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End "Social Enterprise Hawker Centers" NOW!

1: To preserve and promote hawker culture and provide affordable food for the masses, the government has set up what it calls "social enterprise hawker centers"   2: The textbook definition of "social enterprise" means that either these businesses are non-profit in nature and are set up to provide an affordable service to the lower income, or that profits earned through these enterprises are channeled to help worthy causes in other ways. In the case of the "social enterprise hawker centers", the

Created: 2018-10-19

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Save Our Garden

Please help support our friend and community member to keep the local garden that they have so beautifully designed. Many children and visitors love to come and enjoy this landmark in Sentosa Cove. The garden is a treasure in our community and contributes to the beauty and wonder of living in Sentosa Cove. The General Management have requested many items to be removed for non "rule" compliance. We the residents say "Save our Garden". As a result of maintaining a community space our friend and co

Created: 2019-08-03

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To the President and Council of Darul Arqam Singapore

Petition to the President and Council Members of the Muslim Converts Association of Singapore (Darul Arqam Singapore) To: 1. Muhammad Imran Kuna/President 2. Foo Eng Yoong @ Adam Foo/Deputy President 3. Abdullah Suresh/Vice President, Corporate Affairs 4. Ng Keng Khong @ Saleem Ng/Vice President, Finance 5. Lim Kok Hao Ivan @ Iskandar Zulkarnain/Assistant Vice President, Finance 6. Zin Bo Aung/ Vice President, Converts' Development 7. Joy Joanne Shalome Bikarmjeet Singh @ Farah/Assistant Vice Pr

Created: 2018-09-03

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Possible Fraud committed (MIDAS)

This petition is created to request SGX and MAS to step in to protect the reputation of singapore as a financial center and to held company and their management accountable. As midas investor we realise and demand and explanation    1) Over the past few days there has been a wide price difference between the hong kong and singapore that leads to a lot of people that the worst is over for the company  2) The last announcement has caught lots of people surprise especially when it is so close to th

Created: 2018-02-09

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We are a group of fans, listeners, followers and supporters of Starship Entertainment (Korea)'s SISTAR.   We are demanding Starship to release a physical album of SISTAR'S Lonely and For You.  SISTAR disband is a blow to the KPOP Music Industry, their songs and performances are already missed by many.  Rated by many as a befitting finale song by SISTAR, it is a shame that there is no physical album released.  The album will miss the opportunity of rated as a Legend in the years to come. Starship

Created: 2017-06-05

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I would like to retain Cecile Chagnaud as a lecturer in the Film BA (Hons) course in Lasalle, College of the Arts.

It has been brought to attention that Cecile Chagnaud, the Editing lecturer for the Film BA (Hons) course in Lasalle, College of the Arts, has not had her contract renewed for the entire of the following Academic Year of 2018/2019. This means that she will not be around to teach Semester 2, from 7 Jan 2019-28 Apr 2020. This will bring about an inevitable disruption in the Semester's scheduling and planning of student consultations. All of us have been consulting Cecile since last year and are fa

Created: 2019-08-13

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Singapore investor left unprotected from untruthful / fraudulent listed company

Recently fraudulent cases involving companies listed in singapore e.g DMX, China Sky Chemical, other S-Chip companies has reached a point that local singaporean investor needs to ask if SGX, as the main regulator , its main role is to safeguard the singapore reputation as a financial hub and to protect singapore investor has been performing it due diigence as accordance to expectation by the public Minority investor placed their trust in both the company management and the SGX in hope to see the

Created: 2018-03-09

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Removing Michael Owen as Liverpool Ambassador

As a Liverpool Ambassador, one needs to have shown exemplary conduct, loyalty, and dedication to the tradition of Liverpool FC.  Michael Owen, despite playing for Liverpool, had been controversially moved to Manchester United, and with his recent comments, is not fit to be the ambassador to represent Liverpool as the representative for the Reds globally.  Please sign this petition which will be sent to Liverpool FC to remove Michael Owen as their official Ambassador for the club. 

Created: 2019-09-10

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Suspicious Midas Share manipulation

I would like to seek everyone attention on that there is a possibilities of share manipulation of the Midas holdings that occurs during th period from 24th Nov till 8th Dec 2017. Till Date it was approximately that around $100million or around 60% has been wiped off from the company capitalisation We would like the relevant authority to do a through investigtion based on the following reason. 1) Midas Holdings is listed both in the Singapore and Hong kong Stock Exchange. Under todays pricing und

Created: 2017-12-08

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This petition is for our voices to be heard. As you guys know we are going overseas as a class and many of us have different expectations of the trip. We should be given the opportunity to decide which country and culture we would like to experience. Show your support and please sign this petition it may not be successful but at least we tried.

Created: 2017-01-20

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