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29 74 Induct Clyde Stubblefield in to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
        Clyde Stubblefield (4/18/43 – 2/18/17), “The Original Funky Drummer” of James    Brown’s band, deserves induction into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame. Clyde’s “Funky Drummer" drum pattern is considered to be one of the World’s most sampled pieces of music and Clyde's beats and rhythmic grooves are the foundation of James Brown's hit songs.  Artists that sampled Clyde's drum pattern include...
27 2 354 Mecsek hills are in danger: Stop uranium mining!
  It is time to act! Sign our petition! In the heart of the Mecsek hills a company with a mysterious background plans to open a uranium mine: formerly called Wildhorse, now it’s under the name of Hungarian Uranium Resources Ltd.   Mecsek is an individual bird protection area, its unique plant community, wild life and geological forms are our protected treasures. Many of the hundreds of native spec...
26 26 Investigate UQ students who have been involved in the violent incident
To Professor Peter Høj AC, Vice-Chancellor and President of UQ, We are pleased to see your public message on Facebook to show the school has zero-tolerance for violence and intimidation. However, the violent acts from the PRC students have continually attacked both local students and students from Hong Kong when they are peacefully protesting. We urge to take actions now as follow: 1. Unbiased inv...
This petition is signed by concerned Memphians, being residents of High Point Terrace and its surrounding neighborhoods, asking that all concerned Memphis City and Shelby County government entities, employees, elected officials, and those seeking elected office take note that NO STREET CLOSURES IN HIGH POINT TERRACE ARE DESIRED AT THIS TIME.  The potential negative impact far outweighs any potenti...
25 84 Petition by The residents of the County of Newell No 4 to stop amalgamation with the city of Brooks
The undersigned persons, being electors of the council of the County of Newell # 4 in  the province of Alberta hereby petition the council of the County of Newell # 4 to cease and desist any and all actions to amalgamate with neigboring municipalities. Almagamatiion may result in:  1. Higher taxes for County of Newell  residents.  2. Less representation,  City of Brooks agenda will be prioity over...
25 4 974 Dostupnost FreeStyle libre u Srbiji - Da dijabetes manje boli
NEOPHODNA DOSTUPNOST FREESTYLE LIBRE U SRBIJI Ovo je peticija za omogućavanje dostupnosti uređaja FreeStyle libre kompanije Abbott, u Srbiji, koji bi značajno olakšao život dijabetičara. Naročito odojčadi, male dece, nemoćnih koji nisu u stanju da iskažu kritičnost svog stanja, što bi drugi mogli pratiti za njih. Uređaja za sve dijabetičare mučnog moranja svakodnevnog bockanja. Uređaja koji bi zna...
24 24 Justice for Jiha'd Vasquez
This is the hate crime Presidential candidate and South Bend, Indiana Mayor Buttigieg doesn’t want to talk about. In 2011 black High school student Jiha’d Vasquez was found hung from a power line support after missing for four days KKK style in South Bend. Although the day he was reported missing he had been in a fight with a white student at school over a IPad which the white student claimed was...
24 175 Paul Vegas for Commercial Radio
Hi, 93.4 Mafisa fm has moulded me today into an R&B giant that I am presently. Despite my passion and knowledgeability for music (R&B) especially. My greatest moment of introduction to radio was when I met Mr Given Mkhari and his associate Mr Bonnke Shipalan some years back. He Mr Mkhari said the same statement my old English teacher did back in high school. (if your wallet was big as you...
23 25 Bring legendary upgrade back to unknown
Pls sign this. This is for the best cause. Clipz asked for this follow unknown on instagram:
23 13 322 Refunds of Orkambi in Poland - medicine for Cystic fibrosis
National Health Fund Office: 02-390 Warszawa ul. Grójecka 186  Office of President of National Health Fund Elżbieta Zahaczewska-Wyroba p.o. Dyrektora Gabinetu Prezesa Social Communication Office Sylwia Wądrzyk-Bularz p.o. Dyrektora Biura Komunikacji Społecznej, Spokesperson for the Department of Health Care BenefitsWojciech Zawalski Director of Department of Health Care Benefits Ministry of Health...