALL residential area's

Why must our pets go through trauma every year?  Fireworks is a menace and should be banned.  If you want to shoot the rubbish then there should be a specified location OUTSIDE and far away from any form of residential area.   This should become illegal and those found in possession or using them should be severely punished.  This country is in turmoil and its time to STAND TOGETHER 

Created: 2016-01-01

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 3263 3107
2016 3241 3090

Krafa frá kennurum til sveitarfélaga

Við, grunnskólakennarar á Íslandi, krefjumst þess að sveitarfélögin á landinu bregðist án tafar við því alvarlega ástandi sem skapast hefur í skólakerfinu vegna hættulegra og rangra áherslna í kjarastefnu sveitarfélaga gagnvart grunnskólakennurum. Laun kennara eru of lág og valda því með öðru að grunnskólakerfið er ekki lengur sjálfbært. Þeir kennarar sem nú starfa í grunnskólunum njóta mun verri kjara en samanburðarhópar og raunar töluvert lægri kjara en almennt tíðkast á landinu. Nú eru samnin

Created: 2016-11-04

Time period All countries Iceland
All time 3202 3190
2016 3200 3189

Impotriva eutanasierii dupa 14 zile la Adapost Public Moinesti

[English below] Va rog semnati aceasta petitie care atesta ca sunteti impotriva implementarii legii comform careia cateii din Adapostul Public Moinesti ar trebui sa fie eutanasiati dupa 14 zile.  Luni , 15 Februarie este o dezbatere publica privind aplicarea acestei legi la adapostul Moinesti- SEMNATI ACUM DACA SUNTETI IMPOTRIVA, inainte de sedinta !  Cateii adusi in adapost au nevoie de mai mult de 14 zile pentru a putea fi sterilizati , vaccinati si apoi adoptati de oamenii din oras sau din af

Created: 2016-02-11

Time period All countries Romania
All time 3199 1817
2016 3199 1817

Ice skating rink in Turnhout must stay open

After 40 years will the ice skating rink in Turnhout close it doors. For many skaters, supporters en parents this will mean the end of their sport or hobby. The ice skating rink has many clubs: ice hockey club Turnhout Tigers, figure skating club NOT, curlingclub Campina Curling and shorttrackclub TNT. These clubs have over 500 members, many of them are children, who will be left in the cold. Belgium doesn't have that many ice skating rinks, which doesn't make it easy to go elsewhere. Closing th

Created: 2016-02-18

Time period All countries Belgium
All time 3170 2408
2016 3170 2408

DIANA & ANDY Barbu Racolta Save Them from Adoption

Unlock right to happiness these Barbu's family children .Drama , whose children were abducted by the authorities in Haringey London, caused the collapse of family and much suffering children who always complain that they would back home. "To notify the authorities in London, and international organizations that protect fundamental rights and freedoms human and children, I decided to start a petition. It will be handed to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Prime Minister David Cameron, European Parl

Created: 2016-01-12

Time period All countries Romania
All time 3164 1513
2016 3148 1503

Consular assistance for Ali Aarrass

Ali Aarrass is a dual Belgian-Moroccan citizen, unjustly imprisoned for eight years in Morocco following a terrorism conviction based solely on torture evidence.   Ali Aarrass’ life was turned upside down on 1 April 2008, when he was arrested in Melilla, the Spanish enclave in Moroccan territory, and transferred to Spain, on suspicion of belonging to a terrorist network. After a long and careful investigation, the celebrated judge Baltazar Garzon decided there was no case to answer in March 2009

Created: 2016-10-24

Time period All countries Belgium
All time 3141 2429
2016 3082 2391

Stop the indifference and corruption from Romania Hospitals!!!

Dear mums, dads with childrens from Giurgiu, from all over Romania, from Europe, from entire world!!! I initiated this petition online for finding justice for a fair and just investigation, the dismissal of the guilty without the right to practice the profession !!! In memory of our baby Edi we will hold a -PROTEST MEETING! Saturday, 02/04/2016 between the hours of 15: 00-17: 00 blvd. Mihai Viteazu. Unfortunately, our baby became a martyr, maybe it was his mission on earth, which is to stop the

Created: 2016-03-15

Time period All countries Romania
All time 3043 2652
2016 3040 2651

Lars áfram

Við undirrituð hvetjum Lars Lagerback til að halda áfram að starfa með Heimi Hallgrímssyni sem landsliðsþjálfari A-landsliðs karla í knattspyrnu. Í ljósi þess að liðið komst í fyrsta skipti á lokakeppni stórmóts, þá hvetjum við KSÍ til að leita allra leiða til að fá Lars til að endurskoða ákvörðun sína. Hann og Heimir mynda öflugasta þjálfarateymi sem Ísland getur hugsað sér. Áfram Ísland! Áfram Lars!

Created: 2016-06-22

Time period All countries Iceland
All time 3029 2881
2016 3028 2881