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Change Fixr's name to "Short"

Fixr has broken the rules and has posted Padoru text in November.For these crimes and also being relatively short, he shall see that such things must be obeyed. Upon reaching enough votes, it shall be proven to Fixr that everyone agrees that his wrongdoings went too far and shall be named "Short" from this point on until forgiven.

Created: 2019-11-19

Time period All countries Slovenia
All time 6 4
7 days 6 4

حملة توقيعات مطالبة بمحاكمة محمد حمدان حميدتي

انا المواطن / المواطنة  السوداني / السودانية ............. أطالب بتقديم  الفريق أول محمد حمدان دقلو حميدتي للمحاكمة في تهمة فض الاعتصام هو وقوات الدعم السريع  ومن شاركت معه من قوي عسكرية وأمنية اخري .    

Created: 2019-11-19

Time period All countries United States
All time 7 2
7 days 6 2

Bring back Gianca as commissioner

Gianca was a great commissioner and we need him back to guide us to be better fantasy hockey players. He's very important. This is to show him that. 

Created: 2019-11-18

Time period All countries Canada
All time 6 6
7 days 6 6

Leaked unisa LEV3701 exam

On the 8th November 2019 many 3rd year unisa LLB students gathered to write their LEV3701 exam only to find out it was leaked . This is totally unfair and prejudices our rights as students. The university has numerous scandals concerning leaked papers and we as students demand recourse . We are demanding for a portfolio as this isn’t the first time it occurs . The university furthermore fails to mark our exams. Whenever you ask for a copy of your exams they decline only to find out that half the

Created: 2019-11-09

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 384 370
7 days 6 4

Shrek Live action

We all want a shrek live action, cmon you know you want it! Starring Dwayne "the rock" Johnson as shrek and Danny devito as lord farquadd 

Created: 2019-11-16

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 5 5
7 days 5 5

Canadian Immigration for Victims of Xenophobia in South Africa/Immigration canadienne pour les victimes de xénophobie en Afrique du Sud

I recently addressed an opened letter to the Minister of IRCC pleading him to open an immigration program for the victims of xenophobia in South Africa. Please sign this petition in supprt of that. J'ai récemment adressé une lettre ouverte au ministre d'IRCC le priant d'ouvrir un programme d'immigration à l'intention des victimes de la xénophobie en Afrique du Sud. Veuillez signer cette pétition pour supporter cela.

Created: 2019-09-04

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 7430 6691
7 days 5 4

Stop die nuwe seksvoorligting van die Onderwys Departement !!

Die Departement wil ons dwing om hulle idee van seksvoorligting aan ons kinders bloot te stel. Die ouer MOET oor reg beskik om self hieroor te besluit!!

Created: 2019-11-05

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 335 330
7 days 4 4

Support Local West Cork Seaweed Farm to get an Aquaculture license to grow edible seaweeds in Dunmanus bay.

  On behalf of Roaring Water Sea Vegetable Co Ltd We have been refused an Aquaculture license for the third time to grow edible seaweeds in Dunmanus bay. Our first application was in Roaring Water bay on the site of the old Seaweed co-op and we made a bid of €5000 to take over the farm but the committee chose to give it to a local mussel farmer, under whose kind auspices we have been running the site growing brown seaweeds –Wakame, Sugar Kelp and Digitata Kelp for 7 years. As the license is not

Created: 2019-11-01

Time period All countries Ireland
All time 58 46
7 days 4 3

Petition against dolphinarium in Varna

Petiotion to close down the dolphinarium and free the  dolphins from there because of bad conditions and death of baby dolphin.

Created: 2019-08-13

Time period All countries Bulgaria
All time 2386 1575
7 days 4 1


We urge all responsible authorities, decision makers as well as institutions in charge of the urban planning and the protection of heritage in Belgrade and Serbia to take urgent steps to stop the construction of the cable car that would connect the Belgrade Fortress and Ušće Park. The Belgrade Fortress is the key historic urban site for understanding the development of Belgrade and the presence of the various civilisations from Prehistoric times, and must be safeguarded as a whole. We believe t

Created: 2019-03-19

Time period All countries Serbia
All time 16084 13116
7 days 4 3

Stop Hothead Games' predatory marketing practices in KSB!!!

Given the current state of affairs in Kill Shot Bravo (KSB), we are attempting to gauge the level of discontent or unhappiness amongst the players. On a weekly basis, Hothead Games (HHG) has either implemented or removed some aspect of the game which only benefits them financially. Recently, the only move we've seen to help the KSB community as a whole were the elimination of mod apks back in early April. While this change was appreciated, frankly it was 10 months overdue. It's the responsibilit

Created: 2017-07-18

Time period All countries United States
All time 910 467
7 days 4 4