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Start an investigation into Monzo bank

Monzo bank have been rapidly suspending bank accounts & closing them after weeks sometimes months of blocked funds claiming they will return the money to another account or your choice within 2 to 6 weeks.    Sadly this is not the case for many many 1000s of customers being forced into debt and hardship.  Something has to be done and quickly.   

Created: 2019-09-02

Time period All countries United Kingdom
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Phasing of out Technology qualifications by the DHET

The department of higher education and training in south Africa has decided to phase out National Diploma and BTech qualifications for engineering with 2019 being the final year in which students could register for the aforementioned qualifications. However, some institutions had enrolled students in extended programmes and would have to enroll for these qualifications in 2020. Since some of these institutions haven't received accreditation for the "new programmes", such students would have wast

Created: 2019-08-31

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 83 79

Bring back Cadbury YES/NO Chocolate bars!

Created: 2015-10-15

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 529 496

Letter to HKCE Mrs. Carrie Lam 致特首林鄭月娥

Dear Mrs Lam After witnessing escalating riots in the past 3 months, we urge you to take following IMMEDIATE action: - sign Anti-masks bill - arrest with no bail for rioters or vandalists  - arrest Jimmy Lai, Martin Lee, Anson Chan, Albert Ho and others for Crime of Treason with no bail - limit public transportation to HKIA for travellers with valid passport and boarding pass plus employees of airport services - set up security checks at entrances of all MTR stations - shut down RTHK - terminate

Created: 2019-09-07

Time period All countries Hong Kong S.A.R., Ch
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Älä ota mikrosirua. VeriChip ei ole ihmiselle tarkoitettu

Älä ota mikrosirua !!!

Created: 2015-02-22

Time period All countries Finland
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NYPS GEP students do not get special treatment during PSLE! As this news article on Zaobao states, NYPS GEP students "get unfair treatment" compared to the rest of the cohort. However, most of these claims are fabricated since we GEP students: -did not take our examinations in the classroom (instead, the PSLE were taken in a different examination hall due to the large cohort size) -had to place our heads on the table for a 1.5h period (like the mainstream students)-were not brought to a separ

Created: 2019-10-07

Time period All countries Singapore
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Kindness should be called wazo faché

Bc there are some wazo enragés. Wazo wazo wazo uh oh stinky

Created: 2019-10-14

Time period All countries Canada
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We want Ville Valo on tour again

Dear fans,please sign this petition for free,no money needed and it is safe. We will give this to Ville on his birthday 22.11.2019.   Dear Ville Valo, You are a great singer with a wonderful voice and a great artist. We, your fans, around the world wish that you continue to make music, sing in english and start touring again. Please don't forget us - We haven't forgotten you. Anyway, Happy Birthday to you!   With love, Your fans worldwide

Created: 2019-09-23

Time period All countries United States
All time 53 11

Bring hot apple cider back to tim hortons

Do you like tim hortons apple cider. Well they discontinued it. If you want them to bring it back sign this petition. Share with as many people as you can country wide and lets try and get tim hortons to bring this delicious drink back to all stores.

Created: 2017-12-07

Time period All countries Canada
All time 18 11

A Safe Climate Future- Let's Fight Against Climate Change in Cameroon

We are moving a motion in the Nation calling on the Government, Business,and Organizations, to recognize that man-madeclimate. Change is one of the biggest and most urgent health Economy and social threats to our society, children and country. Cameroon is already facing consequences of climate change, including an abnormal recurrence of extreme weather phenomena such as violent wind, high temperature and heavy rain fall endanger communities. Eco system and the service they provide. The consequen

Created: 2019-09-25

Time period All countries Cameroon
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Protest for our right to be sick and be treated like human from the goverment!

Now I'm tired of how the Social Insurance Office and our Government treat us sick people! For almost 4 years (4 / 1-18 /) I have not received a penny in either sickness benefit, sickness compensation and I do not even receive social benefits! DISPATE that my only "wrong" was being hit from behind in my duty like a professional driver! Since then, the Social Insurance Office has done everything to break me down! Since April 2015, my doctor and I have applied for sickness compensation which the in

Created: 2017-12-19

Time period All countries Sweden
All time 217 215