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(English text below) Suvilahden skeittiparkki on purku-uhan alla Kalasataman alueen uudistuksessa ja tämä on ehdottomasti estettävä!   Suvilahti DIYn kaltaiset yhteisöllisesti rakennetut vapaat toimintaympäristöt tekevät kaupungista huomattavasti geneeristä ympäristöä kiinnostavamman ja valovoimaisemman. Tämän päivän kovinta valuuttaa ovat yhteisöllisyys, tarinat ja käsityöläisyys ja sitä kautta syntynyt kulttuurillinen arvo - niitä kaikkia Suvilahden skeittiparkissa on huomattavia määriä suhte

Created: 2018-04-12

Time period All countries Finland
All time 6383 4941
30 days 22 20

Ask Fortnite to add an African Server!

Fortnite has become a very popular game in the South African Gaming community and as much as we love the game, the 200+ ping to the European server can be testing at times. We believe the community is big enough for an African server and thus would greatly appreciate your support by signing this petition to raise awareness to Epic Games about how big this community really is and encourage them to get an African Server. 

Created: 2018-01-10

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 684 522
30 days 22 15

Postponement of maths140 test 3

We, the students of UKZN Westville, humbly request the postponement of the MATHS140 test 3 (3/10/2019) due to there being a plethora of tests during the course of this week (including the 3 hour comp102 test written on the same day).  It is near exam time and most students are trying to make dp, therefore need adequate learning space between tests. Please pick any date that is best at YOUR convenience. Thank you for your patience, MATHS140 students.

Created: 2019-10-01

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 21 21
30 days 21 21

We Support Putting Upper Empire Boulevard on a "Road Diet"

I am a resident and/or stakeholder in the Upper Empire Corridor area of East Irondequoit. I support the NYS DOT's planned "Road Diet" for Empire Boulevard between Helendale Road and Culver Road for all reasons articulated in the project information notice.

Created: 2019-08-06

Time period All countries United States
All time 41 41
30 days 20 20

Kira's Bill: Establishing an Animal Abuse Registry in Iowa

Recently Kira, a Great Dane, was observed by a concerned citizen fenced in on her owner's property in dire shape. After many calls Kira was rescued and brought to the Cedar Valley Humane Society and was found to be 60 pounds underweight. One of her rear legs was atrophied due to a past untreated injury. In order for her to survive the leg would have had to be amputated. As the days passed and Kira was able to go through additional testing it was apparent that she had suffered long term malnutrit

Created: 2017-06-22

Time period All countries United States
All time 1352 1319
30 days 20 20

No more Thyroid Madness

Levaxin (synthetic T4) is medicine we thyroid disease offered and many patients are doing very well on it but, there are also many whodo not regain their health with Levaxin, which is a synthetic hormone, but feel very bad with persistent symptoms of hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism.I want this to be illuminated in the medical treatment!These people are today without the help and medicine, although alternative treatment and knowledge available. There are more approved drugs such as Liothyronin

Created: 2013-11-11

Time period All countries Sweden
All time 12089 11487
30 days 19 19

Letter to HKCE Mrs. Carrie Lam 致特首林鄭月娥

Dear Mrs Lam After witnessing escalating riots in the past 3 months, we urge you to take following IMMEDIATE action: - sign Anti-masks bill - arrest with no bail for rioters or vandalists  - arrest Jimmy Lai, Martin Lee, Anson Chan, Albert Ho and others for Crime of Treason with no bail - limit public transportation to HKIA for travellers with valid passport and boarding pass plus employees of airport services - set up security checks at entrances of all MTR stations - shut down RTHK - terminate

Created: 2019-09-07

Time period All countries Hong Kong S.A.R., Ch
All time 84 78
30 days 18 18

Petition against dolphinarium in Varna

Petiotion to close down the dolphinarium and free the  dolphins from there because of bad conditions and death of baby dolphin.

Created: 2019-08-13

Time period All countries Bulgaria
All time 2366 1564
30 days 18 9

درخواست برگزاری میانترم درس اطفال ۲نظری

بسمه تعالی مدیر گروه محترم کودکان ، جناب آقای دکتر جعفرزاده با سلام ک تحیات احتراما ما دانشجویان ترم 9 ( ورودی 94 ) با توجه به ارائه ی درس کودکان 2 نظری در ترم جاری و اهمیت و دشواری این درس همچنین با توجه به اینکه همه ساله با لطف و ملایمت شما امتحان میانترم برگزار می شده است، خواستار برگزاری امتحان میانترم برای این درس می باشیم. پیشاپیش از بذل توجه و همکاری شما کمال تشکر را داریم.

Created: 2019-10-08

Time period All countries Iran
All time 17 16
30 days 17 16

Join the Kansas Association to Secure Our Free State

JOIN THE KANSAS ASSOCIATION TO SECURE OUR FREE STATE!"A well-regulated Militia being necessary for the security of a free State..."These are the most important 13 words in the 2nd Amendment and the entire U.S. Constitution.  They are the constitutions enforcement clause and give us the structure required to secure our free States from "all enemies both foreign and domestic."Our Founders gave us in this clause the clear understanding of the only way to keep and secure our free States and how the

Created: 2019-09-19

Time period All countries United States
All time 16 16
30 days 16 16

No to Skip stop on the Nynäshamn line

Lets stop Skip stop also on the Nynäshamn commuter line! SL gets rid of Skip-stop - north of Stockholm. But we who live in Trångsund, Skogås, Jordbro and Krigslida has to continue standing on the platforms in the cold while the X trains swisches by! Other lines has 8 trains/hour while the Nynäshamn line has only 6 trains/hour. Despite this every third train skips over Trångsund, Skogås and Jordbro - and gives them even worse frequency of trains with only 4 trains/hour! Our skip-stopped stations

Created: 2018-12-07

Time period All countries Sweden
All time 2149 2129
30 days 15 15