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Shame on you Basanth

To:   Justice Altamas Kabir - Honourable Chief Justice of India Justice Manjula Chellur - Honourable Chief Justice of Kerala High Court   We, the citizens of Kerala are profoundly shocked and dismayed by the nauseating remarks made by Justice R.Basanth on the character of a girl who was an unfortunate victim of a group rape incident, better known as Suryanelli Case.   It was long back in 1996 that the victim, a girl of 14 years then, was taken to different locations in Kerala and sexually harass

Created: 2013-02-10

Time period All countries India
All time 563 352
2013 563 352

We want Bamon in TVD !!!

Because they make sense together. Because sometimes love is stronger than hate. Because together they can really be themselves. We want Bamon in season 6 !

Created: 2013-07-25

Time period All countries United States
All time 1037 434
2013 562 223

გადავარჩინოთ კინოთეატრი „აპოლო"/Save Cinema "Apollo"

1909 წელს გახსნილი კინოთეატრი "აპოლო" მსოფლიოს ერთ-ერთი უძველესი კინოთეატრია, რომელსაც თავისი არსებობის მანძილზე ფუნქცია არასდროს შეუცვლია. კინოთეატრი გამორჩეული ძეგლია როგორც არქიტექტურის, ასევე ქართული კინემატოგრაფის ისტორიისთვის. 2002 წელს კინოთეატრი გაიყიდა კერძო პირზე და ახლაც გაყიდვაშია. მფლობელების მიზნები ბუნდოვანია, მათი თქმით კინოთეატრის ფუნქცია შენარჩუნდება თუმცა "რაღაც ნაწილები" შეიცვლება. არსებობს კიდევ ერთი კულტურის კერის გაუქმების რეალური საფრთზე. შენობამ უკვე დაკარგა პირვანდელი

Created: 2013-12-02

Time period All countries Georgia
All time 558 518
2013 557 517

town of hawkesbury on canada

to lower are property taxes in the city of hawkesbury on canada

Created: 2013-12-09

Time period All countries Canada
All time 625 624
2013 550 549

Steve's High Five Petition

Steve has been told by Warrington Borough Council that he can no longer give the children of Appleton High Five's on their way to and from school following on from a complaint that had been made. Steve has supported the local community for the past six years and his high fives bring joy to many children every day! He is a positive role model and a great person in the community, by giving the children a high five is actually encouraging them to come to him to ensure they cross the busy road in th

Created: 2013-10-30

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 550 534
2013 545 530

In Support of Borders and Borders Attorneys

The current practices of Harry Borders, John Borders, J David Borders and the entire staff of Borders & Borders located in Louisville, KY, are NOT being questioned by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The CFPB is investigating only the activities of the title companies, and they were closed many years ago.  There is absolutely no reason anyone should be nervous about sending closings to Borders & Borders.These guys are true servant leaders who do much good for the community and t

Created: 2013-10-28

Time period All countries United States
All time 529 527
2013 527 525


L’imam Houcine Laâbibi s’empare, une fois de plus et par la force, du patrimoine culturel tunisien. Faisant fi des lois et des institutions de l’État et fort de l’appui des ministres de l’éducation nationale, de l’enseignement supérieur et des affaires religieuses comme du président du mouvement de la Nahdha, tous les quatre signataires, le 12 mai 2012, d’une convention agréant la régénération de l’enseignement traditionnel zaytounien, H. Laâbidi en lève les scellés apposés en 1958, s’érige en u

Created: 2013-01-14

Time period All countries Tunisia
All time 509 391
2013 509 391


As a proud RedV member and fan of the St George Illawarra Dragons, I cannot sit back in silence any longer and watch this proud club collapse the way it has over the last year and a half. The players have not developed (young and old), they show little discipline and appear to lack direction....this is a direct result of inept coaching. It appears evermore certain that we will not be in the semi finals for the 2nd year in a row..unheard of in our history. Players waiting for an opportunity sit b

Created: 2013-06-08

Time period All countries Australia
All time 469 461
2013 468 460

Close Down "Head Shops" such as Chill Pontnewydd, Cwmbran

It seems that our children are being consumed by the legal high craze in and around Torfaen. These legal highs are NOT FOR CONSUMPTION!! but they sell them anyway knowing exactly what they're being used for! They destroy young lives as well as their families who watch their loved ones suffer! There is a particular shop in Cwmbran called CHILL based in Pontnewydd that sells the "legal high" knowing full well they have side effects worse than heroin!!! (Shop assistants words). Within this shop th

Created: 2013-09-25

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 460 456
2013 460 456


I Noloyiso Gxididi hereby sign a petition for defencex to be given a chance to continue as a company which is here to release us form financial bondage.This company is giving us as a community to have financial freedom which can lead us to be out of debt and can promote South Africans from being poor to be rich.It reaches every community member from society.I therefore support Defencex to continue empowering the poor of the poorest.

Created: 2013-03-06

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 472 456
2013 449 434

Buono! en Latinoamerica

Buono! en Latinoamerica! Hola usuarios, esta petición se inicia con el objetivo de lograr que Buono! visite latinoamerica. Tenemos muchas formas de poder lograrlo y mediante este medio se puede atraer la atención de la UFA para que noten la gran cantidad de fans que seguimos este deseo. Mediante los ya conocidos sitios oficiales de UFA y el twitter de Tsunku y un promotor les daremos a conocer esta petición esperando lograr que nos respondan. Asi que su firma será de mucha ayuda para lograr l

Created: 2013-04-07

Time period All countries Mexico
All time 439 191
2013 438 191