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2019-05-23 03:22 Diplomatic scandal: Disco club threatens to destroy historical monument
In Novi Pazar, Serbia, on the part of old Ottoman fort there is a disco clubwhich threatens to destroy the walls and make a huge damage to both, the environmentand the old structure itself. Please help as give our voice towards the relevant institutions. This petition is a last resort for us, the people of the city of Novi Pazar, to ask for justice, for respect of our heritage, for respect of our...
2019-05-23 02:52 END FUR FARMING IN SERBIA
Dear friends of animals and planet Earth,   We need your help!   We are contacting you in defense of the law on animal welfare, specifically article 7, paragraph 1, point 37, which forbids the containment, reproduction, import, export and deprivation of life specifically for the purpose of producing fur and leather and article 89, which states that this ban will be implemented as of January 1st, 2...
2019-05-23 00:19 Concert Hall Sarajevo Campaign
Invitation to sign petition for Sarajevo Concert Hall We invite professionals, all citizens and friends of Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina to support campaign to build the Concert Hall Sarajevo in Marindvor, according to the anticipated regulatory plan and programs of development of Sarajevo and the Sarajevo Canton. This is an unduly neglected project that, by international agreement, through...
2019-05-22 23:54 Decriminalize possession of Psilocybin Mushrooms
Europe's strongest hallucinogenic mushroom, 'Liberty cap', are thriving in Denmark. The mushroom contains the psychoactive compound called psilocybin - a so-called psychedelic substance - which recent research indicates has a huge potential for treating depression, as well as helping people out of their nicotine and alcohol dependence. It stands proud out there, swaying in the Danish mole, in the...
2019-05-22 22:46 ASHTON DO A BUN
Dear Ashton, we love and appreciate you, however we want this to happen. You would look so good with it and it would give us the rights we deserve. Give your lane the content they want. Thank you     Do it or we are mad ...
2019-05-22 21:27 Declare Climate Emergency! Chalmers University of Technology
The Pope, former UN secretary general, leading climate scientist – voices are being raised across the globe to acknowledge the crisis we are currently in. Bristol University recently became the first academic institution to declare emergency, we urge Chalmers to follow. Chalmers University of Technology should: 1. Declare climate emergency 2. Communicate to all student and staff why this is nece...
2019-05-22 20:17 We want to show the Transylvania County Commissioners that there is overwhelming community support for building the Jameson's Joy Memorial Ninja Park.
I support the construction of the Jameson's Joy Memorial Ninja Park at the Transylvania County Parks and Recreation Department complex. I live in the area and/or visit the area and support giving the community this opportunity for fitness and fun....
2019-05-22 18:37 We want a new pharmacy for South Queensferry
My wife and I applied for an NHS contract to dispense prescriptions in the new pharmacy we are planning to open in South Queensferry to serve the town’s rapidly growing population. The local consultation revealed a high level of dissatisfaction with the two existing pharmacies which are clearly buckling under the strain of this growing demand. But, incredibly, the application was rejected,  leavin...
2019-05-22 17:36 Boycott Nestle Products!! The shops are no longer allowed to offer these products!!!
Wir unterstützen keine Unternehmen, die Menschen, Tiere und die Umwelt zerstören !!!!
2019-05-22 13:39 why we are spending $16b a year to feed the prisoners? Make them work hard in the farms to feed themself.
Yearly, Australia spends $16b for Prisons, each prisoner costs us $110,000 and double that amount for juveniles. Compared to America who are spending only $43,000 per prisoner per year. People are comparing prisons in Australia to be hotel-like, with prisoners well fed and looked after with medical care 24 hours a day. Why wouldn't they try their luck committing the crimes and get caught? Being lo...