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Protect Berger Forest

Berger Forest (Bergerskogen) is a most important nature and recreation area at Nesodden, near Oslo, Norway, which is highly threatened by development.  The forest is registered as important for preserving biodiversity, and in recent years, large parts are mapped as important habitats and several redlisted species have been recorded. Surveys also show that very important habitats are still not registered and mapped. Development plans have caused concern among both people and environmental author

Created: 2015-03-26

Time period All countries Norway
All time 654 632
Last month 17 17

Join the Kansas Association to Secure Our Free State

JOIN THE KANSAS ASSOCIATION TO SECURE OUR FREE STATE!"A well-regulated Militia being necessary for the security of a free State..."These are the most important 13 words in the 2nd Amendment and the entire U.S. Constitution.  They are the constitutions enforcement clause and give us the structure required to secure our free States from "all enemies both foreign and domestic."Our Founders gave us in this clause the clear understanding of the only way to keep and secure our free States and how the

Created: 2019-09-19

Time period All countries United States
All time 16 16
Last month 16 16

Janek, shave your peach fuzz!

We demand Janek to shave!

Created: 2019-09-07

Time period All countries Czech Republic
All time 16 14
Last month 16 14

Free Pepper Sprays For Women

The SAPS has done nothing but leave the women of South Africa as victims of Gender Based Violence for decades. For decades women have been disappointed by the very system that was put in place to protect them. Rapists, abusers, murderers that walk with women on the streets and live carefree lives as the system does nothing but protect them. Today we ask the SAPS to provide the women of Port Elizabeth with pepper sprays and give women the chance to protect themselves since the SAPS is not willing

Created: 2019-09-05

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 17 14
Last month 16 14

Pétition en soutien du Campus dos Malês de l’UNILAB (Universidade da Integração Internacional da Lusofonia Afro-brasileira) au Brésil

L’UNILAB (Universidade da Integração Internacional da Lusofonia Afro-brasileira) est une université qui a pour mission de développer les liens entre le Brésil et les pays de la Communauté des Pays de Langue Portugaise (CPLP), en particulier les pays africains lusophones. Elle contribue aussi à la dissémination de l’enseignement supérieur dans des régions démunies du Brésil, avec des campus dans l’état du Ceara et dans celui de Bahia. Le campus dos Males est le plus récent ; il fonctionne depuis

Created: 2019-08-30

Time period All countries Brazil
All time 25 9
Last month 16 4

Petition regarding the constant power outages affecting Alberton

We the residents of Alberton, City of Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality, have had to endure numerous power outages on a regular basis.  The Metro does not seem to be able to handle the situation and plan accordingly. We cannot accept the excuses that the Metro keeps on providing for these outages.  We call upon the Portfolio Committee of COGTA to investigate the high number of outages and to instruct the Metro to appoint external engineers to do a thorough assessment on the cause of these out

Created: 2019-08-29

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 172 169
Last month 16 16

Official petition to bring back Hawaiian tourist dad

Hello everybody, one Mr Jack Mercer's Hawaiian tourist dad side has been missing for too long. The world needs to see him embrace this side once again and bring joy back to the world. Please support Jack by signing this petition.

Created: 2019-09-10

Time period All countries Australia
All time 15 15
Last month 15 15

Make Lorraine let Leah have a party for her 18th

Lorraine is being lazy and doesn’t want to throw her favourite child an 18th, show your love and sign your name.  I can’t guarantee anything but I’ve asked Beyoncé to play a tune for us x 

Created: 2019-09-02

Time period All countries Ireland
All time 15 13
Last month 15 13

Start an investigation into Monzo bank

Monzo bank have been rapidly suspending bank accounts & closing them after weeks sometimes months of blocked funds claiming they will return the money to another account or your choice within 2 to 6 weeks.    Sadly this is not the case for many many 1000s of customers being forced into debt and hardship.  Something has to be done and quickly.   

Created: 2019-09-02

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 16 16
Last month 15 15

Make Alexander Way to let me teach a lesson on how he is a beta male.

If this achieves 999 signatures he will allow me to teach the lesson on how he is a beta male.

Created: 2019-08-26

Time period All countries United States
All time 108 87
Last month 15 7

Stop the annual dolphin slaughter in Taiji

Every year between September and March, hundreds of dolphins are captured and killed in the most horrible way in Taiji, Japan. Twelve boats sail to the open sea almost every day to search for wild dolphins. A few kilometers from the coast, the dolphin hunters spread out to continue their search. This search sometimes take a few hours before dolphins are found. When a dolphin family is found, dolphin hunters take their position. The hunters start striking with a hammer on a metal pole that is at

Created: 2019-03-30

Time period All countries Netherlands
All time 293 96
Last month 15 0