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NHL 11 on PC

We - Gamers who love hockey! We - Gamers who have only a PC! We - Gamers who will never forget hockey spirit! We - Gamers who trust in EA Sports! WE WANT NHL 11 ON PC! EA Sports - Please dont discriminate a PC gamers...think about us! We're just a humans!

Created: 2010-09-19

Time period All countries Latvia
All time 119 93
2010 91 85

Single only 1on1 ladder

That would be cool, imo@ esl. vote it!( put your nickname as your real name ) AMAZING; WE DID IT! congrats to ya'll!  

Created: 2010-12-24

Time period All countries United States
All time 104 13
2010 89 13

Petition to keep the wide range of languages and communication skills teaching at Oulu University La

The University of Oulu began its joint consultation process regarding the future of the Language Centre with the teaching and administrative staff of the Language Centre on 15.02.2010. We appeal to the decision-makers, administration and board of Oulu University for the preservation of the Language Centre's broad range of language and communication studies and its support functions. The University of Oulu's Language Centre offers university students unique opportunities to acquire wide-ranging l

Created: 2010-02-16

Time period All countries Finland
All time 85 85
2010 85 85

Restore the peace at Awen

I sign this petition to register my support for removing the multi-use games area (MUGA) from the field opposite 1 Penrhiwgwair Cottage, the home of Awen B&B in Abercarn. Guests have come from across the globe to enjoy the hospitality and unique atmosphere this historic cottage offers, using it as a base to explore Caerphilly County and the surrounding area. Since the construction of the MUGA only 18m from the cottage, guests are now exposed to noise and antisocial behaviour around the clo

Created: 2010-11-07

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 81 57
2010 80 56

Stop bird slaughter in Cyprus now!

The new EU member state Cyprus has become a death trap for the birds which migrate across the Eastern Mediterranean. Countless trappers set up their nets, and above all lime sticks, in almond and olive groves, in gardens and in the macchia in order to trap migrant song birds resting on passage. The main victims of the lime sticks are warblers and thrushes; but cuckoos, owls and other protected birds are also caught. The trapped birds are destined for the pot, not infrequently in restaurants, whe

Created: 2010-08-30

Time period All countries United States
All time 1322 154
2010 80 16

Make Hape Kerkeling the male host of the Eurovision Song Contest!

ENGLISH: Please support our petition to make Hape Kerkeling the male host of the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Düsseldorf! We will send this petition to the German broadcaster NDR. Hape Kerkeling is a big Eurovision fan and a real language talent. He speaks German, English, Dutch, Spanish and French fluently and would thus be the perfect host for Europe’s most favourite TV-show. He is Germany’s most successful Comedian: His many alter egos as alcoholic journalist Horst Schlämmer or former

Created: 2010-12-05

Time period All countries Germany
All time 82 67
2010 79 64

We are petitioning the Florida Governor, Charlie Christ to investigate the decision made by the Leon

Please sign this petition in hopes of releasing Darius from registering as a sexual predator for the rest of his life. Darius was 14 years old when he was accused of sexual battery/false imprisonment.  His birth year was oddly changed from 1988 to 1987; to make him appear to be 15 instead of 14. His public defender specifically told me, face to face, that the police was finding loopholes in the 15 year old girl's story. The lawyer stated that the young girl changed her story 3 times and my son w

Created: 2010-08-06

Time period All countries United States
All time 77 75
2010 77 75

No to a Buffy the Vampire Slayer Movie!

If you're a huge fan of the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, like me, and don't want the marvelous work of Joss Whedon to be ruined, like me, then help me to tell the Warner Bros and Whit Anderson that the idea of a new Buffy movie is the lamest idea one could ever have. Sign this petition. Make yourself heard.   Say NO the a new Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie!

Created: 2010-11-23

Time period All countries France
All time 101 62
2010 70 54

Zac and Josh Farro on South America Tour 2011

Acredito que eu esteja escrevendo em nome de todos os fãs do Brasil (e outros países da América do sul) a respeito da saída do Zac e do Josh Farro do Paramore. Fomos pegos totalmente de surpresa, apenas duas semanas depois do início das vendas dos ingressos dos shows da banda, que vão acontecer em Fevereiro de 2011 aqui no Brasil. Muitos de nós já compraram os ingressos e alguns tinham acabado de adquirir o seu quando veio a notícia. Já vimos muitas bandas das quais gostamos se separarem, membro

Created: 2010-12-20

Time period All countries Brazil
All time 71 60
2010 69 58


I created this petition to stop the airing of "WILLING WILLIE" tomorrow in TV5 for the reason that he is not deserving to appear again on public television. He is not a good example to the youth, he epitomizes the modern Satan. HE DOESN'T KNOW THE WORD RESPECT! ---  TV5 not airing ‘Willing Willie’ yet by Isah V. Red Willie Revillame has been reported earlier this month that he would finally make an appearance on TV5 hosting the show he is co-producing with the network title Willing Willie. His f

Created: 2010-10-22

Time period All countries Philippines
All time 101 76
2010 68 55

Keep swimming at Cowm Reservoir, Whitworth

PLEASE HELP TO KEEP US SWIMMING IN COWM RESERVOIR: United Utilities have banned swimming in all reservoirs and have informed us that Whitwoth water sports centre at Cowm Reservoir is not an exception. This is despite the reservoir having been used in a safe responsible manner by many athletes including local Triathlon and swimming clubs all summer. The 'Cowm Clash Triathlon' was held on the reservoir in June which was a huge success, not only for the athletes and their families, but also for the

Created: 2010-08-05

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 73 67
2010 67 61