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Leik- og grunnskóla mál í Reykjavíkurborg - Við krefjumst aðgerða

Undirrituð taka undir með skólastjórnendum í Reykjavík og skora á borgaryfirvöld að snúa vörn í sókn í leikskóla- og skólamálum. Nú þegar nýjasta uppgjör borgarinnar sýnir merki um viðsnúning er einmitt tækifærið til að standa vörð um skólakerfið. Við neitum að láta börnin í borginni dvelja í sársveltum rekstri og krefjumst þess að forgangsraðað verði á nýjan hátt með aðbúnað þeirra og gæði skólastarfsins að leiðarljósi.

Created: 2016-08-30

Time period All countries Iceland
All time 2014 1983
2016 2010 1979

Justice for the murder of stray dogs in Larissa Greece

Απαιτούμε από το ΔΗΜΟ ΛΑΡΙΣΑΙΩΝ να επικυρήξει τους δολοφόνους του Μανώλη, του Πλάτωνα και του Τιγράκου. Τριών πολυαγαπημένων αδέσποτων ζώων που φρόντιζαν οι εθελοντές της πόλης της Λάρισας. Ζητούμε ο Δήμος Λαρισαίων να αναλάβει τις ευθύνες του και να προστατέψει τα υπόλοιπα ζώα της πόλης. Τα ζώα ήταν φιλικά , στειρωμένα και εμβολιασμένα.  Δεν πρόκειται να μείνουμε με σταυρωμένα τα χέρια. Θέλουμε οι ΔΟΛΟΦΟΝΟΙ να βρεθούν και να πληρώσουν. Και δε θα σταματήσουμε. Παρακαλούμε υπογράψτε για να αναλαβ

Created: 2016-08-15

Time period All countries Greece
All time 1839 1488
2016 1833 1487

Let's demand to M. Justin Trudeau to ban niqab & burka in public in Canada.

Gaspésie, Dimanche 15 Novembre 15 | 15h15 Bonjour,  Canadiennes et Canadiens ... Soyons solidaires .   Let's demand to M. Justin Trudeau to ban niqab & burka in public in Canada.  Big big thank You !

Created: 2015-11-15

Time period All countries Canada
All time 4887 4738
2016 1814 1746

To maintain the Ludwik Zamenhof Centre autonomy – petition

Mr Tadeusz Truskolaski President of the city of Białystok Councillors of the city council of Bialystok     To maintain the Ludwik Zamenhof Centre autonomy – petition     We approach you, Sir and all of you, the Councillors of the City of Bialystok, to stop attempts to connect the Ludwik Zamenhof Centre and Bialystok Cultural Centre. Both institutions have an established position in Bialystok cultural environment, however, working in very different areas. BOK organises mostly mass events – fest

Created: 2016-04-22

Time period All countries Poland
All time 1803 1674
2016 1802 1674


We demand that the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) shall open their eyes NOW! (Please use the proper language when you write comments) We demand that the FSA would review its procedures and stop the wrongful conduct on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Right now the Swedish company Fingerprint Cards (and others) is under attack by external organizations on the stock exchange, by illegal means. We demand that FAS take responsibility and get the necessary resources (internationally and

Created: 2016-10-21

Time period All countries Sweden
All time 2221 1800
2016 1795 1484

Save Sylvester the lion.

This petition is aimed at saving the life of a lion located in the Northen Cape Karoo National Park of South Africa. This majestic animal has escpaped for a second time due to a damaged fence. According to media reports, the national authorities have decided that it is safer to put this animal down rather than move it where it will be less of a problem. Please sign this petition and help save the life of a innocent animal doing what its natural instincts tell it to do.

Created: 2016-03-29

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 1744 1530
2016 1743 1530

Support the idea of ​​the Family Homesteads Settlements (FHS) in Europe and worldwide!

Family homesteads settlements - A new global Consciousness The idea behind ​​the Family homestead settlements is that each human can live a joyful life on Earth. They remember their free and joyful creation, a birthright they can share with the land on Mother Earth. It is suitable for people of all nationalities, all religions and it is able to be adopted for almost all areas of the globe. We wish to further inform you of Family homesteads and its intention More than 15 years ago, Russian famili

Created: 2016-05-12

Time period All countries Germany
All time 1982 874
2016 1698 754

Application for review on tail docking position and ears cropping, from The OMVQ

  We, ethical breeders and dog adopters from ethical and conscientious breeders, are asking you to revise your position has "Prohibition of «Interdiction de "l'Ordre des médecins vétérinaires du Québec" regarding cosmetic surgeries on animals" This is the heritage of many races, their stories, their origins are threatened. Breeders has the passion of their breed, they are devoted, they work hard to respect and keep the standard, has to dogs worthy of their origins. This is a part of the standar

Created: 2016-02-07

Time period All countries Canada
All time 1674 1395
2016 1673 1395

No more Thyroid Madness

Levaxin (synthetic T4) is medicine we thyroid disease offered and many patients are doing very well on it but, there are also many whodo not regain their health with Levaxin, which is a synthetic hormone, but feel very bad with persistent symptoms of hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism.I want this to be illuminated in the medical treatment!These people are today without the help and medicine, although alternative treatment and knowledge available. There are more approved drugs such as Liothyronin

Created: 2013-11-11

Time period All countries Sweden
All time 12201 11597
2016 1668 1609

Save Our Royal Mail Delivery Offices

To the House of Commons. The petition of residents of the UK, Declares that the Royal Mail delivery offices in Bredbury and Marple, which enable local residents to collect parcels and items of mail, provide a service that is vitally convenient; further that there is no local alternative provision of this service; and further that the nearest facility is not in easy reach of the local population and has no direct public transport links. The petitioners therefore request that the House of Commons

Created: 2016-08-17

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 1657 1647
2016 1625 1616

Outremont's arbitrary attitude towards human rights and freedoms

The Borough of Outremont is currently in the process of adopting a zoning bylaw that will ban new places of worship. When compounded with existing restrictions already in place, this ban will effectively result in a complete ban of ALL new places of worship throughout the territory of the borough. Considering that: 1) Outremont mayor Mme Marie Cinq-Mars has repeatedly confirmed that no prior studies have been conducted to assess the economic and social needs of the areas concerned, nor to assess

Created: 2016-05-23

Time period All countries Canada
All time 1623 1612
2016 1623 1612