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This is a petition to deny bail to John Fredrick Coetzee, Fareez Allie, Achmat Toffa, Kurt Erispe. They were arrested over the weekend of 10 February 2012, in connection with the murder of Bruno Bronn, the owner of Bronx nightclub. Bruno was found dead in his home on Tuesday. His hands had been tied and he had marks around his neck. The reason bail should be denied to these men is simple: intimidation. Many people who knew Bruno, or worked with Bruno, say they fear the repercussions for spea

Created: 2012-02-14

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 495 401
2012 495 401

عريضة مواطنين تونسيين حول تدهور وضع الحريّات الفرديّة و حريّة 2012 تونس في 20 جويلية بيان مواطنين تونسيين حول تدهور وضع الحريّات الفرديّة و حريّة المعتقد و التعبير في البلاد نحن الموقعون أدناه، مواطنون تونسيّون من مختلف التوجهات و الإختصاصات، نرى أنّه من واجبنا التاريخي أن نعبّر عن موقفنا حول ما نراه إستهدافا ممنهجا و تدريجيّا للحرّيات في تونس مع إنخراط الحكومة و وزارة الداخليّة بالخصوص في هذا التوجّه الخطير.   فقد تمّ مؤخرّا تسجيل عدّة إخترقات للقانون من طرف القوّة العّامة حيث أكدّت عدة سيّدات في مختلف مدن البلاد

Created: 2012-07-21

Time period All countries Tunisia
All time 485 430
2012 484 429

Révision de la loi de la "zatla" en Tunisie

La loi en vigueur qui date du début des années 90 inflige aux consommateurs de la résine du cannabis une peine d’emprisonnement minimale d’une année et 1000 dinars d’amende, quasiment la seule loi dans le monde qui inflige une telle sanction. Une lourde sentence pour la simple consommation d’un joint alors que d’autres pays, comme les Pays-bas, mettent à disposition des citoyens des espaces pour s’adonner à cette drogue douce. Depuis l’entrée en vigueur de la loi condamnant la consom

Created: 2012-02-22

Time period All countries Tunisia
All time 518 416
2012 484 392

Peticija za hitno osnivanje azila za pse u Novom Sadu

Peticija za hitno osnivanje azila za pse u Novom Sadu! Na ulicama Novog Sada ima oko 25.000 pasa lutalica, a grad nema strategiju za njihovo zbrinjavanje. Zbog napada ovakvih pasa lutalica, grad je preko JKP Čistoća u toku 2010. godine navodno isplatio građanima na osnovu tužbi do 35 miliona dinara, a broj tužbi raste iz godine u godinu upravo zbog povećanja broja napuštenih životinja. Novi Sad je za iznos isplaćenih odšteta samo u prošloj godini mogao da napravi dva azila za pse lutalice.

Created: 2012-01-07

Time period All countries Serbia
All time 558 523
2012 473 447

PlayStation games in Ukrainian

To Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe PlayStation is one of the most popular video gaming brand in the world. The first PlayStation console launched in 1994 (it came to Europe in 1995). Today there are five consoles in the PlayStation line. Since PlayStation 3, most exclusives are fully localised (with sound) not only for Western European, but also for Eastern European markets. In Ukraine there are many fans of PlayStation consoles and games. Ukraine's neighbors,

Created: 2012-12-20

Time period All countries Ukraine
All time 802 753
2012 431 424

Justice for Jasmine

We the people are dissatisfied that a cause of death was not certified by the pathologist in the death of 13 year old Jasmine Lowe after being informed via media that an onsite post mortem was conducted.  We believe that the best results were not obtained from an onsite autopsy. We know how critical certifying a cause of death is in ensuring a conviction in murder cases . Without a certified cause of death, it is very difficult for law enforcement and prosecutors to properly prosecute murderers

Created: 2012-06-08

Time period All countries Belize
All time 427 261
2012 423 260

განცხადება დარიალის ჰესის მშენებლობის შესაჩერებლად

ვითხოვთ, შეჩერდეს დარიალის ჰესის მშენებლობა იმ დრომდე, სანამ, საუკეთესო საერთაშორისო პრაქტიკის გამოყენებით, ფართო საზოგადოებასთან და ექსპერტებთან კონსულტაციით, დადგინდება მდინარე თერგში დასატოვებელი წყლის ის ოპტიმალური ოდენობა, რომელიც უზრუნველყოფს როგორც ხეობის ლანდშაფტური და ბიოლოგიური მრავალფეროვნების შენარჩუნებას, ისე კულტურულ-ეთნოგრაფიულ და ტურისტულ ფასეულობებზე მინიმალურ ზეგავლენას.

Created: 2012-07-26

Time period All countries Georgia
All time 429 401
2012 421 393

Save our Hydrotherapy Pool

The Borders Health Board are closing the hydrotherapy pool at the BGH. Patients will now be expected to visit our local swimming pools to receive their treatment. This pool is designed for specialist care and treatment, which provides an essential service to hundreds of patients throughout the year and can not simply be replaced by using our local swimming pools. If you would like to voice your concerns over the removal of this service, then please sign our petition.

Created: 2012-11-18

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 475 444
2012 411 382

Self-determination and sovereignty of Hungary

Self-determination and sovereignty of HungaryHungaria semper liberaUna et eadem libertasThe fundamental rights of self-determination and freedom have been integral parts of the Constitution of Hungary for hundreds of years. Throughout history, the violation of these rights have repeatedly led to insurrections and revolutions which, on the long run, rippled through the whole of Europe.In 1956, we tore off the mask of the communist dictatorship and Pax Sovietica thus initiating their collapse.In 1

Created: 2012-01-19

Time period All countries Poland
All time 414 199
2012 409 199

Geen parool vir Alison Botha Verkragters(monsters) nie.

Me. Alison Botha is in1994 wreed deur Theuns Kruger en Frans du Toit aangeval.Ügen Vos, Jeanne-Marié Versluis en André DamonsTwee mans wat me. Alison Botha verkrag, byna keelafgesny en vir dood agtergelaat het, kan ná 17 jaar agter tralies dalk binnekortvrygelaat word.Theuns Kruger en Frans du Toit is in Augustus 1995 totlewenslange tronkstraf gevonnis.Ingevolge wetgewing wat in Junie verlede jaar van kraggeword het, mag alle gevangenes wat voor 2004 tot lewenslange tronkstrafgevonnis is en reed

Created: 2012-01-19

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 606 507
2012 408 358

Free Armin

Ministry of Justice republic of Korea  & UNHCR in South Korea I am writing to express my strongest concern over the fate of Armin Rad (Hosein Javaherynia) borne in Iran, who is currently in Hwaseong  Immigration  detention  centre in South Korea and is going to be deported to Iran in any moment. Armin Rad (Hosein Javaherynia)   is a well-known political opponent of the Islamic Regime of Iran and has been a political and human rights activist for more than two decades in Iran and in South Ko

Created: 2012-11-25

Time period All countries South Korea
All time 681 552
2012 400 304