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Björgun úr Bryggjuhverfinu

Við, íbúar Bryggjuhverfisins í Grafarvogi, hvetjum borgaryfirvöld og fyrirtækið Björgun til að semja sem fyrst um flutning fyrirtækisins út úr Bryggjuhverfinu. Lausn er til staðar en borgaryfirvöld hafa boðið fyrirtækinu nýja staðsetningu. Forsaga málsins er eftirfarandi. Í meira en áratug hafa íbúar sýnt mikla þolinmæði en um leið liðið fyrir það að hverfið hefur ekki þróast eins og upphaflega var áætlað vegna þess að fyrirtækið Björgun er með plássfreka starfsemi í hverfinu. Fyrir vikið hefur

Created: 2013-09-25

Time period All countries Iceland
All time 371 368
2013 371 368

Chase Away SL Jihadists - රටේ ද්‍රෝහීන් පන්නන ජාතික පෙත්සම

Sinhala Vesrion රටේ ද්‍රෝහීන් පන්නන ජාතික පෙත්සම ඉහත යොමුවෙන් කියවා පහත අත්සන ලබා දෙන්න සැ:යු: පෙත්සම සමඟ එකඟ නමුත් ඔබ නම පළකිරීමට නොකැමති නම්, එය නොපෙනෙන සේ අත්සන ලබා දීමට අවකාශ ලබාදී ඇත. ඊ-මේල් ලිපින කිසිවක් පළ නොවේ. English Version Chase Away SL Jihadists To:  The President of Sri Lanka  It is with great concern that we the undersigned protest against the growing trend of increasing Islamic religious intolerance in Sri La

Created: 2012-04-26

Time period All countries Sri Lanka
All time 1812 1446
2013 353 295

Court restored in Plettenberg Bay & No bail to repeat Offenders

Once signed by sufficient numbers of signatories, this Petition, which addresses certain very serious matters of concern that are adversely affecting the safety and security of residents in the Bitou area, will be forwarded to the Justice Department. The greater the number of signatories, the more force a petition has in pressurizing the relevant authorities to take steps to address the matters of concern and it is hoped that all residents in the area will not only sign the petition but also c

Created: 2013-04-10

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 350 340
2013 350 340

Rugby League the Northern Rail Cup should not be scrapped in 2014

The RFL have decided to scrap the Northern Rail Cup in 2014. What right have they got to do this? This is a brilliant competion for the lower league teams and brings extra revenue for the clubs. I want this petition to show the RFL how much interest there is in the competition and what a bad decision it is to scrap this cup next year. Please sign this petition to support this cause and prevent the RFL from not letting this cup go ahead next year!!

Created: 2013-10-22

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 363 357
2013 349 343

Bring back windlesham pram race 2013

They cancelled the best thing in windlesham and something that brings all walks of life together for one day!! Lets get back what's ours and raise money windlesham pram race style!!!

Created: 2013-12-16

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 342 331
2013 342 331

Support for Lars Bo Lomholt

We signing this petition supports the action of Policeofficer Lars Bo Lomholt, to save the german shepard Thor. We also are against the danish law 717 of 25 of june 2010, called the danish doglaw in it's current form.

Created: 2013-02-02

Time period All countries United States
All time 342 79
2013 341 78

Community's response to the Grade 7 ZIMSEC Ndebele Paper 2013

To: Esau Shingirai Nhandara (ZIMSEC Director) This Petition is a direct response from the Ndebele community in regard to the Grade 7 ZIMSEC Ndebele Paper 2013. We have read your response and it seems as if you, as a Director, do not feel concerned about the use of improper language in the above mentioned paper. We, the Ndebele community believe that the people you termed as "experts" in approving the above mentioned paper, have to be re- assessed in terms of their knowledge in regard to the Ndeb

Created: 2013-10-20

Time period All countries Zimbabwe
All time 338 179
2013 335 177

Cycle Route Between Middlesbrough & Guisborough

There is no safe cycle route between Middlesbrough and Guisborough, the only permisable route is the A171 which is a dual  carriage way, not a safe option as traffic travels at 70mph plus. From Middlesbrough town center there is a safe cycle route to Dixons Bank so it only needs six miles of cycle path to Guisborough to keep cyclists safe. Guisborough has an estimated 22,000 population and cycling is becoming more and more popular, surly it in the interest of Redcar & Cleveland Council to pr

Created: 2013-10-11

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 681 674
2013 335 331

NO Annexing and Rezoning Parcels for Proposed Walmart Strip Mall

This petition is against the Annexation & Rezoning for properties located on Celanese & Ebinport Road - 2963, 2965, 2969, & 2993 Celanese Road and 2865 & 2880 Ebinwood Road currently zoned Business Development BD-I, BD-II, & BD-III in York County to Planned Development-Commercial (PD-C).  We are also against the road closure of Ebinport Road access from Celanese Road (SC-161). Case #: M-2013-16  City of Rock Hill Public Hearing November 5th, 2013 at 7:00 PM. ** UPDATE (deferr

Created: 2013-10-28

Time period All countries United States
All time 568 566
2013 332 332

PlayStation games in Ukrainian

To Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe PlayStation is one of the most popular video gaming brand in the world. The first PlayStation console launched in 1994 (it came to Europe in 1995). Today there are five consoles in the PlayStation line. Since PlayStation 3, most exclusives are fully localised (with sound) not only for Western European, but also for Eastern European markets. In Ukraine there are many fans of PlayStation consoles and games. Ukraine's neighbors,

Created: 2012-12-20

Time period All countries Ukraine
All time 802 753
2013 332 291

Justice For Criccieth Ponies

We the undersigned call on the Welsh Pony and Cob Society to exersice and invoke the powers held by the Society to call to order and discipline Mr Evan Lloyd Evans of Pencarth Uchaf Farm, Chwilog, Pwlheli. The grounds for this are, On 19th November 2013, he  received a ten week prison sentence and has been banned from keeping horses for ten years after being found guilty of multiple animal welfare offences. As a life member of the Society, we the undersigned agree that his conduct in his due car

Created: 2013-11-21

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 327 306
2013 326 305