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We demand radical transformation in the department of social development. Years have passed and no jobs for social workers. Promises are made each year, the dream for employment for our social workers graduates still remain elusive. We want transparency in the department We are tired of corruption We demand change and employment of our graduates Sign this petition to show support and put an end to the misery faced by social work graduates

Created: 2020-09-16

Time period All countries South Africa
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30 days 938 933

Support Guns@Work Shooting Range

Guns@Work shooting range situated in the Industrial area Zoned under Mining within the Germiston band is a fully registered and accredited facility with the National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS) and the South African Police Services (SAPS) under the Central Firearms Registrar (CFR). The range is operated in a safe and secure manner by professionals within the firearms industry whom has been involved with the management of shooting ranges for the past 15 years. There are a handf

Created: 2020-09-22

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 511 510
30 days 511 510

Save Benoni Lakes and Dams from ongoing Sewage Leaks!

We the residents of Alphen Park, Farramere and surrounding Ekurhuleni suburbs hereby petition the MMC for Water, Sanitation and Energy, Cllr. Tiisetso Nketle, and the MMC for Infrastructure Masele Madihlaba, to urgently address and resolve the failing sewerage infrastructure causing continual sewage spills into the wetlands which feed the Benoni Lakes and Dams. This sewage pollution is in contravention of the National Environmental Management Act, as well as the National Water Act, and threaten

Created: 2020-09-02

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30 days 300 298

Stop the emerging Wolwespruit informal settlement!

Please assist us by lending your voice, in bringing the emerging Wolwespruit informal settlement to the attention of the Administrator. This informal settlement is located on City of Tshwane property (Cnr Solomon Mahlangu Dr and Delmas Rd).  The area is actually an ecologically sensitive wetland, where the Wolwespruit originates.  The informal settelment is causing untold harm to what should be a protected area. We call on the Administrator to take action and relocate the informal settlement to

Created: 2020-07-16

Time period All countries South Africa
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30 days 280 280

Remove the reeds from Atlasville Stream to avoid flooding!

We the residents of Atlasville and surrounding areas, hereby petition the MMC for Infrastructure Services, Cllr Masele Madihlaba, as well as the MMC for Environmental Resource and Waste Management, Cllr Khosi Mabaso, to urgently implement the Annual Maintenance Plan which seeks the sustainable removal of overgrown reeds in the Atlasville Stream.   This Annual Maintenance Plan, drafted by scientists and experts and submitted to the City of Ekurhuleni over four years ago and has since never been

Created: 2020-08-27

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30 days 280 278


The month of August, also known as Women’s Month in South Africa, is a time where we pay tribute to the more than 20 000 women who marched to the Union Buildings in 1956 against Apartheid pass laws. However, for the last couple of years, Women’s Month has become a month of paying tribute to those +-20 000 women, but mostly to commemorate the lives of women that have been taken away through senseless killings by men in South Africa. This year, we commemorate the lives of first year UCT and UWC

Created: 2020-08-26

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30 days 248 242

We, the people from New Brighton in Nelson Mandela Bay, demand that the New Brighton Station Commander MUST GO!

WE DEMAND A COMPETENT PEOPLE-CARING STATION COMMANDER AT THE NEW BRIGHTON STATION WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT!  GO COLONEL VIVIAN TEMBANI, GO!!!  Crime in New Brighton has increased tremendously, and our New Brighton Station Commander, Colonel Vivian Tembani, is drastically failing to ensure that the police serve our people according to their constitutional duties! Colonol Tembani:  You do not: prevent, combat & investigate crime, maintain public order; protect and secure the people living/working

Created: 2020-08-31

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 242 237
30 days 242 237

Open Mittal Saldanha Plant

This Petition serves to Open Saldanha Mittal Plant and get local Government, Mittal, Kumba Iron Ore and all stakeholders around the table to restart the West Coast Economy. Every individual, business, supplier and entire community is affected and should sign this petition. Lets restart the West Coast Economy and fight for progress in South Africa in the process.

Created: 2020-08-31

Time period All countries South Africa
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30 days 238 237

Close off Alberton Dam Public Open Space to vehicles

We the residents of Ward 37, City of Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality, Petition the City of Ekurhuleni regarding our concerns with the Public Open Space: Erf 2537 & Erf 2021 Verwoerdpark. Between Bloutulp, Kritzinger Roads and Freesia Ave Verwoerdpark. This Public Open Space is supposed to serve as a servitude for the Power Lines which run above it, but is being used for various illegal activities which include, public drinking, drug use, loud music and gatherings & public urination

Created: 2020-09-15

Time period All countries South Africa
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30 days 218 216

Action to curb the crime in 13th street Menlo Park.

The crime and criminal activity 13th street Menlo Park around the Menlo park Spar/ Post office must be stopped ! People being followed home after shopping or using the ATM and being robbed, attacks on people at the ATM, the gambling in the open on the side walk, the illegal trading, as well as the drugs sold needs urgent and decisive action from SAPS Brookyln and TMPD ( City of Tshwane)  The community wants action, and this includes a satalite SAPS in 13th street Menlo Park to ensure the safety

Created: 2020-09-26

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30 days 151 150